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Aspects of Reading and Writing Skills in Pre-school children
The topic of the bachelor thesis is pre-reading literacy. The theoretical part focuses on pre-school education, pre-school child and the readiness and maturity for entering primary school. The practical part focuses on establishing the level of literacy skills for reading and writing, possibly more developed reading skills, and on strengthening hygiene habits in children in the last year of kindergarten. The research was conducted through observation and interviews with kindergarten children and teachers.
Fairy tales Christmas at nursery school
The aim of this bachelor´s thesis is to create a project called Fairy Tales Christmas at Nursery School. Thus, the project contributes to pedagogical-educational activities of the concrete nursery school. The thesis consists of two parts. The theoretical part defines the conception of literary education in nursery school, describes literary-educational competences of teachers and deals with a Christmas topic together with a specific literary production. The practical part is based on the creation of the literary project, its verification and reflection.
Literary education in kindergarten
This bachelor thesis deals with the development of early literacy among children in kindergarten, particularly in Kindergarten Jílovská 75 in Prague 4. The theoretical part defines terminology such as literary education, reading literacy, pre-reading literacy, curricular documents for pre-school education. It describes factors influencing the development of skills previous reading. The second part of the bachelor thesis presents the result of research, which describes current environment in Kindergarten Jílovská and explores how do teachers develop early literacy and which methods of work they use. A semi-structured interview was used for this analysis. Worksheets were created on the basis of this. The verification and subsequent evaluation of these worksheets are an integral part of this thesis.
Influence of family and kindergarten on reading comprehension and literacy development of preschool children
Prchalová, Dagmar ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Hník, Ondřej (referee)
The Master Degree Thesis focuses on the issue of pre-reading literacy and ways of its possible development in childhood. Its starting point is the fact that time devoted to reading aloud to children as well as encouraging them in playing with books is vital for their development and should be an inseparable part of a language learning process. The Thesis points at the imporant role of parents as well as kindergarten teachers in the process. Project "Every Czech Reads to Kids" is introduced. The aim of the last chapter is to show the educational process in the field of pre-reading literacy in particular Czech kindergartens. Role of parents is discussed, too.
Working with Jiří Stránský's book Tales for little Clara in the kindergarten
Pelková, Radomíra ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Hausenblas, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis deals with the possibilities of developing emergent literacy, especially story comprehension, with preschool children using selected methods of critical thinking. The theoretical part is devoted to the ways of developing passion for reading and reading literacy in preschool education, it pursues the possibilities of using some of the methods of the RWCT programme (Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking) in working with books in the educational process of the kindergarten. It further describes the development of chidren of preschool age and reading strategies that can already be cultivated at this age. The practical part describes the project Working with Jiří Stránský's book Tales for little Clara that is based on didactic application of its texts intended for preschoolers. The project makes use of selected methods of the RWCT programme. Research using the method of structured interview finds out how methods of critical thinking can influence story comprehension among five-year-old children. It evaluates and interprets the findings from the beginning and the end of the project implementation, compares the determined levels of story comprehension in a group of girls and in a group of boys. The outcomes of the research show a considerable improvement of comprehension following the...
Lodlová, Zdeňka ; Nováková Schöffelová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
The thesis focuses on the development of pre-reading literacy in preschool education, specifically, the development of phonological awareness using the Elkonin method adapted for the needs of kindergartens. Phonological awareness is "the ability to be aware of the phonological structure of speech, which includes an awareness of syllables in words, rhymes, and individual sounds of speech, i.e. phonemes." (Nováková et al., 2020, p. 23) This ability is a component of school maturity and readiness, and a good level of this skill is crucial for seamlessly emulating reading and writing in the first stage of elementary school. The theoretical part of the thesis presents a basic definition of the legal norms of preschool education and the Framework Educational Programme in relation to pre-reading literacy. It also introduces the development of preschool children as well as the issue of school ripeness and readiness. The empirical part deals with research related to piloting the emerging modification of the Elkonin method for use in kindergartens. The aim of the research is to verify whether the new regulation of Language Skills Training based on the method developed by D. B. Elkonin is suitable for working with a group of preschool children in kindergarten and whether it develops phonematic awareness and...
Asking questions as a support of understanding of the text read out aloud to preschool aged children.
Macibobová, Edita ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Hausenblas, Ondřej (referee)
This dissertation deals with the issue of reading skills of pre-school aged children, their abilities to understand the text being read out to them and answer the questions related to the text meaningfully, but also to ask individual questions. It addresses a possible usage of some methods of critical thinking for this age group in the field of nursery schools. The dissertation is based on the fact that the role of the pre-school education is irreplaceable in this respect. The theoretical part concentrates on the problems related to answering the questions and asking them, on the development of cognitive processes and speech, growth of self- confidence and self-assurance as an important precondition for a pre-school child's expressing and the creation of a positive pedagogical communication in the class. It offers opportunities to use some methods of the programme called " By Reading and Writing to Critical Thinking " (RWCT) at nursery schools. The practical part of this dissertation introduces a programme based on working with the texts of different genres intended for the pre-school age. In individual lessons it is verified whether the chosen methods from the RWCT programme are suitable and if the questions asked, and the request for asking them, correspond to the abilities of pre-school aged...
A set of fairy tales written by pre-school children
The main focus of this Bachelorsthesis is to create the fairy tale set which is written by children of preschool age. The next target is to find out if children are affected by TV, if they can devise the fairy tale story by themselves and how important the story is for this group of children. The theoretical part is focused on chapters about first reading literacy development in children and the importance of the fairy tales for preschoolers. We also talk about RVP - Framework Education Programe here. The practical part is focused on fairy tales analisys which are created by the children, for example finding similarities in fairy tales already known by them. Those targets helped me to answer the questions above. Parents were also given anonymus survey, where I included the questions about reading literacy.The results are described and commented in the practical part.

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