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Creation of a data model of a selected agenda of the company's economic information system
The objective of this thesis is to analyze a selected business agenda and create a conceptual and physical data model of an information system for this agenda on a selected database system. The first part of the thesis are focused on description of information systems and their classification. Data modeling features and requirements are characterized in this part. Following part presents the selection of a modelling tool for creating a data model based on a multi-criteria evaluation. The conceptual schema is modeled using the selected tool. It captures the necessary entities and their attributes to meet the defined requirements. The purpose of creating data model is capture the agenda of warehouse management of small stonemasonry company in South Bohemia region. Each chapter is focused on different part of creating database such as the conceptual, logical and physical levels. To test the created physical model SQL code is generated and uploaded to the web platform supporting PostgreSQL.
Modernizace informačního portálu pro Vodárenskou akciovou společnost, a.s.
Šebek, Martin
This bachelor thesis is about the modernization of the information portal for VODÁRENSKÁ AKCIOVÁ SPOLEČNOST, a.s. The aim was to design and implement a new information portal that will meet all the requirements of the company. The theoretical part of the work includes an analysis of the current state and a description of the technologies used. The practical part consists of the system designing of the new application including UML diagrams and a description of the implementation of individual parts of the system. In the conclusion, there are discussed suggestions for extending the application and evaluating the results of the work.
The concept of an information retail technology
This bachelor thesis deals with the information technology used in retails. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the selected information technology in the selected retail and based on the results of the questionnaire survey to propose recommendations and changes to this technology. The theoretical basis explains concepts such as information technology, information system, hardware, software and marketing research and further describes the specific types of information systems and technology. The largest part is devoted to the information systems and technologies, because these two concepts are the most important for understanding the issues of the selected topic. In the practical part,the research is carried out on the technology of self-service cash registers in the Tesco retail chain. Based on the research results, various recommendations and changes are proposed for better efficiency of the use of the self-service cash registers. And greater satisfaction of the customer requierments.
Vývoj zakázkového informačního systému pro firmu Kovovýroba Trefil s.r.o.
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of the information system for a particular company, from the initial analysis to its implementation and maintenance. The first part deals with the current state of the company and its processes. The acquired theoretical knowledge is used to optimize business processes and develop a new information system that supports these processes. The second part of the work is focused on the implementation of the developed information system into the productive operation of the company and the benefits of implementation are evaluated.
Audit of the SAP ERP system
LIŠKOVÁ, Markéta
The master thesis deals with audit of the SAP ERP system operated in academic environment. In the first part of the thesis are clarifies the basic terminological concepts. The concept of audit and audit of information systems are defined along with term related. Subsequently, the concept of ERP is defined and the SAP organization is introduced together with the audited product. In the second part of the thesis are tested control objectives, selected with regard to the objective of the thesis, the literature and with using the COBIT methodology.
Optimalizace managementu firmy Sever Game Studio s.r.o.
ŠÍMOVÁ, Zuzana
The primary focus of the bachelor's thesis is to come up with improvements to a current state of management in Sever Game Studio s.r.o. company, and to implement them accordingly. The theoretical part describes essential concepts from the given field and explains principles and methods of organisation management, organizational structures, process analysis, company culture and risk management. The gained knowledge is thereafter applied in the practical part in the chosen company, and the success of the proposed changes is evaluated. The gained knowledge is applicable to other companies in the future.
Implementation of enterprise resource planning system in the selected company
This diploma thesis deals with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and their implementation. The main goal is a description of selected implementation steps and evaluation of the whole implementation project. This thesis is divided into two parts. The first is the theoretical part, which defines ERP systems, systems architecture, implementation strategy and methods. The next part of this diploma thesis deals with the actual implementation of the BMD system in the selected company. Characteristics of selected companies and selected product (BMD Account) are described in the beginning of the practical part. The rest of the thesis deals with the description of individual implementation steps that occurred in the project. At the end of the practical part, the result of the implementation is evaluated on the basis of comparing the states in both established systems and the transition to a sharp mode of use.
Design, Creation and Implementation of Software Applications in the Corporate Environment
Bohovic, Samuel ; Koch, Miloš (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
Táto záverečná práca sa sústredí na analýzu požiadavok na informačný systém použitý v logistickej firme. Ďalej analyzuje aktuálne dostupné technológie pre vývoj informačných systémov. A nakoniec navrhuje možný informačný systém na základe zistení.
Design, Creation and Implementation of Software Applications in the Corporate Environment
Kulda, Lukáš ; Koch, Miloš (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design and implementation of a web application for inventory management in an agricultural company. This work is an application that aims to improve the shortcomings of the company in the field of inventory management. The first important chapter is the theoretical basis on which the work is based. The next main chapter is the analysis of the current situation of the company which justifies the needed change. This is immediately followed by a chapter describing the introduced change, the implementation of the application and its benefits for the company.
Implementation of the information system
Podzemný, Matěj ; Koch, Miloš (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the selection and implementation of a new information system at Odry Secondary School. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the current state of the school and its information system and based on these analyses and requirements to select and implement a new information system. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the theoretical background, in the second part of the thesis the mentioned analyses are performed followed by the actual design of the solution. The design solution is concluded with a financial analysis and the benefits of the solution are described.

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