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Bridge over railway line and river
Kalísová, Eva ; Zobek, Svatopluk (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a bridge in Most. It bridges the railway line and the river Bílina. Three possible variants have been proposed. One of the variants has been selected and further elaborated. The solved variant was an arc with a suspended pre-stressed bridge beam. The supporting element is a reinforced concrete backbone. The construction is built on a ring. Static analysis partly includes the effect of phased construction. The design was assessed according to EN.
Footbridge in Kyjov
Maleňák, Jan ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Barnat, Jan (advisor)
The content of diploma thesis is design of the construction of steel footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists. The footbridge is across the railway in Kyjov. The design will be processed in two options of structure. The selected option will be developed in greater detail. The span of footbridge is 35 m and the width is 3 m. The contruction is made by two arched beams which are connected to the bridge deck by suspenders. The stability of the construction is provided by longitudinal bracing under the bridge deck and the bracing between the arched beams. The assessment of the structure was made according to valid standards.
Steel structure of the bridge on the road
Vlček, Radek ; Melcher, Jindřich (referee) ; Karmazínová, Marcela (advisor)
The content of the thesis is a proposal of steel load-bearing structure (carrying structure of a steel) bridge of the span of 31+74+31m with the bottom bridge deck taking over the second-class road in the territory of Olomouc city. The bridge deck is created by composite steel-concrete slab with crossbars. The solution was focused on using arched construction in the middle of the bridge with different tilt of arches to the horizontal central axis of the bridge. Under the term of the solution four alternatives have been calculated. The most optimal solution was selected and processed in detail. The calculations were made in compliance with the Czech technical norms ČSN EN.
The footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists
Pupík, Antonín ; Sýkora, Karel (referee) ; Puchner, Josef (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design and assessment of footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists in the city of Hranice, Rybare district. The footbridge will serve as a crossing point over the river Bečva and will conect cycling trail with the street Rybarska. The content of this paper is to propose two different variants of structures. One of these options is selected based on their economic evaluation and further processed. Length of the bridge is 50m.
The road bridge
Doležal, Martin ; Barnat, Jan (referee) ; Puchner, Josef (advisor)
This master' thesis deal with the desiggning of steel bearing structure of road bridge with span of 48,5m with lower bridge deck, which cross local road over the river Thaya in the town Znojmo. Three variants have been designed of arched bridge. The most economical variant was prepared in detail and wascarried out static assessment of individual elements and selected details. In detail solved variant is the bridge with free staing arches and lower bredge deck with composite crosspiece. The span of bridge is 48,5m, width of bridge is 11,5meters, free width of main trafic area 6,5m. Camber of bridge 8,0m
Analysis of reinforced concrete bridge
Řeháček, Jakub ; Panáček, Josef (referee) ; Zich, Miloš (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis is concerned with state estimation of reinforced bridge. The bridge is used to transfer local road across the Svratka river. The bridge is designed as arched bridge with tie and down deck. Lenght of bridging is 24,8 m. Loads and state estimation are done according to Eurocode.