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Apartment building
Obozhenyuk, Darya ; Kolářová, Eva (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The main focus of the bachelor thesis was the development of complete project documentation for an apartment building that meets demanding requirements for energy efficiency. The building is located on the outskirts of the village of Ivančice and is located on land with parcel number 900/1. The building has an irregular rectangular shape. The apartment building has two above-ground and one underground floors. In the underground floor there are various cellars, garages and a technical room. The first and second floors include a total of eight residential units, four 3+kk apartments and four 2+kk apartments. The foundations are made of monolithic belts made of plain concrete. The construction of the underground floor is made of monolithic reinforced concrete, while the other perimeter walls are made of HELUZ ceramic blocks. To increase thermal insulation, contact insulation made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards was used, and the ceilings are made of reinforced concrete. The roof is designed as flat. An elevator is installed in the apartment building for easy and convenient access between floors. The staircase is made as a monolithic reinforced concrete slab.
Single-family detached house in Březina
Pastva, Lukáš ; Sukop, Lukáš (referee) ; Ostrý, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis focuses on the development of a documentation for a detached family house in Březina. The house is designed for four people and consists two floors. Gable roof is over the main house and a flat roof over the adjacent carport, which has green roof. The base slab is made of reinforced concrete and is placed on a layer of foam glass aggregate. The envelope walls are designed from ceramic blocks filled with insulation. The carport is made of fair-faced reinforced concrete. The first floor contains an utility room, a study, a bathroom, a small toilet and a social part of the house. On the second floor is the private part of the house which consists of a master bedroom, rooms, and a bathroom and a separate toilet. The HVAC systems are designed for proper functionality of the building. The house will be heated using an air-to-water heat pump and heat distribution will be ensured through underfloor heating. The air exchange will be ensured by an air handling unit in combination with heat recovery. Fresh air will be supplied to living areas and extracted via sanitary facilities outside the home. Rainwater will be accumulated in a tank and further used for garden irrigation. Excess water will be infiltrated into the ground on the property. The project also includes an energy label prepared in the Energetika software. The designed family house falls into the classification class ,,A - exceptionally energy efficient'".
Apartment building in Třinec
Cieslarová, Nikol ; Pobucká, Slávka (referee) ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the development of project documentation for a new residential building in Třinec. The building has three above-ground and one partially underground floor, which was created due to the sloping terrain. The main entrance to the building is located in the basement, but the terraces on the first floor have free access to the garden on the west side of the building. There are seven residential units on the upper floors, which are connected by a common main corridor with a staircase and a lift. In the basement there are fourth individual garages, cellar boxes, a utility and cleaning room and a wheelhouse with a carriage room. The structural system of the building is designed as a transverse wall. The foundation will be solved by foundation strips of plain concrete. The ceilings consist of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The roof is designed to be flat with a polyolefin foil covering. The bachelor thesis includes project documentation for the construction.
Apartment building, Příbor
Řezníčková, Ivana ; Vala, Richard (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is the development of a project for the construction of an apartment building in Příbor. It is a balcony access apartment building with a fragmented floor plan. Part of the 3rd floor is stepped back in two corners and replaced by terraces. The apartment building has three above-ground and one underground floors. The basement is partially cellared, there is a utility room, cellar bunks, a bicycle and a carriage room. There are a total of 10 residential units in the building. There are 4 residential units on the 1st and 2nd floors and two apartments are designed on the 3rd floor. Apartments on the 1st floor have direct access to the terrace with a private front garden. The apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors have balconies, which are located on the south facade of the building. The structural system of the building is transverse, it consists of vertical structures made of clay block walling system and fittings of lost formwork in the underground floor. The horizontal supporting structures are from reinforced concrete. The entire building is based on plain concrete foundations. The roof is designed as a single-layer flat roof. The building is insulated with the ETICS contact insulation system using facade polystyrene.
Multi-generational house Paskov
Pavlasová, Denisa ; Žajdlík, Tomáš (referee) ; Šuhajdová, Eva (advisor)
The subject of the submitted bachelor’s thesis was the elaboration of project documentation for the construction of a multi-generational house. The building is located in the town of Paskov, district Frýdek - Místek, cadastral area Paskov. The building is designed as a detached two-storey building with a partial basement on flat ground. There are two residential units for a total of six people. The building also includes a garage with two parking spaces. There are also three additional unroofed parking spaces on the property. The entrance to the house is situated on the east side. Most of the living rooms have been placed on the south and west sides. As a structural system, ceramic masonry of the Porotherm type was chosen, which is used in the above-ground floors as well as load-bearing and non-load-bearing interior walls throughout the building. The perimeter walls in the basement are made of monolithic reinforced concrete walls. Horizontal load-bearing structures are made on each floor with ceramic beams and inserts. The staircase is monolithic reinforced concrete. The perimeter walls are insulated above ground level using mineral wool. The whole building is roofed with a single-skin flat roof.
