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Sledování vybraných parametrů čistírenského kalu
Hirschová, Linda
This thesis deals with the evaluation and characterization of sludge parameters relevant to the drying process and subsequent energy recovery. The main parameters monitored are the dry matter of the sludge, the loss on ignition, the calorific value of the primary, thickened and dewatered sludge. Marginally, the paper also deals with the evaluation of pH, conductivity and oxidation-reduction potential. In particular, the characteristic of dewatered sludge entering the drying process is central. The dry matter of the dewatered sludge ranged from 13.5 to 25.7 %. The measured values of the calorific calorific value of the dewatered sludge ranged from 10.2 to 17.9 MJ∙kg-1, an assessment observed a dependency between the loss on ignition and the calorific value of the sludge. The impact of thickening (gravitational, mechanical) and stabilization (aerobic, anaerobic) sludge technology is taken into account in the evaluation. Part of the thesis deals with statistical evaluation of the effects of seasonality on monitored parameters.
Optimalizace výživy pěstebního substrátu pro pěstování krytokořenných sazenic buku lesního (Fagus sylvatica L.) s použitím dlouhodobě působících hnojiv
Leschinger, Jakub
This bachelor thesis deals with the effect of long-acting fertilizers Multicote 8M and Osmocote Exact Protec 6M on the nutrition of container planting material of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in forest nurseries Albrechtice nad Orlicí, which are part of the company Lesoškolky s.r.o. Above all, the effect of specific nutrients on the morphological and physiological properties of the trees. At the same time, the thesis evaluates whether the planting material is not deformed or complies with all current legislative regulations that regulate the entry of unsuitable planting material into the market.
Navržení vhodného bakteriálního inokula pro podporu procesu kompostování gastroodpadu
Malinová, Lucie
Composting of food waste is an increasingly studied branch of waste management. Many works deal with the microbial composition of food waste itself and methods that would speed up the whole process. We tried to design a bacterial inoculum that would support the composting process in this study. We focused on bacteria of genes Lacto-bacillus, primarily on Lactobacillus acidophilus (CCM 4833), Ligilactobacillus salivarius (CCM 7274), and Limosilactobacillus fermentum (CCM 91). The bacterial inoculum was added during the mesophilic phase of food waste composting, where it was confirmed that the pH decreased in the initial phases. In another experiment, the adaptation of bacteria to an acidic environment was investigated, so that acidic compost juices were added to the liquid nutrient medium with bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus. The results showed that getting used to an acidic environment helps the bacteria to survive such extreme conditions and Lactobacillus bacteria can be a suitable inoculum to promote composting.
Posouzení trvanlivosti vybraných druhů dřev pro obchodovatelný výrobek
Sion, Matěj
In this thesis, the problem of the resistance of terrace boards to biological degradation. The following woods were chosen for the experiment: 1) Garapa (Apuleia leiocarpa Vog.) → is a representative of tropical woods and at the same time a species required by customers. 2) Mulberry (Morus) → a possible alternative in future years. 3) Acetylated European alder wood (Alnus glutinosa) → a possible alternative, when this method of modification appears to be very effective. The selected woods were tested according to the ČSN EN 350 standard for resistance to the wood decay fungi of white rot (Trametes versicolor) and brown rot (Gloeophyllum trabeu) and Coniophora puteana). The second part of this thesis was the determination of the total content of extractive substances (ES), phenolic substances (FS), carbohydrates (C), and pH values of aqueous leachate selected wood species. All samples were tested and compared with each other. The wood of the mulberry tree was evaluated and as to how these properties change along the radius of the trunk. The selected woods have been found to be suitable for decking. Weight losses (white and brown rot) were in negative values, so the fungi were not able to attack the wood and it was classified in durability class 1 "very durable". From the point of view of chemical composition, it was found that the most chemical substances are contained in the wood of the mulberry tree, garapa, and the least acetylated alder. In the case of the mulberry tree, it was also found that the amount of chemical substances varies depending on the position along the stem radius. The high resistance of garapa and mulberry to wood-rotting fungi is mainly caused by the content of chemical substances. The resistance of acetylated alder was due to the acetylation process.
Vlivy působící na celkovou jakost výsekového masa a odchylky jakosti
Kolísková, Adéla
The term meat is defined in the bachelor's thesis, and its consumption in recent years is also listed here. I also deal with the chemical composition and explanation of the concept of quality, which is the result of nine quality characteristics. Furthermore, the factors that influence the final quality of the meat are described here. Factors can be divided into intravital and postmortem. Postmortem processes and slaughtering processing, which also contribute to the final quality of the products, are described in more detail. The following is a list and description of some forms of meat spoilage. The work also characterizes the most frequent quality deviations, supplemented by the causes of their occurrence and the possibility of their identification.
