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City as a place of mind - Wilderness in public space
Vondrušková, Eliška ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Tsikoliya, Lenka (referee)
The thesis discusses the phenomenon of a city with a special focus on public space and its wilderness aspect. It examines the city as a place for non-human organisms to inhabit and discovers its specific habitat, which is populated by a vague terrain of various sizes. It traces the relationship between the city and nature, how this relationship has evolved throughout history, and how nature is brought into cities in the form of gardens and parks. It alludes to the theme of the second nature that surrounds cities. The main theme is urban wilderness, the uninvited nature of cities and its aspects. The aim of this thesis is to explore the topic of urban wilderness, its aspects and manifestations, which are then didactically transformed. This is preceded by the study of literature and fieldwork, which includes archiving and mapping of different spaces. The central city for this exploration is my birthplace and hometown of Prague which enables observation on an everyday basis (whether intended or unintended). The didactic part of the thesis focuses on the transformation of the topic into three wholly different art assignments, which offer the students three different perspectives. Each perspective is tied to their personal experience and two of the perspectives also directly include their presence in...
Family life in quarantine
This diploma thesis stems from the government directive restricting free movement of people in the Czech republic due to the health risks related to the confirmed cases of coronavirus. The effect of this directive is that people spend most of their time at home with other members of the household. Children don't go to school and parents work from home. The aim of this thesis is to explore and record how parents perceive the time spent together with children. It seeks answers to the challenges of this relationship and how it is being approached and processed. The theoretical part maps the main pedagogical and psychological constructs governing understanding of this challenge (family, institutional influence at family free time, term "scholé", meaning of family time spent together). The empirical part represents my personal research that was conducted through in-depth interviews.
Minority{\crq}s problems and their engagement into the social life {--} with respect to Romany community (social aspect)
FRÍD, Lukáš
To highlight the most serious problems of Romany ethnic minority in Czech Republic and to reveal the reasons of that problems, it was my main aim in the thesis. I traced the long history of the Romany ethnic group (see the 2nd chapter) and I tried to find out the roots of nowdays problems of Romans in ours, especially in social area and in the way of coexistence with czech majority. The 3rd chapter reflects the present day situation of Romany in the Czech Republic {--} their social and societa status. In the last part of the thesis (chapters 4, 5, 6), I described three topics where I want to show the obvious link between the insufficient Romany education {$\rightarrow$} the deficit in skilled qualification {$\rightarrow$} the high unemployment rate in Romany community {$\rightarrow$} and the subsequent social exlusion with all the pathological phenomenons such as criminality, drugs and prostitution.
Czech-German relations in Cheb during the years 1918-1938
Rybařová, Zuzana ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the relations between Czech and German residents in Cheb during the period between the world wars. The investigated issue is placed in a deeper historical context of the position of Chebsko within the Czech lands and the Czech Kingdom. Emphasis is placed on the complicated situation in connection with the province of Deutschböhmen immediately after the establishment of the independent republic on certain significant events related to the increase in the number of the Czech population after the annexation of Chebsko to Czechoslovakia as a result of the post-war peace treaty and on the growing anti-Czech attitudes after 1933 when in Germany Adolf Hitler came to power. The bachelor's thesis is primarily based on a considerable number of literary works, but also on periodicals, archive materials and some other sources. The main aim is to approximate the national conditions in the city which was predominantly German for a long time. KEYWORDS Cheb, Czechs, Germans, Czech-German relations, interwar period
Bartoš, Roman ; Rudiš, Martin (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
For millennia people modified and adjusted their surroundings in an endless hunt for comfort, safety and survival. Humanity grew, evolved, matured and died together. The environment directly reflected the efforts made by its community. Families lived under one roof together, right next to the village common. Humans knew to respect the nature and coexisted with it. This changed drastically over the last couple centuries. After several technological breakthroughs and a few wars the technological evolution accelerated right out of control. The need for a neighborhood begun to fade. Sunday markets were replaced by supermarkets, eye-to-eye talks became scarce as we glued ourselves to various screens. Low fences were replaced by tall concrete walls, we built a system of selfish private bubbles. NEIGHBOR+HOOD attempts to find a compromise between both extremes. It is understanding and balance among the spaces for ME and the spaces for US. It is a place for neighbors, a tight-knit community of friends under one tree, sitting at a common table. It is a natural, comfortable, peaceful, safe and humane environment in the suburbs. The design offers to the fictional inhabitants of Udánky hill an opportunity to identify with their home and its surroundings. All that and more in total symbiosis with surrounding nature. NEIGHBOR+HOOD is human, self-sustaining, ecological housing estate. It is the home of neighborhood.
Partners role construction in homosexual households
Kotálová, Markéta ; Pospíšilová, Marie (advisor) ; Marková Volejníčková, Romana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with construction of partner roles in homosexual households. Cohabitation of heterosexual couples is partly determined by social expectations regarding their gender roles based on different sex. We can also find gender by homosexual individuals, but gender roles based on different sex are missing in homosexual couples. The thesis presents an answer to a question how is the gender division involved in allocation of housework and how are the roles divided if not by gender. The first part presents previous knowledge about same-sex relationships and allocation of housework in homosexual couples. Subsequently it introduces - through analysis of semi-structured interviews conducted with seven homosexual couples - strategies and models of division of roles in same-sex households. Some of these strategies produce inequality of powers in the relationship. The research reveals that the gender dimension is rarely present.
Traditions and rituals in the family and pre-school education as a foundation in value making process of a pre-school child's orientation
Průšová, Ivana ; Uhlířová, Jana (advisor) ; Kropáčková, Jana (referee)
This thesis, from the theoretical point of view, is concerned with the role of each generation in the wider, multi-generational family in the present day. The fundamental subject in this study is a preschool child and his/her bond to other family members, who play essential part in the child's upbringing and socialisation (family and its changes, legal status, pro- family political movements, moral education, the role of grandparents, the full meaning of a functional family for a child's healthy development. There is a full description of the research, mapping the way and course of important festivities in the multi-generational families with a different social status, education as well as different educational surroundings in the empirical part of the research. The study examines the role of the oldest generation in handing the traditions and family customs over to the younger generations and the role each member assumes in the realization of the celebration in the multi-generational family living together. Key Words: multi-generational family, cohabition, parenthood, grandparenhood, traditions and rituals
Adaptation in the first phase of living together as a couple - a foundation of a functional family
Zeisková, Eliška ; Ulrichová, Monika (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
This present thesis deals with the subject of one of the key periods of a cohabiting relationship or marriage which is essen- tial for the further development of the relationship and forming a family which is one of the major areas of social work. In the thesis, I discuss the relationship between a healthy re- lationship of a couple and functional family, I describe roman- tic relationship, its forms and the factors which influence the choice of a partner including the most common mistakes in this process according to the authorities in the field. Moreover, I describe the preparations for living together. Finally, I analyze the adaptation phase of the relationship, its typical aspects and common problems which one can en- counter, as well as strategies of successfully dealing with them. The aim of this theses is to map the topic of the adaptation phase in a relationship as described in the relevant literature as well as sum up the findings.

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