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Design of Stabilizing Camera Handle for Ornithology Photography
Růžičková, Veronika ; Rajlich, Jan (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is a design of stabilizing mount for ornithological photography. The main goal is to design an ergonomically correct and comfortable product that helps photographers to obtain better results. An important aspect of designing the mount is to lessen the weapon appearance. The final product is minimalistic, organic, and easy to assemble at home and its mainly targeted for living nature photographers but may be used in other photo industry branches.
The Contribution of Oskar Heiroth to the Formation of Classical German Ethology
Bradáč, Ondřej ; Komárek, Stanislav (advisor) ; Hermann, Tomáš (referee)
Oskar Heinroth was a German zoologist and is frequently considered as the founder of ethology. Thanks to his lifetime observing of animals, especially birds, made he the conclusion that movement, display of behavior and other signs which haven't been taken into account until his days are equally important for the right animal classification as morphology. He is a discoverer of species typical instinctive behavior and he observed as the first one several other ethological phenomenons as imprinting, drop-off of the treshold value of the signal or idle-running reactions. He iniciated a more pragmatic sight into animal psychics and laid foundations of ethological methodics. Thanks to his publication a darwinistic attitude got access into psychological sciences. Regarding his evidence Konrad Lorenz, Erich von Holst and Nicholas Tinbergen constituted ethology as integrated science, which has later been confirmed on the premisies of universities.
Birdwatchers: Amateur ornithologists
Křížková, Barbora ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Šaj, Petr (referee)
The thesis is devoted to amateur ornithologists and their role in citizen science. In it's theoretical part it focuses mainly on citizen science, its features, history and present of ornithology and characterization of amateur ornithologist. The empirical part uses methods of qualitative research, which is based on semi-structured interviews with professional and amateur ornithologists who participate or deal with projects of citizen science. The research problem is formulated as follows: Amateur ornithologists, their role and involvement in civil science and cooperation with professional ornithologists from the perspective of both amateur and professional ornithologists. It uses a thematic analysis to process the interviews on which several topics are based, for example: amateur ornithologist and its concept, relationships between amateur and professional ornithologists and their cooperation, relationship of amateur ornithologists to nature, their self-education, citizen science from the perspective of amateur and professional ornithologists, data and their quality. Research suggests that the difference between amateurs and professionals lies mainly in their relationship to science, which affects other aspects of their relationship to each other and to citizen science.

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