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Professional development of teachers at a selected high school
Zahálková, Laura ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
The thesis deals with the proffessional development at a selected high school and attitude towards it, to identify possible barriers to their proffessional development and on the basis of the findings to propose measures for improvement. Attitude means their relationship to professional development. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts related to the issue. In the empirical part, the author uses a qualitative approach with a case study design and analyses the results of semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions. The research sample consists of 8 teachers of the selected secondary school and the headmistress of the school. Finally, the author summarizes the findings, compares her findings with other research, and lists the benefits and limitations of the work. Based on the results of the research, she submits recommendations for practice that reacts many of the barriers identified by respondents. The results of the research show that teachers develop professionally to varying degrees and consider development to be a natural part of their work. They identify barriers such as lack of time or lack of motivation from management. Management then perceives the financial burden and inappropriate timing of training events as a barrier. The worrying results are related to the fact that...
Meida approach towards informing about terrorism and its change between 2010 and 2020
Panovská, Alena ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
Terrorist attacks are a very specific events not only for the public and security forces, but also for the media. This thesis aims to describe and explain the way the media and the perpetrators of terrorist acts behave, severally and in relation to each other, and their adaptation to changes in technology, regulation, ethics and the journalistic profession between 2010 and 2020. In order to simplify and explain a complicated topic, whose segments are very closely intertwined, this thesis identifies several key areas of transformation. The central theme is the change in the media's approach to the issue of reporting on terrorist attacks and the link between the level of reporting on these acts and their subsequent implementation, but it does not neglect the attitude of the public or public institutions either. The work builds on publications dealing with the relationship between the two subjects, but tries to examine the issue in a more practical manner and in broader context. For the Czech Republic, terrorism is a rather distant topic (although public fears of this threat permeate the country as well), which is why it has so far been dealt with mainly abroad. This thesis combines findings from Czech and foreign sources, both in the academic literature, as well as Internet sources, documents and...
A midwife's personal experience with pregnancy and labor
A midwife's personal experience with pregnancy and labor Bachelor theses is focused on personal experience with pregnancy and labor of midwife. Defined in the theoretical part of the Bachelor theses is the profession of a midwife, her competencies and role in prenatal counselling and during labor. Subsequently, the theoretical part contains the characteristics of pregnancy and physical and mental changes that are closely related to pregnancy. Last but not least, the theoretical section describes childbirth and all periods of childbirth. For Bachelor theses there were two goals, the first goal was to identify if professes of midwife affect their own pregnancy and labor experience. The second goal was to identify if their own pregnancy and labor experience affects a midwifes approach to pregnant women and women after childbirth. Based on set goals, the research questions were created. The first research question focused on how the midwifes profession affected the experience of her own pregnancy and labor. The second question examined how the midwife's own pregnancy and labor affect her approach to providing care to a women within her competencies. To obtain the results of a qualitative research survey, two research sets were created. The first research group consisted of midwives who practiced the profession of a midwife in primary care and had been pregnant and gave birth at least once. For the second research group, which consisted of midwives, the criterion of performing the profession of midwife in the delivery room was determined, as well as at least one experienced pregnancy and childbirth. The survey itself took the form of individual semi-structured interviews, which took place during a personal meeting in the period from March to May 2021. Before the start, all informants gave their approval to the interviews and their recording to the mobile phone and also their data processing. The obtained data was analyzed and the main categories and subcategories were created based on the results. After evaluating the data with midwives working in primary care, 3 main categories were set (Perception of own pregnancy, Prenatal counseling, Return to work) and 6 subcategories (Own experience with pregnancy, Influence of own pregnancy on the profession of midwife, Prenatal preparation, Course of care in prenatal counseling, Access of medical staff, Changes in the care of pregnant women). After evaluating the data with the midwives who worked in the delivery room, 3 main categories were set (Perception of own childbirth, Provision of health care, Return to work) and 5 subcategories (Course of own childbirth, Experience of own childbirth, Place of childbirth, Access of medical staff, Changes in the care of women in labor). The first research question was devoted to how the profession of midwife influenced their pregnancy and labor. The research found that midwives during own pregnancy were influenced by their profession mainly in the perception of care for themselves in the prenatal counseling and in the perception of the approach of medical staff for themselves. The second research question dealt with the influence of their own pregnancy and labor on the approach to pregnant women and childbirth after returning to work within their competencies. It was found that after returning to work, midwives were affected by their pregnancy and thus perceived certain changes in the approach to pregnant women. The experience of giving birth also had an effect on the performance of their profession after returning to work.
Dignity of a person with a mental disability
VÁVROVÁ, Gabriela
The thesis deals with the reflection of evaluation of human dignity at work with people with mental disabilities in the facility of the STROOM DUB o. p. s. center by social workers and workers at social services. The first part of the thesis deals with the general explanation of the term human dignity, then dignity of people with mental disabilities and the significance of human dignity in Christianity. Furthermore, the thesis describes a brief overview of history and introduces the social work with people with mental disabilities. The second part of the thesis is focused on the STROOM DUB o. p. s. center, its creation and description, further on the objectives, interests and work of the center. It briefly introduces clients which reside in the center all year round or outpatient and their work and the individual therapeutic workshops. The last part of the thesis deals with the research in facilities itself, objective of which is to find out how the workers of the center - social workers and workers at social services approach clients with mental disabilities, if they respect/do not respect dignity of people with mental disabilities and how the perceive this interaction.
