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Playing the recorder at primary school
BINKOVÁ, Adriana
The diploma thesis deals with the implementation of playing the recorder in Music lessons in primary education at elementary schools. It observes the runnings of lessons and pupils' final abilities. A brief description of children's musical development can be found in the theoretical part. It is followed by an introduction to Music education. Important chapters on the recorder, its history, playing techniques and various teaching methods are included. Several publications about teaching the recorder are presented at the end of the theoretical part. Teachers can get inspired by them for their lessons of Music. The thesis contains ten lessons that have been created and then put into practice. Each lesson introduces my own methodology and a worksheet with pictures and sheet music, feedbacks and recommended adjustments or changes. The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out whether it is possible for learners to learn playing the recorder in lessons with a high number of pupils. Therefore, the thesis also shows results of the research. The results are confirmed by the final abilities of pupils after the Music lessons.
Influence of an active teaching method of music lessons on selected second language ablities of primary age students
Dvořáková, Kateřina ; Špačková, Klára (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
Music is integral to our lives, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. In addition to this, music has effect on brain development and language learning. The aim of this thesis is close evaluation of relation between the development of musical and foreign language skills in case of primary age students. Through conducting an examination of the ability to gain foreign language skills using different ways of teaching musical education. 5th grade students who participated were divided into 3 groups. They differed in intensity and approach to music education. The first group had one singing lesson per week. The other two groups had as part of their lessons singing and also playing instruments such as flute and Orff instruments, and had movement education as part of their lessons. These two groups differed in intensity - 1 and 3 lessons per week. To note most of the students that had higher intensity of music education focused to music also in their after school activities. The three groups had the same amount of English lessons in all grades. Students were tested via Cambridge test "Movers" in listening, reading and writing. Analysis of data emerged generally better results in English test in case of students experiencing extended musical education. KEYWORDS teaching music,...
Playing a Flute at Preschool Age and the Importance of Music for Further Life of a Child
This bachelor thesis called "Playing a Flute at Preschool Age and the Importance of Music for Further Life of a Child" aims to find out what is the importance of music for further life of children who learnt to play a flute at preschool age. The theoretical part introduces terms such as a recorder, it also focuses on the therapeutic playing a flute and its history and it also deals with the idea of professor Václav Žilka as reflected in his book called "Veselé pískání - zdravé dýchání". Other phenomena described in the theoretical part are: the musical development of children and teenagers, the attitude to music and the possibilities of its progress and the idea of teaching playing a musical instrument at preschool age. The practical part of this bachelor thesis focuses on the importance of music in further life of children who learnt to play a soprano recorder either at nursery school, or at some activity centre. Two methods were used for the research, i.e. a questionnare and an interview. The results confirm that playing a musical instrument at preschool age affects the child and its approach to music in a very positive way.

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