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The Use of Statement Analysis in Qualitative Research
Kaššová, Petra ; Stejskalová, Irena (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
This diploma thesis concentrates on the use of Q method in the processing of qualitative student feedback and case studies. It deals with three research questions. How does the statement analysis simplify work with qualitative data? How is the statement analysis suitable for work with qualitative student feedback? How is the statement analysis suitable for work with case studies? In the diploma thesis I find out that using of the statement analysis for qualitative student feedback and for case studies greatly simplifies work with qualitative data and makes it more uncluttered.
Use of Bayesian Networks in Managerial Practice
Rod, Martin ; Váchová, Lucie (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
The main goal of our bachelor thesis is to create a quantitave model which describes real biogas plant (property of company VOD Kadov) and its troubleshooting. Our created model has broad applications. It can be used as a support tool for managerial decision making either for biogas plant's malfunction or for its improvement. Secondly it plays a major role in quantitative clarification of inner links and processes which takes place inside the biogas plant. This quantification is done by Bayesian statistic approach via Bayesian network and its methods. For modeling purposes we exploit (leak) noisy OR-gate model and various methods for variable discretization. We heavily use company's data for model creation. With our model we simulated the run of biogas plant and its possible malfunctions. We also provided an easy step by step guide how to troubleshoot these malfunctions.
Production optimization using advanced decision making methods
Bártová, Blanka ; Bína, Vladislav (advisor) ; Zelená, Veronika (referee)
The proces management and its application using advanced decision making methods will be discussed in this paper. Specifically, the optimization of production will be solved with genetic algorithms and linear programming methods. The goal of this paper is to find out a accepable suboptimal solution scheduling problem in the manufacturing organization so, that the makespan time will be minimal. The author of this paper will implement the solution algorithm in manufactuting organization XY operating in mechanical environment.
Filing Service in Public Administration
Růžičková, Radomíra ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of filing service and archival science. The theoretical part is focused on definition of the basic terms and contains a description of the document lifecycle. An important part of the filing service is the creation of the file which is governed by the applicable legislation. Life cycle of documents and files is ending within the shredding proces. The individual steps are described in the thesis. The practical part is focused on achieving of the targets in this thesis. It deals with the filing service of a specific public originator which is the Municipality of Kamenice nad Lipou. There is described the evolution filing service in the municipal office, the implementation of an electronic filing service system and start of data boxes operations. The goal of the thesis is valorize the benefits of the introduction of electronic filing services and if public originators can achieve savings due to this information technologies. There will be evaluated positives and negatives of both analog and electronic form filing service and whether all public originators are able to practice filing services by applicable laws.
Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Euro Adoption
Fábera, Luboš ; Bartošová, Jitka (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
The main objective of the Masters thesis is the identification of advantages and disadvantages of the Euro currency adoption. The analysis is focused on the differences in development of the individual economic indicators before and after joining the eurozone as well as the European Union as an entity. The economic indicators used are in the form of gross domestic product, inflation rate, foreign direct investment, long term interest rate and international business trade. For the analysis itself, a vast variety of methods has been utilised within both Microsoft Excel and SAS Enterprise Guide. The analytic results do cover the required content and points to fulfil the main aims and objectives of the thesis and can thus be used as a baseline for the most common theoretic arguments for and against the euro adoption.
Analysis of social situations depending on the level of transfers and other factors
Harudová, Jana ; Bartošová, Jitka (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the social policies of the European Union and with poverty. Social policies are divided into five social models, based on basic typologies. Individual social models are characterized separately and the claims are supported by appropriate economic indicators. The practical part builds on these theoretical foundations and examines the dependence of variables and social models. Based on the indicators of poverty, the social situation of the individual states of the European Union is defined. Dependencies were created using indicators of poverty and economic variables. A generalized linear model was designed to determine the dependence of the social situation in the EU based on selected factors.
The development and structure of progaming and its importance in the contemporary world
Puharič, Petr ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
The aim of this work is to describe progaming scene development since its beginings till present days. Also I would like to focus to progaming importance for current world. To achieve this goal I analyse individual years since 1997 till 2016 and I sumarize state of the current progaming scene. In this work I describe professional players chracteristics and I also describe various game types, some individual games, competitions, tournaments... In analysed years there are described prize money, players counts in tournaments and coutnry origins of players. In conclusion there is shown development of these statistics in the whole analysed period of time. Outcome of the statistics development in time is detailed overview of progaming scene including its current importance.
Implementation of Customer Relationship Management into a small business
Malý, Vojtěch ; Bína, Vladislav (advisor) ; Přibil, Jiří (referee)
Thesis describes the phenomenon of Consumer relationship management (CRM) in theoretical part. Furthermore author discusses each component and principles of successful implementation into a small business. In the practical part, author suggests an implementation into specific Czech company, which wants to keep it's anonymity. Alongside the implementation of CRM, the thesis concerns an optimalization of processes in this company, regarding e-shop orders. Another area of practical part is the analysis of company's historical data and it's usage in the future.
System design department for acquisition process at M&A department and its implementation in MS Sharepoint 2013
Pekárková, Alena ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
This thesis analyse the implementation of the MS SharePoint solution to the acquisition process of the selected M&A department of multinational enterprise. Analysis of the possible options to use the MS SharePoint 2013 platform for solution of the specific acquisition processes, descriptions of the recommendations for setting-up of the processes via MS SharePoint 2013 and implementation of the MS SharePoint 2013 solution in specific M&A department are the main goals of this thesis. The abovementioned goals are achieved through research in the relevant literature, research papers, based on the lectures provided by company Gopas and consultation with experts from Microsoft company as well as the practical experience of the author of this thesis. The main benefit of this thesis is the comprehensive review of the relevant areas, topics and issues and creation of the suitable solution and recommendations for the specific M&A department.
The decision on the introduction of external scoring model based on a comparison to the current internal solution
Hrubá, Elina ; Bína, Vladislav (advisor) ; Světlík, Jiří (referee)
In my thesis I have analyzed internal and external scoring model of financial organization. I have prepared comprehensive comparison and evaluation of both internal and external scoring systems. The aim of the thesis was creating a complete assessment of external scoring system with the simplified financial analysis and also with taking into the consideration appropriateness of this offer before approving purchase of external model.

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