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Bridge on the I/11 road
Jedlička, Martin ; Pachl, Radek (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
Aim of this thesis is to design a concrete road bridge over a Neborůvka stream and surrounding valley. This bridge is a part of I/11 road. Three preliminary designs with focus on girder bridge solution were made. As a most suitable variant was chosen two gilder beams variant. For this variant was made a static calculation concerning TDA. This design was made according EC. As a construction method was chosen classic construction with falsework. Design was made in Midas Civil and Dlubal RFEM calculation software. As a next step a drawing documentation was made as well as construction time plan and bridge visualization.
Highway bridge ower the II/464 road
Zalubel, Tomáš ; Řehulka, Martin (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The master´s thesis is about detailed design of highway bridge from prestressed concrete between the cities Brno and Ostrava. The construction is continuous and consists from three fields. Internal forces was taken from software SCIA Engineer. The static assessment was realized according to limit states. Counstruction is evaluated according to the current standards.
Flyover crossing Hlavní street in Frýdek-Místek
Pěkník, Robin ; Klusáček,, Ladislav (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The subject of the Bachelor´s thesis is the design of the flyover crossing Hlavní street in Frýdek-Místek. The main topic is static calculation of supporting construction of one span bridge. Two studies were executed and the second option with pre-stressed prefabricated beams VSTI2000 was chosen. The beams are 18 meters long and coupled with a reinforced concrete slab. Static model and effects of loadings are solved in software Scia Engineer. Reviews are calculated by hand according to Eurocode. Calculation is made without effects of creep, shrink and time analysis.
Beam bridge over a local road
Kunčarová, Edita ; Panáček, Josef (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design a one-span pre-stressed bridge structure over a local road. There are three possible versions of this particular construction designed as a part of this thesis, one of which was chosen for further design. The structure has been designed and calculated for the ultimate limit state as well as the service limit state. The calculations were made both by software and manually. Scia Engineer 19.1 has been used for software calculations and for the display of internal forces.
Prestressed girder bridge
Páteček, Tomáš ; Klusáček, Ladislav (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of a new bridge construction at the place of an existing bridge on the road II/39 between the villages of Dobrkovice and Kájov over the river Polečnice. Three studies were developed as a solution. The chosen variant contains the construction of a prestressed girder bridge, simply supported, with a length of bridging 27,464 m. The category of the transferred road is S9,5, a body of transferred road is on both sides of the bridge in the embankment.
Bridge on a local road
Nečasová, Pavla ; Zobek, Svatopluk (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
Graduation thesis deal with the design and assessment of the load-bearing structure of the bridge with four fields. The bridge carries local road Žernov-Přerov over the motorway D1. Thesis include design of three alternative solutions. For detailed treatment was chosen variant of single point supported deskbeam. Graduation thesis include static calculation, general and detailed drawings and visualization.
Bridge on a ramp
Páteček, Tomáš ; Pachl, Radek (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The object of this diploma thesis is the design and review of a bridge on a ramp. The bridge is part of a junction between the expressway R35 and the highway D1. Three case studies were made. The bridge construction is solved as continuous beam with six spans. The resulting design was made of prestressed concrete according to valid standards. The gradual construction was taken into consideration.
Slab bridge in Frýdlant
Vozdová, Klára ; Hochman, Dominik (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The subject of bachelor’s thesis is to design a new one-span bridge construction across creek Řasnice in Frýdlant. Construction is proposed in three variants. For detailed design and assessment was chosen reinforced concrete slab. Calculation of load effects was performed using the computer program Scia Engineer and compared with the manual method of co-latitude records. The construction is designed according to current standards.
Bridge over highway on a ramp
Tlamka, Tomáš ; Pachl, Radek (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The proposal is for new construction of a road bridge over the highway.Three options of solutions were proposed but only the option of connected girder slab beam of six fields was selected. This variant was assessed by static calculation. Static calculation is processed in accordance with European standards. Another important part of this thesis is also drawings, visualization, technical report and construction procedure.
Bridge in Lipová Lázně village
Christ, Roman ; Bezručová, Kristína (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the design of a perpendicular bridge structure across the Staříč River in the village of Lipová Lazne. The bridge translates communication II. class number 369, design category S7,5. Three design variants of the plate bridge are elaborated on a single field. The chosen variant is solved by means of an additional prestressed plate of a rectangular cross-section of height from 1000 mm to 920 mm in width and length of the supporting structure 20850 mm. The static model is solved as a simply supported plate with a bridging length of 18420 mm. The design was executed according to the standard ČSN-EN 1992-2. Calculation of load effects was performed using Scia Engineering 2019 software. Design and design assessments have been carried out according to the applicable regulations and norms.

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