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Generating Procedural Terrains
Petlan, Michael ; Bartoň, Radek (referee) ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with algorithms of stochastic generating of height maps. The thesis describes the basic theoretical knowledge and extends it by usage of L-systems for generating a network of rivers. There has been implemented a library of the height map generating algorithms and a demo application within the thesis.
Optimization of Large Scale Terrain Rendering
Luner, Radek ; Bartoň, Radek (referee) ; Přibyl, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work is focusing on optimization of large scale terrain rendering. It explains basic methods and data structures for optimization. It describes fundamentals of methods such as ROAM, Geometrical clipmaps, GPU Based Geometrical Clipmaps, GeoMipMapping and Chunked LOD. It explains implementation details of system for terrain optimization based on GeoMipMapping method.
Android vs Bada
Obořil, Radek ; Bartoň, Radek (referee) ; Žák, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with comparison of two mobile device platforms Samsung bada and Google Android, primarily from a point of view of native application development. Native applications features, graphics and media support as well as developer tools are compared. As a part of this thesis, an application was created - a variety of a classic Snake game. This text describes design of this application, differences in the implementation, and discusses possibilities of application porting between the platforms.
Realistic Visualization of 3D Landscape
Wilczák, Martin ; Bartoň, Radek (referee) ; Mikolov, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis analyses and describes different methods used for realistic visualization of 3D landscape in real-time. In this case, landscape means terrain, sky, atmosferic effects, water areas and vegetation. For each part there are several methods, whose pros and cons are considered in following work. Afterwards there is description of designed program, which allows visualization of terrain and sky using suitable methods. Libraries SDL and OpenGL are used for rendering.
Multiplayer game for Android platform
Martinák, Andrej ; Bartoň, Radek (referee) ; Žák, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with issues of real-time multiplayer mobile games development on Android platform. First chapters are devoted to the analysis of this platform and its possibilities of applications development. This is followed by the description of differenent approaches used for multiplayer game development. Part of the thesis describes different technologies, that were analyzed and then used for implementation of a 2D real-time fighting game and a server. The thesis contains the description of the game design, implementation and testing processes of the application.
Tool for Fireworks Design and Simulation
Floryán, Kamil ; Polok, Lukáš (referee) ; Bartoň, Radek (advisor)
This Master thesis describes the design and implementation of particle system and a user interface of tool for fireworks design and simulation. The engine uses an XNA framework and an HLSL shading language. The thesis also compares applications focused on designing and simulation of fireworks. Applicability and demandings of applications for designing and simulation of fireworks  among Czech and Slovak companies  dealing professionally with firework  are  analysed as well.
Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Žilák, Jaroslav ; Bartoň, Radek (referee) ; Žák, Pavel (advisor)
The main purpose of this thesis besides providing the reader with basics of non-photorealistic rendering, is concept and possible solution for system realization, which is capable of this rendering using image post-processing. This thesis describes solution that is sufficiently flexible to support use of integrated filters along with the creation of new ones that can be recursively used to create another filters for this type of rendering. Thus part of this thesis is some kind of manual which provide basic syntax description and possibilities of use.
Realistic Visualization of Environment in Computer Games
Jozefov, David ; Bartoň, Radek (referee) ; Mikolov, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis shows the basics of landscape rendering in computer games. It explains fundamental principles of computer graphics creation and implementation of the three parts of the landscape - terrain, water surface and the sky. In more detail it describes Brute force and ROAM algorithms for terrain rendering and compares the achieved results of the both of them.
Mobile Application Using GPS Module
Blatný, Petr ; Láník, Aleš (referee) ; Bartoň, Radek (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the description of the design and creation of mobile application using GPS module. Application is location game where the player's task is to pass points shown on mam in the shortest possible time. As the target mobile platform was chosen operation system Android. Map data in the application are freely distributed Open Street Maps. The thesis describes Android platform, maps and GPS system. The application also uses SQLite database to store persistent data. For multiplayer game is used Gamooga platform which allows network communication between devices.
The Walkthrough Aplication in Large 3D Terrain
Panáček, Petr ; Mikolov, Tomáš (referee) ; Bartoň, Radek (advisor)
Rendering of large terrain is common problem in 3D computer graphics. Even if we have high-tech hardware equipment today, there is still a lot of high computational demand. Therefore new algorithms are developed. These algorithms include level of detail rendering and culling objects in dependence on view of camera. This bachelor thesis describes one of these algorithms and its modifications. Part of the problem is also creation of tiles hierarchy for these algorithms. Result of the thesis is application implemented in OpenSceneGraph.

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