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The Application of the Project Management to the Approval Process of a New Product
Zavadilová, Veronika ; Novotný, Miroslav (referee) ; Smolíková, Lenka (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the application of the methodology of project management in a business case in the company Meopta - optika, s.r.o. following the product life cycle. After the company’s analysis, it evaluates the real project management solution focusing on the critical sides of project. The last chapter specifies solutions for effective project management and risk elimination.
Specifics of education of children in foster care
KRŠKOVÁ, Ludmila
The main focus of the thesis is upbringing and education of the children in the substitute family care. This thesis is divided into theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part is describing types of the substitute family care in the Czech Republic, institutional care, perils of the development of the children in the substitute family care, consequences of the missing family care and cooperation of the substitute family with school. The practical part is focused on the important factors, supporting factors and difficult situations, which may be sensed by parents and teachers during upbringing and education of the children in the substitute family care. Then it is focused on the cooperation of the substitute families with teachers and readiness of the teachers to educate the children in the substitute family care. There are three case studies engaged to the practical part. Mainly, they are dealing with the process of coming of child to family, upbringing and operating of the child in school.
Benefit of transition period forster care for the following adoption
The bachelor thesis deals with the benefit of temporary period foster care for the following adoption. The theoretical part introduces to the reader the substitude forms of family care, clarifies the legislative scope, compares foster care for temporary period with institutional care in the basics, mentions pros, cons and possible faults. The theoretical part introduces the term of adoption at the end. The practical part compares issue of adoptive families, which adopt the child from the institutional care or from the foster care for temporary period. There is the summary of the most common aspects both types of care from the adopters views. The answers are focused on pros and cons of the institutional care and the foster care for temporary period in the contex of following adoption and reflects the family lives with these children. The results represents the pros of the handing over the child from family to family against the cons of the handing over the child form the institutional care.
Opinions of the 40+ generation on surrogate motherhood
This bachelor thesis deals with surrogacy. My work focuses specifically on the very concept of surrogacy, the types of surrogacy, the surrogate mother and the process of adopting a child, including the very beginning of the whole process, and thus assisted reproduction.The purpose of this thesis was to map the opinions of the 40+ generation. The work is divided into two parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical part deals with general concepts that relate to surrogate motherhood, ie the forms of surrogate motherhood, the surrogate mother, the surrogate contract, legislation and adoption, but also assisted reproduction. An equally important theoretical part is the chapter devoted to the ethics of surrogacy and the psychological aspects associated with this topic. In the practical part, a quantitative research was conducted, the goal of which was to find out the views and awareness of surrogacy, including the attitudes of respondents to this issue. To create the practical part of this thesis I used the strategy of quantitative research, a method of questioning with the technique of my own questionnaire. In the practical part, two research hypotheses were selected. The research data has been written down and later evaluated in the SPSS program. The results of the research show that women are more in favor of surrogacy than men. Men, unlike women, think that it is a form of human trafficking. They also can't imagine a friend or acquaintance as a surrogate mother. Women think that the main motivation for a woman to become a surrogate mother is to help another couple, but the men's opinion is that the motivation to become a surrogate mother stems from a woman's unpleasant life situation. Mapping the opinions on this issue shows the sensitivity of this topic, but it is still necessary to address this issue.
Comparison of the alternative forms of family care in the Czech Republic and in Spain and analysis of the relevant Spanish legal terminology with a glossary
This thesis aims to compare the forms of alternative family care in the Czech Republic and Spain and critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these forms in both countries. The main purpose is a comparative analysis of the forms of alternative family care in the Czech and Spanish legislation with an emphasis on the search for differences and similarities. The thesis includes summary in Spanish and bilingual terminological glossary.
Babybox as a part of our society: Opinions of parents in Pelhřimov region on a postponing of a nearly two-year-old child to a babybox in Pelhřimov Hospital.
This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, I focused on the basic theory of babyboxes, their history, location, usability and the rationale behind putting unwanted children into babyboxes. Foster care and adoption are also looked at. In the conclusion of the theoretical part I discuss possible preventive measures and some ethical issues related to this topic. For the practical part I have used qualitative research. I asked questions of five pre-selected interviewees from the Pelhřimov region concerning their opinion on babyboxes and babyboxes located in Pelhřimov Hospital. I held a semi-structured interview with Mr. Ludwig Hess. He is the founder of babyboxes in the Czech Republic. He provided an opinion of one that was used on a boy of nearly two years of age at Pelhřimov Hospital. The aim of this thesis is to find out the opinions of selected interviewees about babyboxes and the motivation behind their use on a two-year-old child. I compare the obtained data with my opinion and with the opinion of Mr. Ludwig Hess.
Child's life in a foster care
Dejlová, Blanka ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Zvírotský, Michal (referee)
Theme: Child's life in a foster care This Bachelor Paper deals with the points at issue of a foster care, especially living together of foster parents and a child with educational problems taken into care. The goal of this Bachelor Paper is to introduce problems of foster care and show a real case of a child with educational problems and show how this situation is solved in this family. The Paper should provide an answer to what factors could affect educational problems of the child. The Paper is divided into two parts, theoretical and empirical ones. The theoretical part is devoted to a description and history of foster care forms in the Czech Republic. It also deals with living together - its preparation, making relations, etc. and subsequent living together - a child's in a foster family development, bringing up, relationships, surroundings, etc. In the empirical part there is a qualitatively focused research in a form of case Study, where an unstandardized interview, an observation and a study and analysis of documents are a tool of data collection. Roma origin, and a passive approach, comfort, laziness, emotional explosiveness, looking up to friends with troblesome behaviour and the age of puberty which intensified the above mentioned have been revealed as the main cause of creation of...
Selected issues of adoption (comparative fragments)
Kubovičová, Tereza ; Hendrychová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
Resumé The topic of this master thesis is selected issues of an adoption (comparative fragments). I chose not to deal with the theme as a whole because of its extent, which would have inevitably lead to mere scratch of the surface of such complex issue as an adoption. Picking and choosing some interesting aspects enabled me to go more into detail and elaborate on them in depth. When approaching this thesis I chose to use combination of analytic and comparative method. The thesis itself is composed of the introduction, six chapters and the conclusion. The purpose of the Introduction is to make the reader aware of the structure of the thesis and to outline the complicated legal nature of adoption. The objective of this thesis, which is also announced within this section, is to provide the reader with issues not usually dealt with within theses or academic works. Chapter One is divided into three parts and subsequently shed light into the concept of the adoption, its types and sources of the legislative. Chapter Two is dedicated to historical excursion and is divided into two parts. The First Part deals with global level and the Second Part is focused on the national level with emphasis on most recent historical milestones. Chapter Three is subdivided into three parts. The First Part examines conditions, which...
Registered Partnership and its Legal Consequences in Relation to Alternative Family Care
Faustová, Markéta ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Švestka, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of two today very important institutes, namely the registered partnership and the alternative family care. The aim of the thesis is to focus on areas where the two institutes overlap. Current registered partnership legislation contains some problematic provisions in relation to forms of alternative family care. The text of the thesis has focused on the description of these problem areas and try to outline possible future changes even in the context of the situation on the international level.

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