The positive effect of sex on our health
The aim of this study is to shed light on important concepts that are often neglected or underestimated in today's society, to map the area of sexual behaviour, to find out how can sex positively influence our body and mind, what habits our society has, what history tells us about sex. The extensive topic of sexuality is slightly controversial, it is all the more interesting that relatively little attention is paid to it on a social and professional level although it is an integral part of us. The literature of the history of sexual activity is full of "skeletons in the closet" and reveals countless surprises, complexes, injustices and unhealed wounds. This work compares this information with reality and current sources. Another part is devoted to the constantly and currently much-discussed topic of battle men versus women. We will also reveal differences that are unrecognizable at first glance. By describing the body, behaviour and social status, we find out that they have undergone a really long development. However, the intention is not to promote one sex above the other, nor to set imaginary boundaries between them. On the contrary, the work aims at concluding a peace agreement and expressing the equal importance of both men and women on the principle of mutual respect. Finally, in the practical part compiled in the form of a questionnaire, I specified the actions, thinking and awareness of young people about human sexuality and its relationship to health. The benefit is current information from the lives of students and their peers. As I dare say that sex education is unfortunately very neglected and underestimated at the moment, any new useful information for readers would be my relief and immense personal success.
Development of the Approach to Social Exclusion from the Point of View of Publications Intended for Social Work
This bachelor thesis has set two goals. The first of them is to map the presentation of socially disadvantaged people from the point of view of publications intended for social work. The second goal is to map the recommended approaches to social work with socially disadvantaged people from the perspective of publications intended for social work. In order to achieve the set goals, a qualitative research strategy and a method of document analysis were chosen. For data processing, a categorical system was used. The research has found that socially disadvantaged people are presented in a very diverse way in the analyzed publications, which reflects the reality of a wide range of clients for whom social work services are intended. Books have often included attributes that may be inherent in people who are affected by social exclusion or at risk of it. By contrast, features related to the process of social exclusion on the part of society were often neglected. From this predominance of attributes on the part of individuals, the reader may get the false impression that social exclusion is mostly a matter of individual inadequacy or a certain personal handicap, and that the role of society in the process of social exclusion (or excluding) is not crucial. The definition of recommended approaches to social work with socially disadvantaged people is understood differently across publications. It is important, however, that in most of the analyzed books these approaches were listed, and in some cases even specified in more detail, which means that familiarity with approaches to social work with socially disadvantaged people is essential for appropriate and professional practice of this profession.
Adductive Drugs Abuse among Girls Placed in the Institutions of Institutional Care
This bachelor thesis deals with addictive substances in girls placed in foster-care homes. The aim of this thesis was to identify the specific traits of drug abuse and the attitude of girls placed in foster-care homes towards addictive substances. In the theoretical part, using expert literature, I tried to define basic terms related to theis issue. I defined the term of addictive substances, their division and effects, drug abuse, addictive substances in youth and within institutional care. Last but not least, I generally focused on establishments carrying out institutional and foster care and then only on foster-care homes. The practical part is processed via qualitative research, using the method of interrogation. I chose to use the technique of semi-structured interviews I carried out together with girls from a chosen foster home. The interviews were subsequently evaluated using the method of open coding.Using research, I found out there were several specific traits of drug abuse within the chisen foster-care home, although none are specified in expert literature. Approaching addictive substances, research has proven that there are differences between legal and illegal substances. Meanwhile accessing legal addictive substances is easy, accessing illegal substances is understood very differently by every individual girl. This bachelor thesis may be useful for both, the chosen foster-care home as well as other institutions carrying out institutional and protective care. Further, this thesis may serve as a pilot study for further study of this issue or other research. Last but not least, this thesis may benefit expert publication authors who might start dealing with it more often and publish greater amounts of expert articles.
The Application of Suggestopedia in English Classes at Primary School
VIKOVÁ, Kateřina
The diploma thesis focuses on the possibilities of teaching English using suggestopedic teaching methods at primary schools. The thesis is concerned with the application of this method to primary school enviroment with the goal to find out whether this method is efficent for young learners. The theoretical part classifies individual teaching methods and approaches in language teaching. Each method and approach is described in terms of its origin, development and principles. The major theoretical part deals in particular with the alternative method suggestopedia. The practical part solves possibilities of using this method in English language teaching at a chosen primary school and varifies if some of its elements can be used in the future.
Romany children education in Czech school system and its realization in Náchod
Vajsar, Jan ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Mazáčová, Nataša (referee)
TITLE: Romany children education in Czech school system and its realization in Náchod AUTHOR: Jan Vajsar DEPRATMENT: Primary Education Department SUPERVISOR: prof. PaedDr. Radka Wildová, CSc. ABSTRACT This dissertation is a proposal of a strategical model for romany`s pupils education in Czech school system. This dissertation is conceived for primary and lower secondary schools teachers. Our goal was to make a model of the work with romany pupils which could be applied with some modifications for any basic schools where romany pupils are educated. It has been located to Náchod. It is a town where the current situation in education can be used as a good example for the similar educational problems we can observe in other towns of the Czech Republic. The dissertation includes many methodical suggestions which are designed for simple and useful practicing at schools. These suggestions should be used in order to solve various problems teachers still have and will probably have with Romany pupils. KEYWORDS: Romany, child, education, model, pupil, environment, approach, teacher, street, family, co-operation, mistrust, preconceptions, rectification, change

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