Energy-saving building of a family house in Třebíč
Kousalíková, Jana ; Počinková, Marcela (referee) ; Blasinski, Petr (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s project is to design a detached passive house. The project is focused the structural and architectural design, the design some of building services, building physics and fire safety of building. The plot is situated in the south of Třebíč and terrain is almost flat. The entrance to the plot is in the north and the entrance to the house is in the west. The house has two floors and flat roof, the carport has flat green roof. On the first floor there is a wind lobby, cloakroom and utility room, hallway, guest room, bathroom and big open space which includes kitchen and living room. On the second floor there are three habitable rooms: bedroom, two children’s rooms, bathroom, toilet and two dressing rooms. The structural system consists of masonry walls. External walls are form sand-lime blocks with ETICS, load-bearing walls are from sand-lime blocks and partitions are from aerated concrete blocks. The floor slabs are from prestressed hollow core slabs and the building is based on strip foundations and permanent formwork blocks. The building services which are designed in this project are heating, mechanical ventilation, electricity service cable and stormwater management. In the house there is a mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery. Heating is provided by air source heat pump and the stormwater is stored in the accumulation tank. Stormwater will be used to watering the garden and the excess of stormwater will be infiltration into the soil. Part of the electricity is provided by photovoltaic panels on the flat roof. The part of project is certificate of energy performance of building, rating of construction for heat conduction, acoustics, daylighting and their assessment with legislation.
Apartment building
Šošovička, Dominik ; Vystrčil, Jan (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The assignment of the bachelor thesis deals with the design of a new residential building in the city district of Brno-Jehnice on Blanenská Street. The proposed building is freestanding, set into the plane. It has four storeys, a built-in elevator between a double staircase and a vegetated roof. The main entrance to the apartment building is provided from the north side. On the 1st floor there are cellars, technical background of the building and two apartments with their own front garden. In 2.NP to 4.NP there are 6 residential units with adjoining cellars. On the third and fourth floors the supporting structure gives way and creates terraces. The perimeter walls are made of ceramic block masonry with contact insulation. Horizontal structures are designed as reinforced concrete monolithic ceiling structure.
Detached house
Madecký, Filip ; Struhala, Karel (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is the processing of a project in the form of documentation for the construction of a detached house in accordance with current legislation. The aim of the thesis is to design and describe the proposed layout of the building, appropriately select the structural system and materials, design siting of the building with consideration for the existing land conditions and respect the surrounding development. The basis for this work was municipality's land-use plan, land registry records, and a geological map. The new construction will be situated on a slightly sloping building plot in a remote and quiet part of the village of Petrovice u Karviné, on an area which use is according to the regional planning documentation for living houses. The proposed detached house is a two-story structure with a partial basement, designed to accommodate four people. The project focuses on creating a functional home with optimal use of space and clear separation of individual zones. The chosen structural system is a wall system. Ceramic blocks without external contact insulation were used for the perimeter masonry, while the basement perimeter masonry are made of monolithic concrete using lost formwork. The horizontal load-bearing structures will be constructed using reinforced concrete. The roofing of the second floor is designed as a wooden roof with a plasterboard ceiling and metal roofing. The second part of the building, located above the first is covered by a flat, vegetated roof with an attic. A storage space for groceries is planned in the basement. On the first floor there is a communication and social zone, primarily consisting of a spacious living room with a dining area and a kitchenette. The second floor accommodates the separate sleeping area, including children's rooms and a master bedroom. Both floors feature a bathroom and a separate toilet.
Apartment building
Sedláček, Daniel ; Jelínek, Petr (referee) ; Struhala, Karel (advisor)
The subject of bacherol´s thesis is an apartment house located in Hlučín town. Designed building consist of five floors, any cellar, with flat roof. The vertical structural systém of a building is designed and constructed by POROTHERM systém, the horizontal structural systém is designed as reinforced concrete monolithic. All designed constructions are in compilance with the applicable standards ČSN.
Flat House
Kaválek, Daniel ; Novotný, Miloslav (referee) ; Novotný, Miloslav (advisor)
In my bachelor´s thesis, I´ve designed an apartment building located in Prague Čakovice. The building is placed on an even plot at the Čakovice housing development area. There are three above ground floors with ten residential units and one underground floor with a common garage. Every residential unit has its own balcony and a cellar unit. Sixteen parking spaces are available in total. Furthermore, each flat on the 1st above ground floor comes with a terrace and a private garden. The comunication spaces consist of the entrance hall, a three-flight staircase, and an elevator leading to all the floors. On the above ground floors, the vertical bearing and separating structures are made of ceramic blocks, on the underground floor of reinforced concrete. The perimeter walls are thermally insulated by a contact insulating system. The horizontal bearing structures are made of reinforced monolithic slabs of concrete. The roof is flat, single-ply.

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