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Use of Product Price Discrimination in International Markets
Tempír, Stanislav ; Pavláková Dočekalová, Marie (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis is aimed at making specific recommendations on price discrimination for a company operating in international markets. These recommendations are supported by calculations of purchasing power parity, price elasticity of demand and analyses of primary and secondary data from European markets. The thesis is structured in three main parts, the first dealing with the theoretical background, the second with the company and the selected markets and the last part with the recommendations themselves.
Use of Price Discrimination in the International Markets
Rosická, Markéta ; Oklešťková, Sára (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on price discrimination of a selected company operating in an international environment. The work is divided into three main parts. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the key concepts and characteristics necessary to understand the issues related to the topic of the thesis. The analytical part of the work is focused on the description of the current state of the company in selected foreign markets. The proposal part of the work used the method of multiple regression analysis and also presents possible proposals and recommendations for price discrimination in individual foreign markets with regard to the purchasing power of individual countries.
Buyer Power and its Abuse in European Law
Musil, Aleš ; Šmejkal, Václav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Magdaléna (referee)
This rigorosum thesis entitled "Buyer Power and its Abuse in European Law" deals with the analysis of buyer power in European law from the perspective of legal theory (part one - theoretical) and analysis of legislative aspects of the abuse (part two - practical). Attention is paid to the perspective of European law on the issue of buyer power and its abuse, both from the perspective of competition law and of the concept of buyer power, primarily pursuing objectives other than competition on the market. In my rigorosum thesis, I address the issue of market buyer power as a concept different from both market seller power and purchasing power, which refers to the extent to which consumers or firms have available money for spending and consumption. The concept of market power has in fact two branches - seller power and buyer power. In my thesis, I prove that (i) they cannot be viewed as a mirror image and (ii) that buyer power is an umbrella concept covering monopsony and bargaining power. Buyer power as the umbrella concept is a buyer's ability to exert pressure on its suppliers so as to lower prices or extract other concessions in two forms - monopsony and bargaining power. Monopsony power is an inefficient purchasing behaviour that involves withholding demand to decrease the purchasing price paid...
The financial situation of juniors and seniors in Czech Republic and other European Union countries
Červenka, Jan ; Bartošová, Jitka (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to use appropriate indicators to evaluate and compare the living standards in EU member states in terms of the financial situation. The thesis is focused mainly on juniors and seniors, describes key terminology related to this topic and highlights factors which influence standard of living directly related to wealth accessibility. Great focus of this thesis is also dedicated to seeking of relation between financial situation and migration of monitored age groups.
Possible impact of euro introduction on the Czech economy
Kačírková, Michaela ; Kalínská, Emílie (advisor) ; Čajka, Radek (referee)
The diploma thesis "Possible impact of euro introduction on the Czech economy". The first part of the thesis deal with common problems euro introduction in the Czech Republic. It attend to filling of the convergent criteria, nominal, real and others, then the choice of the scenario and schedule euro introduction. Main part of the thesis deal with the influence analysis of the single currency on the inflation, citizens, international trade and foreign direct investments. Second part focus on the way of the inflation measuring, factors which influence inflation or possible scenarios of the inflation development after euro introductoin, third part on the problems of the conversion coefficient and influences on the price relation and buing power a the fourth part on the expected effects of the euro introduction in international trade, concretely on the balance of goods and services, foreign direct investments and competitiveness. The last fifth part is focused on the future of the euro, how it sees significant world's economists.