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Application for Exam Preparation
Líbal, Tomáš ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issue of preparation of final exams at the Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology. It describes the process of design and implementation of a web application that allows teachers to create and manage room schemes and terms of individual exams. An important part of the application is also the automatic placement of students in the rooms and the generation of individual exam assignments for printing based on the given template and the method of placement. The application provides students with a clear view of individual exam terms and details about them. The work will result in a functional and usable web application written in Java using the Spring and Angular frameworks.
Planning and Reporting Work in the KNOTIS Information System
Fiedler, Karel ; Smrž, Pavel (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is creation of new module for planning and reporting work in the information system KNOTIS and editation of another pages related with this module. New module compared to old one will support planning for individual projects and prioritization of important projects as a bachelor's thesis. Reward payment is extended by the possibility to calculate the amount according to salary and hours and also supports pre-filling of the salary of the new reward payment. For work plans, the maximum weekly workload can be set according to the period.
Timetable Planning Information System
Kuchynka, Marek ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work deals with the planning of teaching and exams schedules at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Brno University of Technology. The goal is to design and create a new web-based information system that will help to create new schedules and allow students to be involved in the planning process. The application will be tailored to the requirements of the faculty, whose detailed analysis forms the first part of this work. The second part deals in detail with the design, implementation and testing of the created application, which was already used in planning the actual schedules.
Application for Parallel Data Processing Control
Grepl, Filip ; Smrž, Pavel (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work deals with the design and implementation of a system for parallel execution of tasks in the Knowledge Technology Research Group. The goal is to create a web application that allows to control their processing and monitor runs of these tasks including the use of system resources. The work first analyzes the current method of parallel data processing and the shortcomings of this solution. Then the work describes the existing tools including the problems that their test deployment revealed. Based on this knowledge, the requirements for a new application are defined and the design of the entire system is created. After that the selected parts of implementation and the way of the whole system testing is described together with the comparison of the efficiency with the original system.
Information Portal for Students
Švarc, Miroslav ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work deals with the analysis of current communication systems used by students, the design of a new system and its implementation. The system includes a connection to the social network Facebook, the communication application Discord and Google services such as calendars and shared drive. The result is a functional system, programmed in PHP, which can be used for student communication.
Timetable Planning Software
Mores, Martin ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is schedule planning for Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) BUT. Thesis describes the process of creating a schedule at FIT and the information concerning study at FIT that are pertinent to this process. It presents the design and implementation of an application designed to support schedule planning at FIT. The primary focus of this thesis is to simplify and expedite the process of checking, if the schedule being planned is correct. The product of this thesis is a functional application used for schedule planning at FIT, in conjunction with one other application.
Indexing of Big Text Data and Searching in the Indexed Data
Kozák, David ; Smrž, Pavel (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
Tématem této práce je sémantické vyhledávání ve velkých textových datech. Cílem je navrhnout a implementovat vyhledávač, který se bude efektivně dotazovat nad sémanticky obohacenými dokumenty a prezentovat výsledky uživatelsky přívětivým způsobem. V práci jsou nejdříve analyzovány současné sémantické vyhledávače, spolu s jejich silnými a slabými stránkami. Poté je přednesen návrh nového vyhledávače s vlastním dotazovacím jazykem. Tento systém se skládá z komponent pro indexaci a dotazování se nad dokumenty, management serveru, překladače pro dotazovací jazyk a dvou klientských aplikací, webové a konzolové. Vyhledávač byl úspěšně navržen, implementován i nasazen a je veřejně dostupný na Internetu. Výsledky práce umožňují široké veřejnosti využívat sémantického vyhledávání.
Automatic Categorization of Unknown Words Based on Derivational Relations
Faltusová, Marie ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (referee) ; Smrž, Pavel (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the construction of a system for automatic classification of~unknown words based on derivation bonds. For this purpose, the system was designed to~extract derivative links based on electronic dictionaries and to create word-forming models from them. Based on this knowledge, it is then possible to incorporate unclassified words into existing nests formed from the obtained bonds, and their models, or create new ones. The reader will be gradually acquainted with the reasons that lead to the continuous transformation or expansion of the lexicon, the ways in which the words in~the~Czech language are derived and how to obtain information about the changes caused by this derivation process. This system builds on and extends the research of the branch of morphology in~the~project of a morphological analyzer of the Research Group of Knowledge Technologies, working at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Brno University of~Technology.
Email Filtering Administration in Roundcube
Španěl, Tomáš ; Lampa, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to create a plug-in for the Roundcube webmail, which allows the management of filters for incoming mail and automatic absence notification, where the Procmail tool is used for the filtering itself. The work also examines how to generate these filters and report the absence and their comprehensive presentation to the user within the Roundcube. The result of the work is a functional plug-in module and a description of interesting passages from its implementation.
Plagiarism Identification
Menšík, Jakub ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (referee) ; Smrž, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this work is to design and implement system for plagiarism identification based on a huge dataset.

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