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Project - Business Plan of Sport Offer for Common Population
Zubek, Adam ; Blahutková, Marie (referee) ; Korvas, Pavel (advisor)
At the present time Czech population shows increasing interest to physical motion, which is realized in gym. One of most demanding activity is fitness, which is able to maintain in good condition everybody. The base is adequate number of fitness centers.
Analysis of the Sports Organization and Suggestions to Improvement
Vaněk, Milan ; Nováková, Svatava (referee) ; Blahutková, Marie (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse sports institutions of fitness centre Fénix Care and to propose improvements. The thesis is divided into several parts. First one deals with theoretical groundwork. Subsequent part analyses given organization using SWOT analysis and an inquiry, using a survey and a dialog, will be held afterwards. Improvement proposal and fitness centre contributions, based on discovered data in practial part, will be given in the last part.
Economics of Health of University Students
Fila, Vít ; Blahutková, Marie (referee) ; Lepková, Hana (advisor)
Bachelor thesis: „Economics of health of university students“ addresses the issue of current health and lifestyle of university students from the perspective of health economics. Through the questionnaire, both collected information about lifestyle, health status and relation to health. There are also monitored financial costs associated with the students' health and prevention. The design of the elaborated recommendations for improving the relationship university students to health from the perspective of health economics.
Business plan - Proposal of a Fitness Centre Enlargement
Stehlíková, Jaroslava ; Peričková, Lucie (referee) ; Blahutková, Marie (advisor)
This Bachelor´s Thesis analyzes established fitness centre. The aim of this is create a draft business plan. The bachelor´s thesis is articulated into three wired parts – theoretical, analytical and the concept. The basic notions and terms are defined in the theoretical part. Strategic analysis – examines microeconomic and macroeconomic relations, i.e. the overall situation and market preconditions is define in the analytical part. The concept includes the business plan itself, i.e. the description of the company, vision, business, marketing and organisational plans and the financial aspects of the business plan.
Managing International Event Grand Prix Moravie in Public Relations
Volný, Ondřej ; Blahutková, Marie (referee) ; Peričková, Lucie (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is dealt with increasing the efficiency of public relations while holding the international life saving tournament Grand Prix Moravie in Brno. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to the theory which is necessary for understanding the above mentioned issue. The following part is devoted to the analysis of the current status of the PR in the tournament. Several suggestions were advised to improve and increase the efficiency of communication with the public based on these analyses.
Creating Project of Talent Management in the Sports Equipment
Tyksa, Daniel ; Nováková, Svatava (referee) ; Blahutková, Marie (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on a project desing for talent management in terms of sport club TJ Spartak Přerov. Methods used for the first draft of the project solution were open interview and analysis of documents. Based on the results of the SWOT and PEST analysis were revealed deficiencies. The results obtained were drafted, and recommendations for practical, personnel, marketing and financial solutions in the project documentation for the product management talent for the sports club in Přerov.
A Study of Conditions of Tennis Activities in Hradec Králové
Munzar, Vojtěch ; Blahutková, Marie (referee) ; Peričková, Lucie (advisor)
Bachelor Thesis deals with a study of conditions of tennis activities for children and youth in Hradec Králové. Key expressions on health, management and methods applied in thesis are described in the theoretical part of the paper. Sport hobby groups and current situation of a competitive environment are solved and consequently mapped in the analysis. A concept for a tennis hobby group and its calculation was created on the basis of findings gained from the survey which was run with respondents from primary school in Hradec Králové.
Business Plan for Organising the Motocross Racing "MX Jinín at Strakonice"
Pinta, Zdeněk ; Blahutková, Marie (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
The thesis is focused on creating a business plan for organizing the motocross racing. There are identified groups of customers based on requirements recognition and created bussines plan in recomended structure. Followed by the suggestion of solution to improve motocross in Czech republic and draw attention on it.
An Intervention Program Aimed at Preventing Obesity in Children
Halouzková, Radana ; Blahutková, Marie (referee) ; Peričková, Lucie (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the prevention of childhood obesity. The target groups are students with ages ranging from 11-15 years in Vsetin. In the first part of the thesis, theoretical aspects related to this topic are presented in detail. The second part analyses the current state of the selected city while the third part deals with the design of an intervention program that would help prevent childhood obesity.
The Change Management in an Environment of Selected Sports Organizations
Stankovičová, Jana ; Nováková, Svatava (referee) ; Blahutková, Marie (advisor)
This paper includes change management in a specific environment of tennis club. First of all, there will be described the history of tennis, its formation and origin, and the rules. The next point, which is described in this paper, is the analysis of the current status of the tennis club, its operations and the conditions for the players. Another point includes financial situation; this section contains interview with club owners, inquiry with employees, and the evaluation. The last part of this paper, there will be prepared draft on how the service can be improved and how the employees performance can be enhanced.

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