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Multi-generational house Polanka nad Odrou
Šichnárková, Adéla ; Žajdlík, Tomáš (referee) ; Šuhajdová, Eva (advisor)
The task of this bachelor thesis is to design a new building of a multi-generation family house with a partial basement and to prepare project documentation for the construction phase. The building is situated on a flat plot of land in the city district of Ostrava, in Polanka nad Odrou. The proposal respects the surrounding buildings and all binding documents of the city, especially the Ostrava city plan. The building will be divided into two residential units. The first one will be only one-storey designed for two persons and the second one will be with basement, will have two floors and will be designed for 4 persons. The basement will be used especially for storage space. The family house is based partly on strip foundations and partly on a slab foundation. It is constructed of ceramic masonry units and covered with a single-skin flat roof. The ceiling structures will be made of monolithic reinforced concrete slab. The perimeter walls will be insulated with the ETICS contact insulation system using EPS facade polystyrene.
Analysis of the Humidity of the Green Roof During the Year
Jílek, Jan
The article deals with the analysis of moisture in the layers of a green roof. Climatic conditions change throughout the year and the amount of moisture in the composition of the green roof is related to them. This article analyzes the data collected throughout the year. The expected output from the completed measurements should be an optimized maintenance plan for the extensive green roof. The current data serves as an informative sample of the amount of moisture depending on the weekly precipitation total.
High standard detached house
Zezulová, Jitka ; Mocová, Pavla (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor work solves project documentation of a high standard detached house . The building is designed on gently sloping land in the village of Dolní Heřmanice. Access to the building is from the local paved road, the entrance to the house is on the first floor. The house is designed as a standalone house with two floors, the second floor is above the portion of the first floor. Roofing of the building is a combination of two flat roofs and pent roof. The structural system of the house is made of brick blocks, including the ceiling construction. It is designed for a family of four.
The Training and Recreation Center
Lím, Štěpán ; Blažek, Petr (referee) ; Fišarová, Zuzana (advisor)
Thesis Training and recreational center at the documentation for the execution of works. The building was designed so that the object is divided into two parts. The first part is a training and recreation center, which is developed to the level of documentation for construction. The second part is a space for accommodation, which is designed only as a preparatory study and work. The building is divided into three main units, which include middle entrance portion, training and recreational facilities and accommodation for clients and visitors. The leisure center facilities include a swimming pool, whirlpools, saunas and massages. There are lecture hall, projection room and small cafe in the area of training center. In areas 1.NP is restaurant. The building is brick of brick blocks. Foundation structures bearing walls are designed footings. Roof construction over the area of the training center is oblique, supporting elements are tie beams. Flat roof DUO is designed over other areas of the entrance and the accommodation parts. The entire building is insulated outer contact insulation. The building has a cellar.
Kindergarten in Pustiměř
Trněný, Jan ; Párová,, Jitka (referee) ; Rusinová, Marie (advisor)
This diploma thesis „Kindergarten in Pustiměř“ is processed in the form design documentation for the construction. The building is situated in west part village Pustiměř on the slightly sloping land. Horizontally building corresponds approximately L – shaped, where one site has a two floors and another site has one floor. It is a masonry building, without a basement and with a flat roof. The project will also include the parking lots and pavements. Kindergarten consists of three departments, each with capacity of 20 children. The building also has economy section, section lead and section for a speech therapy and classroom language.
Multifunctional Building Brno - Mlýnská
Hrubý, Libor ; Matoušková, Ilona Kalivodová (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with a new built multifunctional building in Brno on Mlynska street. The intention is to change of use of lucrative corner site brownfield. The new building has four aboveground floors and one underground floor. The ground floor will have small restaurant and two separated shopping units. The second floor is divided into three office spaces. The third and fourth floors are designed as flats of different categories. The underground floor will be used for storage spaces, boiler room with separate pellet storage and parking shaft system. Construction system is designed as a wall construction system made of sand-lime bricks. Ceiling constructions and staircases are designed as a cast-in-place concrete. The building is roofed with the flat green roofs and terrace, which will be used for relaxation of residents.
Residential House
Suza, Martin ; Ing.Tomáš Bartoš (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
The bachelor thesis “A Residential House” has been worked out as a project documentation which comes up with a solution of designing a single-apartment detached residential house. It is a double floor house with a partial cellar and a flat roof and it is situated in a gently sloped terrain. The first floor above the earth level is meant to be a “day” section while the second one should be a night quiet section. The vertical constructions are suggested to be made of ceramic breeze blocks “Porotherm”. The horizontal constructions will be ceramic, composed of the joists “Pot” and inserts “Miako”. The foundation stripes are made of plain concrete.
Family house with an establishment
Machač, Matěj ; Hruboň, Ondřej (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The proposed building is newly built single-family house with an establishment. This is a small nursery school for a maximum of 16 students. House is located to the north of the main entrance. Floor plan has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 11.75 x 21.75. House roof is hipped roof with a slope of 24o. The supporting structure is made up of wooden roof trusses with a roof in the form of clay tiles Tondach company in the black. Face paint made by Den Braven was elected in yellow and white color. The windows are wood throughout the building, a specific type of wood is spruce. Entrance doors are also wooden spruce. Base is not granted and the entire height of the building is only plaster Den Braven. Gutters are made of galvanized sheet steel with white finish. Part of the house is eroded down the slope. The ceiling is the height level around the perimeter profiled polystyrene, continuing impression overhang ceiling. In the section for housing enters the sloping pavement via a covered terrace. From the entrance hall a door leads into the hallway and into the kitchen to the living room. From it also door leads into the hallway, which is the main communication space in the rooms, bathrooms and storage. The bedroom has a walk-in closet added. The main entrance to kindergarten is from the west. The terrain in this part of the reason for the use of persons with reduced mobility planar. Upon entering the hall through the closet kids get into the common room designed for gaming. From the common room is access to the terrace with pergola, storage sleeping needs, kitchen, bathroom with toilet and warehousing services. For personnel who are simultaneously resident and residential part of the building is available, room for changing, storing documents and the like. and also has a bathroom.
Apartment Building Gemini
Povýšil, Marek ; Pilinszki, Martin (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor’s thesis is elaboration of the project documentation of an apartment building in Brno – Medlánky. The building is designed as free-standing in a sloping terrain and has 4 floors above and 1 underground. There are a total of 18 dwelling units. The structure in underground floor is designed as combination of reinforced conrete walls and columns, the structure of floors above is designed as masonry sytem of walls from brick blocks. The ceiling structures are designed as reinforced concrete slabs. The roof structure is in a form of warm flat green roof. The foundation structures are designed as reinforced concrete strips and pads.
Mazda showroom and service
Došek, Samuel ; Kalánek, Ing Jiří (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes the design of showroom and car service of Mazda brand in Trencin. It is a detached building on a flat terrain. The car showroom and car service have two above-ground floors and one underground floor. On the first underground floor there is an underground garage designed for new cars for sale. On the first floor there is a car showroom with a customer base and a car service with facilities for car service staff. On the second floor there are offices with facilities for staff. The building is designed from a reinforced concrete structure and porous concrete blocks. The ceilings are monolithic reinforced concrete and the roof is designed as flat with trusses and reinforced concrete slab. The work includes project documentation for the construction.

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