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Design of Steam Generator 13 t/h
Pálka, Jaroslav ; Kraml, Stanislav (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
Master's thesis focuses on the design of a steam generator that utilizes superheated steam from a woodchip boiler for heating purposes. The steam generator produces saturated steam with variable parameters that depend on operational requirements. The integration of the steam generator into the thermal circuit is also taken into consideration. The primary objective of this thesis is to conduct through thermal calculations for the steam generator and design the inlets and outlets. In addition, a basic process control system has been designed.
Rajkovič, Jaroslav ; Křemínský, Pavel (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design a two-pressure level heat recovery steam generator. First a general layout of the boiler is selected and thermal calculation is performed. Then the dimensions of flue gas duct are determined and the heat transfer surfaces are designed in detail. After that, the drums and all the main boiler piping are designed a materials selected. Based on the calculated values, a layout drawing and 3D model of the boiler are created.
Study of the difference between natural gas and hydrogen combustion
Winter, Josef ; Lisý, Martin (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
This thesis deals with the combustion of natural gas with hydrogen in certain volumetric concentrations. The change in physical parameters due to the addition of hydrogen, which differs in its properties from natural gas, was studied. The thesis is divided into a research part, where the properties of natural gas and hydrogen are described, including a comparison with each other, the effects of gas properties on flame, emissions, or temperature. In the second part, a calculation for the fireplace with chosen dimensions was performed and the changes in physical properties due to the addition of hydrogen were observed and the findings are summarized, which will have to be considered in the design of the fireplace. All calculations are added to the appendices.
Supercritical Steam Boiler
Loucký, Matyáš ; Zlevorová, Tereza (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis is specialized research dealing with the construction of steam boilers focused on modern supercritical steam boilers. It processes an overview of individual concepts of steam boilers and more detailed description of the parts that steam boilers are made of. The next part of thesis is dedicated to the issue related to the operation of boilers capable of working with supercritical steam parametres. Final part deals with the application of this technology in coal–fired power plants.
Effectiveness in reducing costs in heating
Chytil, Michal ; Zlevorová, Tereza (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
Heating of family houses, due to its significant energy consumption, ranks among major sources of pollution worldwide and at the same time represents a considerable item in household budgets. This Batchelor thesis deals with the possibilities of saving energy in heating family houses and their economic viability. The thesis includes a list of options for reducing heat loss and subsequent comparison of basic types of heating. At the end there is a model calculation of individual variants and their economic comparison in terms of financial return.
Economic Return on Measures for the Greening of House Heating
Zubek, Tomáš ; Elbl, Patrik (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
High and constantly changing energy prices lead us to effort for efficient solutions in the energy aspect of houses. Suitable measures need to be taken to ensure the efficiency of heating in a family house. This work deals with measures to reduce heat losses and the choice of heating sources. Through the right combination, it is possible to reduce the energy demand of a family house and ensure environmentally friendly and cost-effective operation. In the final part of the thesis, individual measures are proposed and evaluated on a model family house. The calculation is performed using the energy calculation program Energie 2023. The main outcome is the financial return of individual measures and their comparison. At the end, the combination of these measures is considered along eith its economic evaluation.
Design of heating sources for a family house
Svoboda, Roman ; Lisý, Martin (referee) ; Toman, Filip (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the choice of heating source for an older family house. It contains a summary of currently used heating sources with their advantages and disadvantages and possibility of combination whit other structural elements. The third section is the calculation of thr heat loss of pre-selected object. Finally the thesis deals with the economic appreciation of specific sources and their cost-effectiveness.
Electromobility and Power Engineering
Pospíšil, David ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on electromobility in the Czech Republic and analyses its impacts on the power grid, electro-energetics and the charging possibilities of electric vehicles. The introductory section describes different ways of charging electric vehicles and forecasts future demand for charging stations. Subsequently, the impacts of electromobility on the power grid and electro-energetics were examined, which showed an increased load due to electromobility and need for modification of the infrastructure. At the end of each chapter, the results were summarized and possible solutions were proposed of the problems arising from the development of electromobility.
RDF Grate Biomass Boiler
Hort, Lukáš ; Křemínský, Pavel (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a hot water boiler for combustion of RDF, where the output is water with parameters of 150 °C and 16 bar. In the beginning of the thesis, preparatory calculations are presented, i.e. stoichiometry and determination of thermal efficiency using the indirect method. The main part of the work consists of the design of heat exchange surfaces and their thermal calculation. Finally, the calculation is extended to include hydraulic and aerodynamic pressure losses. There is a drawing diagram of the designed device in the appendix of the work.
Support Technologies of Steam Boiler
Uhříček, Michal ; Křemínský, Pavel (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
The thesis deals with the layout design of a steam boiler burning RDF and the design of its supporting technologies with regard to design practice. In the thesis are modelled 1st - 4th stroke, followed by the flue gas cleaning, feed tank with pumps, flue gas recirculation routes and air ducts. The boiler is denied by a steel structure with platforms and placed in the boiler room. Based on the designed air, flue gas and feedwater routes, an aerodynamic and hydraulic calculation is performed. Using pressure drop, combustion air fan, flue gas fan and recirculation fan are designed. Based on the hydraulic calculation, the feed pumps are designed.

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