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Options of efficiency increase of machining process in the production of VE and VP30 bodies
Švaříček, Petr ; Bumbálek, Bohumil (referee) ; Humár, Anton (advisor)
Master thesis describe machining process in production of units VE, VP30 for rotary injection pumps in specific conditions of the BOSCH DIESEL compa-ny in Jihlava with intention to offer an possibilities of machining process effi-ciency optimization. The introduction describes the history of the company and product range. In the second part is carried out evaluation of current state of machining process at a specified section. The main part of the master thesis analyzes and examines the leading options to more efficient machining process and propose specific options for improvement with regard to the requirements of production and quality systém. The conclusion includes evaluation of the proposed actions.
Analysis of Costs and Benefits
Mezei, Peter ; Hromádka, Vít (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with analysis of completion of plaza in the city centre, determination of it´s cash-flow and economic efficiency and afterwards the work determinate the costs and benefits of the investment for city district of Nitra and for it´s inhabitans in comparison to currently approved variant. Theorethical part of work descripe the basic terms, methods and theory that will be used in the practical part of work Practical part of work look to potentionally real project, specify its cashflow and efficiency and also relative externalities, costs and benefits for city district.
Investment Proposal Evaluation in Lucidum Millenio, s. r. o.
Tvrzníková, Anna ; Herzán, Jaromír (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
Master´s thesis deals with the evaluation of economic efficiency and risk analysis of change of two investment projects conducted in company Lucidum Millennio s. r. o. The thesis is divided into three main parts, which are theory, analysis and proposal. The theoretical part specifies the essential knowledge needed to evaluate the economic efficiency of investment. Analytical part is focused on the evaluation of the financial health of the company (strategic and financial analyses). The proposal is concerned with the introduction of investments, evaluating the economic efficiency of construction of the new production plan and analysing risks related to diesel generator.
Company's ICT Strategy Proposal
Helešic, Igor ; Koutný, Roman (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is focused on information and communication technologies (ICT) and their applications in terms of contribution to improvement of competitive advantage and fulfillment of company's targets. The goal of this work is to analyze a manufacturing company with focus on IT and to design such an ICT strategy which will match the selected company's strategy.
Assessment of Information System Effectiveness of the RH+ Company and Proposal of Changes
Rybár, Rastislav ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the assessment of the effectiveness of the information system in business plant RH + and the proposal of changes. Part of the work is discussed in the theoretical background, aimed at explaining the basic concepts used in the thesis. Analysis of the current state of the information system in the selected company and an assessment of its effectiveness. Input data will be obtained using a questionnaire survey. The output of the analysis is a set of proposals that help minimize risks and improve efficiency. The relevant proposals will include the costs necessary to achieve them.
Energetic model of linear axis with ball screw and servodrive
Sládek, Vojtěch ; Tůma, Jiří (referee) ; Huzlík, Rostislav (advisor)
The aim of the thesis was to study the Energy Models of Linear Axes with Ball Screws and Servo Drives, to analyze the individual parts of the axis with respect to losses, the methodology of calculating the losses on the electrical part and the mechanical part of the drive and creating a complex algorithm that calculates the energy consumed for the specified motion. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part, where the theoretical part is divided into the treatise on the electrical part of the axis and its losses and the part that deals with the mechanical part and its losses. The calculation is divided into the basic verification algorithm and the calculation on the given example. Each calculation is calculated for both linear acceleration and S-curve acceleration. For both types of acceleration, the result of energy and its course over time is also the waveforms of position, velocity, acceleration, angular acceleration, moments, powers, power, speed and currents over time.
Concept for Motivational System Change in the Emoc Ltd. Company
Alexyová, Jana ; Kryšková, Helena (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
The aim of my diploma thesis is to design changes in motivation system of selected company, which is based on analysis of the current motivation system. There is a theoretical background of given issue in theoretical part. The practical part is focused on the analysis and evaluation of the motivation system of the company. One part of the analysis is also questionnaire. In conclusion of the thesis are developed designs of the changes of non-financial benefits based on data collection, which lead to increase the employee satisfaction.
Rationalization project of workplace for Hot-water Heater welding
Varjan, Matúš ; Heinl, Zdeněk (referee) ; Rumíšek, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to rationalize the water heaters welding area in Tatramat company - ohrievače s.r.o. The rationalization consists of three parts. The first part deals with the arrangement of the workplaces, the second part re-evaluates the monthly production planning. The third part describes in detail the production of one type, which based on simulations created in the simulation software Witness, compares the recorded time in company informartion system Orfert to the real production time in the operation. Each individual part offers optimization proposals and merging them into one unit, will create an efficient, transparent and economically value adding rationalization of the water heaters welding area.
Evaluating a Business Proposal
Havlátová, Tereza ; Vlčková, Lucie (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis presents the evaluation of the economic efficiency of the business project for the company focused on the sale of organic ecological products. The theoretical part deals with basic concepts, legal requirements of business, individual parts of the business plan and methods of evaluation of investment efficiency. In the practical part are processed analyzes leading to decision about economic efficiency of the intended business project.
Increase of the Production Efficiency
Žabenský, Zbyněk ; Navrátil, Jaroslav (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The diploma thesis contains the study for increase of the production effectiveness via improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It contains technical description, process description of the change and its financial evaluation. The thesis focuses on specification of the term Overall Equipment Effectiveness and its clarification for use in production company producing electronic devices. It contains real company example.

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