The Role of Charge Regulation in Weak Polyampholytes
Lunkad, Raju ; Košovan, Peter (advisor) ; de Sousa Dias, Rita (referee) ; Gonzalez, Jose Luis Garces (referee)
A weak polyampholyte is a polymer that consists of both acid and base groups along the chain. In aqueous solutions, these groups dissociate in a certain pH range, leading to a dramatic change in the overall charge of the polyampholyte from positive to negative as the pH increases. The ability of weak ampholytes to switch their charge in response to changes in pH makes them useful in various applications. Despite the considerable research on weak polyampholytes, the understanding of some aspects is still insufficient. To address this, I systematically investigated the charge regulation of weak polyam- pholytes, specifically peptides, both in solution and during their interaction with polyelectrolytes. Furthermore, I also looked at the charge regulation of polyzwitterions. All these studies were carried out using a simple coarse-grained bead-spring model in Langevin dynamics simulations. In addition, I used the constant-pH ensemble to account for the ionization reactions of acid and base groups in the implicit solvent. Through our simulations, we made significant advancements in understanding how charges and the ionization states of acid and base groups in various peptides and polyzwitterions respond to pH changes. By comparing simulation results with the ideal results predicted by the...
Water quality analysis using colorimetry
Kovaldová, Eliška ; Zumberg, Inna (referee) ; Čmiel, Vratislav (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of water quality using colorimetry. Part of the work is an introduction to the physical and chemical parameters of water, as well as optical methods, which include photometry, spectrophotometry and colorimetry, and an introduction to regression analysis. These methods and analysis are followed by a practical part by measuring pH, nitrate and water hardness using a spectrophotometer and an AS7262 visible light sensor with a SparkFun development board. At the end of the work there is a comparison of absorption spectra, calibration curves and linear regression parameters of both methods.
Kontrola kvality vod Bílého potoka
Brychtová, Jana
This work is focused on monitoring the water quality of the White Creek and basic information characterizing the selected site. Samples were collected from October 2012 to September 2013 monthly to capture the changes in the seasons. I measured the conductivity and pH of samples taken from three locations using the multimeter. Two measured sections were chosen in the natural park of the White Creek Valley third grader segment is outside the Valley of the White Creek near the source of the White Creek. Measurements should prove fluctuations pH and conductivity in the case of larger tributary waters from rainfall or melting snow. The paper further describes the natural park of the White Valley Creek with regard to protected species occurring plants and animals. There are also described methods, principles and importance of pH and conductivity. The work is made of the laws governing water quality and flow distribution. In conclusion is emphasized influence of pH on aquatic life and the importance of measuring these indicators. The aim of the work was the monitoring of selected sections of the stream flow White Creek using selected methods (pH, conductometry).
Provozní diagnostika bioplynových stanic
Dokulilová, Tereza
Tato diplomová práce stručně popisuje proces anaerobní fermentace, rozdělení bioplynových stanic a vybrané parametry, které byly sledovány v praktické části. V praktické části byly při laboratorním testování anaerobní fermentace v Celorepublikové referenční laboratoři bioplynových transformací na Mendelově univerzitě v Brně sledovány následující parametry: složení a množství vznikajícího bioplynu, konduktivita, oxidačně redukční potenciál, pH, obsah sušiny, celkového organického uhlíku, celkový obsah dusíku v sušině a poměr C:N ve zpracovávaném materiálu. Výsledky analyzovaných parametrů byly vyhodnoceny, interpretovány a na jejich podkladě byly navrženy možnosti jejich použití pro screeningovou diagnostiku provozních stavů bioplynových stanic.
Characteristics and age of the trees with exceptional epiphytic lichens in forest stands in traditionally inhabited landscape: case study in Nature reservation Týřov
Minářová, Ludmila ; Hofmeister, Jan (advisor) ; Halda, Josef (referee)
In order to conserve the species richness of epiphytic lichens in Central Europe, it is necessary to understand the environmental conditions that especially rare lichen species with a narrower ecological niche or limited dispersal capacity require. The aim of this thesis was to assess the importance of age of different tree species and related factors such as bark pH and bark coarseness for rare epiphytic lichen species. To include the largest possible range of potentially significant explanatory variables, light conditions and the area of the reserve surrounding the given tree were also examined. Data were collected at the Týřov National Nature Reserve site, which was described in the research of Vondrák et al. (2022) as a unique hotspot of lichen biodiversity, as they found 787 species of lichens and related taxa there. The research sample consisted of 55 trees of five species (Acer platanoides, Carpinus betulus, Fagus sylvatica, Fraxinus excelsior, Quercus petraea) that were inventoried in the research by Vondrák et al. (2022) and belonged to moderately to exceptionally rich in rare lichen species. The rarity of lichens was assessed according to the Red List of Lichens of the Czech Republic (Liška & Palice, 2010). Dendrochronological analysis was used to determine the age of the included trees....

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