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Posttraumatic growth after death of a close person in adulthood and old age
Finkousová, Andrea ; Valentová, Hana (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis deals with the theme of posttraumatic growth in adulthood (40-60 years) and old age (70 + years) following the death of close person during their adolescence, adulthood and old age, whom they have been in a close relationship with. The purpose of the thesis is to detect the occurence of posttraumatic growth and to determine in which areas and how the posttraumatic growth manifests in eighteen respondents. Another goal of this thesis is to compare the outcomes with the concepts of Tedeschi and Calhoun, Janoff-Bulman, Joseph and Linley, Hana Valentová and with the research conducted by Finkousová. The theoretical part is dedicated to decription of posttraumatic growth, it's definitions, models and factors of influence. Further theoretical chapters are dedicated to the topic of death of a close person. The empirical part of the work uses qualitative research using semi-structed interviews with eighteen respondents and subsequent content analysis using open coding. The analysis has revealed seven main areas of posttraumatic growth and their sub-areas: The area of relationships (Family, Care of others), Reconstruction of relationship with self (Self-belief, Importance of health, Independence), The value of life (Change of priorites, Appreciation of life, Fragility of life), A different...
The False Memory
Hermanová, Petra ; Kowolowski, František (referee) ; Vlková, Veronika (advisor)
Moving image. Story. Burn what is not yours.
The Wheel of Death
Horčicová, Monika ; Chamonikolasová, Kaliopi (referee) ; Gabriel, Michal (advisor)
Bachelor thesis titled Wheel of death- Wheel of life cycle of life displays, which are inherently death. Object is part of the composition of the human skeleton in a circle, the imaginary ktrerý moves. The lower part of the wheel bends under its own gravity. The circle is a symbol of life and its cycle. The bones are a symbol of death.
Šprincl, Petr ; Havlík, Vladimír (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Hollywood is an experimental 8mm film that illustrates the text in a diary of my grandfather. The film is notionally divided into two parts - a "landscape of memories" and "landscape of fear and death". Grandpa here remembers his childhood in Dolní Loučky, which is also associated with the death of his grandfather, friends, that there he had in childhood and last but not least, the place where he wants to become his last rest. In the second part of his character is intertwined with the "landscape of fear" which is filmed near Litvinov, bleak countryside illustrated his concern about a retirement home and a gradual loss of his will to live. He illustratively passes through this country and trying to find his salvation.
Matoušek, Jaroslav ; Hradecká, Irena (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
Anenský dvůr used to be a farm surrounded by fields just a few dozen meters from the Austrian border. It worked even during the fifties before the creation of the Iron Curtain. Agricultural activity slowly subsided, people disappeared. Nature began quietly but ceaselessly, in small portions, getting on its side after the interval division. Buildings and their surroundings started to change. Nature has changed in fifty years place unrecognizable. Clearly defined boundaries are erased, flash greenery spread to the surrounding area and has created a specific single entity defining the surrounding chaos. Such a situation is the basis for the layout of the new cemetery. Current enhanced peripheral borders are strengthened by planting oaks, while the interior is modified. Most of invasive acacia and other shrubs are removed. The original character of the place, floodplain meadow is reinforced by planting new trees, such as birch or cherry.  The new cemetery consists of two main areas - internal groomed lawn under clearly defined square walls, which leads to deposition of ash and vice versa in the outer belt informal grown meadows are individual pavilions cemetery.
The Death Pit and the Glowing Swamp: A Permeation
Smutný, Jan ; Marek, Petr (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
The work is connecting well-known symbols of alchemy and various esoteric traditions and giving them visual and narrative form. There is deconstruction and glorification of this type of philosophy in the same time. The characters of the story are symbolizing the german and slavic archetypes. Their voyage from the pit of death to the glowing swamp and vice versa is representing the ageless story of life and death, creation and destruction, body and soul, light and darkness. All the symbols are used in the ironic and serious way in the same time.
The Body (A Dead Gorilla)
Bílek, Ondřej ; Sobotka, Jiří (referee) ; Gabriel, Michal (advisor)
Realistic modeled sculpture of death animal body free from its fur and accepting color of human body. The issue of moral access to the human superiority over all other kinds.
In dust we trust
Rujbr, Kamil ; Opekar), Ondřej (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
Through the papers and canvas I tell the story of everyday addiction that surrounds us. I start from my personal feelings and suck the atmosphere of the city and places from the edge of society. This theme is presented in the form of abstract drawings and paintings, in which certain phases and processes are displayed. I capture chaos in new forms so that the image, even within the technologically advanced and in all directions of the expanding visual culture, does not lose the liveliness, sense and critical justification for its further existence. The paintings and drawings are a visit to the world of people who are not the majority of the world and are all in a way lonely and lonely in their own way.
Life of a Generation
Rujbr, Kamil ; Soukup, Štěpán (referee) ; Fexová, Patricie (advisor)
In my diploma thesis I am based primarily on the current problems that surround us, the texts of rap music, European cinematography and the environment of the Brno "Bronx", in which I have a studio and can authentically observe the ubiquitous problems in the Czech Ghetto. I will be based on my drawings. I have been dealing with this topic for a long time, but now I would like to make a certain overlap and a certain comparison. I will work not only with drawing and painting, but it is also possible that I will also use texts, recordings and videos.
Měchura, Mojmír ; Cseres, Jozef (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Multimedia installation combining photography, music and noises, representing the story of the killer and the victim, from their meeting up to death in five main parts.

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