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Bevel gearbox design for heavy industrial applications
Škopec, Filip ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with the problem of bevel gearboxes on the Czech and foreign markets, where there is no offer in a wider range of required properties and specifications. The main goal of the thesis was to devise a design solution for a two-stage bevel gearbox for belt conveyor mine operation with parameters: P=37 kW, n=1450 rpm, i=20 and operation in a dusty environment. Based on the analysis of the current state of knowledge, which dealt with the main components of bevel gearboxes, four conceptual solutions were created from the point of view of the arrangement of individual gears. From the individual comparisons of the appropriateness of the use of the given conceptual designs, a design with a modified gear-case was selected, which was processed using design calculations and subsequently checked by strength calculations. The output of this thesis is processed production drawings of shafts, bevel and spur gear and then a drawing of the bevel gearbox assembly. The thesis also includes a written general procedure for the design of bevel gearboxes, which can serve as a guide for readers. The resulting construction design can form the basis for the final product of companies that would deal with a potential order.
Machining of a component of a road vehicle differential
Talavášek, Václav ; Varhaník, Matúš (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis about Manufacturing of a component of a road vehicle differential is focused on the function of differentials, various types of differentials, possibilities of improvements a repairing. The second part is focused on serial manufacturing of one part which is based on drawing. Choosing the material and blank for manufacturing. Then is choice of suitable technologies for the complete manufacture of the component. For each process is selected suitable machine and tool.
Possibility of Replacing the Formula Student Chain Secondary Transmission by Gearwheels
Košík, Matej ; Janoušek, Michal (referee) ; Ramík, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with research of possibilities of replacing secondary chain drive by gear with purpose to integrate secondary gear and differential into engine block of vehicle Formula Student. It compares single draft designs. The first part of thesis consists of an introduction to Formula Student competition and a research of parts of traction conversion unit and of the formula Dragon 9 internal combustion engine. In the second part multiple draft designs of secondary gearing were performed and then checked by strength calculations. The best version of replacing secondary gearing is bevel gear. It is complex issue to design a gear suitable for application in racing car, so I suggest further possibilities of optimisation the bevel gear.
Car Steering Components Design
Hlaváč, František ; Janoušek, Michal (referee) ; Ramík, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is construction of steering components for Formula Student monopost. Main components are steering rack with body partially made from carbon composite and bevel gearbox with Gleason gears. Part of this work is design of supports of those components. The work also deals with possibilities of usage of steering column made of carbon composite.
Design of wood branches crusher
Labský, Jiří ; Pavlík, Jan (referee) ; Novotný, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is to design of wood chipper connected to the tractor ZETOR 3011. In the introduction of this thesis it is described the general use of wood chippers. First part of thesis contains recherche from wood chippers' area. Then it is followed with the description of the own chipper design and with the basic design calculations. Part of the thesis is 3D model of the machine and drawing documentation of selected parts. Next part is given economic evaluation. In the last part of thesis is made analysis of risk.
Design of limited slip differential of racing engine
Kresta, Vojtěch ; Vančura, Jan (referee) ; Beran, Martin (advisor)
The thesis concentrates on the design of limited slip differential of the racing car. It describes the method of designing the model of space for differential, using the 3D ATOS scanner and Pro/ENGINEER software environment. The next part of the thesis illustrates the process of designing the model of mass-produced open differential. The main attention is paid to the design of both versions of clutch limited slip differential and also to the analysis of problematic issues of each analyzed component. Further on, there is a stress analysis of some selected parts: pressure ring, differential case and their comparison before and after their optimization.
Production of Bevel Gears
Vondra, Tomáš ; Prokop, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The objective of this bachelor’s thesis is to provide general information about the theory and production of bevel gears. The thesis also contains a proposal of plastic bevel gears with straight teeth and comparison of two different production technologies, namely slotting and FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling).
Bevel gear noise
Foltis, Aleš ; Kalíšek, Libor (referee) ; Kaplan, Zdeněk (advisor)
The target this bachelor?s thesis is assesment suspension single flank of bevel gear on noise level total axletree.And further we deal with fabrication and geometry of conical gear especially Oerlicon and also with formation, shape and position of contact pole of curved jag. At the close thesis evaluate optimum assembly position this couple of one's wheelwork plus her influence over noise level total axletree at given to modifications contact field tooths.
Control Systems of Gears Changing on Load in Tractors Gearboxes
Holub, Přemysl ; Svída, David (referee) ; Dundálek, Radim (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is interested in the overview of tractor’s gearboxes, which are changing on load. There are reasons, why it has to be costructed and there are requirements for it. There are also described PowerShifts, which allow us gear changing on load. After basic description of concrete gearbox, there is always some example of using in current tractors. In period named Mechanical gearboxes, wchich are changing partly on load there is more space for Zetor tractors and its gearboxes. In one of the last period there is important part about continuously variable transmissions where the driving speed is regulated steplessly. These gearboxes are considered to be modern technology of transfer engine torque.