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Investment Environment in the Virtual Real Cash Economy
Lehnert, Filip ; Hlavinka, Roman (referee) ; Budík, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is to introduce the reader to the issue of possible financial investment in the virtual economy with real funds and design strategies to maximize the initial capital appreciation. The introduction describes the analysis of virtual PED currency, the economy and the system of publicly traded shares. The main part is focused on presenting the results of practical traded investment based on fundamental analysis, speculation about the intrinsic value of the shares and evaluating applied strategies, including the benefits of work.
Environmental design of the kindergarten building
Velísková, Jana ; Rubinová, Olga (referee) ; Uher, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design of a kindergarten building in the village of Dolní Lhota.It is designed as a two-storey building with a flat roof. It will be connected to the existing primary school building. The first floor will be used for kindergarten purposes, the second floor will be used for afternoon activities. The first floor will house a classroom, toilets for children, cloakroom, offices, cleaning facilities, storage, utility room, mechanical room. On the second floor there are two classrooms for afternoon activities, a cloakroom, office, storage and toilets. It consists of three parts. The first part deals with the design of the building structure. It contains the project documentation with all floor plans, sections, foundations, roof drawing, technical report, views. The structural system of the building is a wall system. The perimeter and internal load-bearing masonry is designed in ceramic blocks. The ceilings are made of spiroll panels. The second part contains the technical equipment of the building. Design of the air handling unit and distribution elements to the rooms. Calculation of rainwater utilisation. It also includes the design of the building heating, lighting and a drawing of the global scheme. Photovoltaic panels are proposed on the roof to cover the building's consumption. Heating is provided by groundwater In the third part I discuss the effect of zoning a building. I used the design of air handling units as an example. Given the use of a school building, where the first floor will run mostly in the morning and the second in the afternoon, I looked at which option is more economical
Economics of Health of University Students
Fila, Vít ; Blahutková, Marie (referee) ; Lepková, Hana (advisor)
Bachelor thesis: „Economics of health of university students“ addresses the issue of current health and lifestyle of university students from the perspective of health economics. Through the questionnaire, both collected information about lifestyle, health status and relation to health. There are also monitored financial costs associated with the students' health and prevention. The design of the elaborated recommendations for improving the relationship university students to health from the perspective of health economics.
The Proposal for Improvement of Services in the Myslivna Hotel
Izák, Filip ; Mazuch, David (referee) ; Mikulec, Luděk (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of enhancing quality of services provided in the Myslivna Hotel. It is necessary to increase the level of current services by a number of measures. When working on my thesis, I based on real economic, operational and technical data carried out within full operation of the Myslivna Hotel. In the innovation section I present measures that can lead to an increasing trend of occupancy and the quality ot the services provided there. There is a need to spend a considerable amount of money on the realization of all the proposals, but their return shoud definitely have a very positive effect on the function and prospertiy of the Myslivna Hotel.
Accumulation of electricity from renewable sources
Plíšek, Petr ; Špiláček, Michal (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of accumulation of electricity produced by renewable sources. The first part focuses on the description of possible ways of accumulation, especially with focus on those methods, that are suitable for renewable energy sources. The next part deals with the design of the accumulation energy in the compressed air for the selected photovoltaic power plant. The necessity of designing a particular method of energy storage, is also its technical and economic analysis, which is the content of the last part of the thesis.
Proposal for Improvement of Services in the Hotel U Hraběnky
Kumbárová, Ludmila ; Píza, Petr (referee) ; Mikulec, Luděk (advisor)
The thesis deals with the issue of enhancing the quality of providing services at a real hotel in Telč, the Vysočina Region. The hotel is in need of certain adjustments in purpose to improve current services. When processing this thesis I delt with factual economic, operating and technical figures connected to the latest economic activity of the hotel. In the proposal part I presents series of suggestions that could recondition provided services, and therefore, draw attention of more customers. It is indisputable that a considerable amount of money would be necessary to invest first. However, the returnability should bring overal effect in prosperity of the whole hotel.
Proposal for Improvement of Services in the Hotel Kozák
Holický, Filip ; Nováková, Lenka (referee) ; Mikulec, Luděk (advisor)
The thesis analyses and evaluates services and other aspects associated with a running of a hotel. The aim is to offer proposals to increase a competitiveness of a hotel and to give effective alternatives for hotel space usage. The research was done for a three-star hotel Kozak in Brno owned by Kozak Invest a.s.
The usage of the recycled aggregates to roads from the point of view of economical and ecological conception
Trávníček, Dušan ; Varaus, Michal (referee) ; Stehlík, Dušan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is based on decision making process connected with the usages of recycled and natural aggregates in a road construction. In the research I deal with the ways of recycling and their economic and environmental benefits for society. The practical part then uses this information to bring the real results.
Economics aspects of building and operation of heat power plant utilizing biomass
Špinar, Marek ; Pěcha, Jiří (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This work builds on a semester project where they were processed by the first two points of tasks, this the issue of the use of biomass in energy and needs quantification of biomass for energy production plant defined performance. Now the work is devoted to comparing plants using heat energy from biomass economically and possible future developments respectively. Recommendations for construction. Prior to the issue of technology are addressed aspects related to the implementation of production in terms of investment. Methods are provided solution investment opportunities and outlook on the implementation phase electricity works. The work is devoted to the assessment of value and comparison of different technologies to convert biomass into electricity. The paper compares the capital and operating costs of the considered types of power plants defined performance. The indicator is the ratio CZK / kWh. The important part is the processing recommendations for construction based on the information gathered. This section discusses the sources of electrical energy with a view to the future, therefore consideration of appropriate application of specific types of production with regard to regulation, for use as to the optimal mode of operation. At the end of the work is devoted to the issue of clean energy from biomass, which is the main point of interest in financial support from the state in the form of grants, which the state encourages individual entities in the construction of energy sources and bio establishments.
Economical appraising of run the power from cogeneration units to different voltage level
Doležal, Václav ; Macháček, Jan (referee) ; Baxant, Petr (advisor)
The topic of the thesis is economical appraising of run the power from cogeneration units to different voltage level. There is sloves in the text, how and under what conditions we can find an optimal solution for the deployment of cogeneration units to the electricity network. The main criterion is the loss of networks and their economic evaluation. We are a description of the different types of cogeneration units, the economic balance and a treatise on losses in electrical networks.

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