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Pedestrian footbridge
Bílek, Radim ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Brosch, Petr (advisor)
The subject of this diploma’s thesis is design of the footbridge over Radlická street in Prague. Total length of the footbridge is about 90 m. Three variant designs were made with different systems of static construction. Based on the multi-criteria analysis, the most suitable variant was chosen. The variant A, a continuous truss beam, was chosen for detailed design. It is a truss footbridge with a lower orthotropic deck without a wind bracing. The stability of the upper chord is secured by frame stiffness of verticals and stiffness of the floor beam. Detailed static calculation includes assessment of load-bearing parts of the structure and assessment of welds. The structure is made of steel class S335. Assessment and dimensioning were designed according to valid standards ČSN EN 1990-1993.
Footbridge in Blansko
Urbánek, Jan ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Barnat, Jan (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is design and check of steel load-bearing structure of a footbridge. The footbridge spans the river Svitava in the town Blansko. The span length is 24 metres. The structural design is spatial bar structure with two main trusses. The upper and lower chords are curved in the shape of circular arch and they are connected by diagonal bars. In the level of the upper and lower chords the beams are connected by floor beam. Horizontal rigidity of the upper and lower construction area is secured by bracings. The bridge deck is laid on the lower floor beam. The solution is the result of the comparison and evaluation of two variants.
Steel structure of the bridge on the road
Vlček, Radek ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
The content of the thesis is a proposal of steel load-bearing structure (carrying structure of a steel) bridge of the span of 31+74+31m with the bottom bridge deck taking over the second-class road in the territory of Olomouc city. The bridge deck is created by composite steel-concrete slab with crossbars. The solution was focused on using arched construction in the middle of the bridge with different tilt of arches to the horizontal central axis of the bridge. Under the term of the solution four alternatives have been calculated. The most optimal solution was selected and processed in detail. The calculations were made in compliance with the Czech technical norms ČSN EN.
Roofed Footbridge
Janírek, Karel ; Buchta, Stanislav (referee) ; Barnat, Jan (advisor)
The content of the master’s thesis is a design and evaluation of the timber construction of roofed footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the river Bělá in Jeseník in two different options of structure. The final version is solve in detail. It is a bridge with a span of 32 m and width of 4 m. The supporting structure is made of two two-hinged arch of glued laminated timber with lower deck and steel suspender. The bridge deck consists of two main girders, cross beams and stringers. Roof is from arches, roof beams, steel columns and cross beams. The stability of the whole construction is provided with horizontal longitudinal bracing in the plane of the deck and in the plane of the roof. The calculations are processed according to Czech technical norms ČSN EN.
Steel Footbridge
Bartoň, Radek ; Šmak, Milan (referee) ; Bajer, Miroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis contains a study of current composite structure of footbridge and in part II design and assessment of steel structure of footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists placed on current footbridge location. Current footbridge is located on "nábřeží Dukelských hrdinů" in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. In part I, assessment of the current composite structure of footbridge is done, using ČSN and ČSN EN standards for adjusted static behavior of the structure. Comparison of both assessments is made and also with an original assessment from 1988. In part II, design and assessment of steel structure of footbridge placed on currents footbridge location described in part I is done.The structure was designed as two vierendeels trusses connected with cross beams, supporting concrete bridge deck. 9 variants were examined, differing with truss height and the number of verticals. Detailed design and assessment for parts of the structure is done for the chosen variant.
Bridge crossing over Svitava river and railway track in Blansko
Smělíková, Petra ; Konečný, Vojtěch (referee) ; Křižan, Lukáš (advisor)
The aim of the Diploma Thesis is elaboration of study of bridge crossing over the Svitava river and ČD railway track in Blansko. It concerns a five-pole steel beam road bridge with through-span which carries road of the third category. The static system of the construction is solved as solid-web beam of 1.3 meters height which is in three middle spans reinforced by truss construction with top chord and system of diagonals without verticals. The height of the main beam where reinforced by trusswork is 4.75 meters. The width of spans in the road axis is 18.5 + 30.525 + 44.4 + 30.525 + 18,5 metres. The bridge deck consists of steel cross beams bonded with reinforced concrete slab of 200 millimeters of thickness. The drive-through width of the roadway is 7.0 meters. The bridge is fitted with right-sided walkway placed on steel cantilevers. The walk-through width of the walkway is 3.0 meters. Material used is S355 Steel, C30/37 Concrete and S460 Steel which is used for marginal spans of the bridge. Load-bearing construction is assessed in compliance with current technical requirements laid down by European Directives, so called “Eurocodes”. The calculation of inner powers is performed using the Scia Engineer 2013.1 software.
Footbridge over Morava River, Mikulčice - Kopčany
Bílek, Jaroslav ; Konečný, Vojtěch (referee) ; Křižan, Lukáš (advisor)
The topic of my master's thesis is a concept and evaluation of a new steel construction of a foot bridge for pedestrians and cycles across the river Morava. The concept has two alternatives. Option 1: The foot bridge has three spans. The span lengths are 27+81+27m, the middle span is stiffened by an arc. There is a bridge deck that consists of a cellular beam which is locked onto the arc. The bridge deck is lower, steel and orthotropic. The arrangement of rods is radial. Option 2: The middle span is stiffened by two arcs bowed to each other. The bridge deck consists of two beams with crossbeams and is locked onto the arcs. The bridge deck is again lower, steel and orthotropic. The arrangement of rods is radial. The wind bracing has a shape of a Vierendeel beam.
The road bridge
Doležal, Martin ; Barnat, Jan (referee) ; Puchner, Josef (advisor)
This master' thesis deal with the desiggning of steel bearing structure of road bridge with span of 48,5m with lower bridge deck, which cross local road over the river Thaya in the town Znojmo. Three variants have been designed of arched bridge. The most economical variant was prepared in detail and wascarried out static assessment of individual elements and selected details. In detail solved variant is the bridge with free staing arches and lower bredge deck with composite crosspiece. The span of bridge is 48,5m, width of bridge is 11,5meters, free width of main trafic area 6,5m. Camber of bridge 8,0m