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Atraktivita odvětví těžebních činností v lesnictví
Pavelcová, Kristýna
Pavelcová, K., The attractiveness of the logging sector in forestry. Master thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2023. This thesis analyses the logging sector of the forestry industry. The aim is to determine its attractiveness and to recommend a strategy to existing firms in the sector and firms that are just entering the sector. The analytical tools used to achieve this objective are PESTLE analysis, Porter's five forces model, EFE matrix, GE matrix and SPACE matrix. Recommendations are made in response to the identified opportunities and threats of the sector, taking into account the attractiveness of the sector. PESTLE analysis and Porter's Five Forces Model are used to analyse the sector and identify opportunities and threats. The evaluation of the EFE matrix, GE matrix and SPACE matrix provides information on the degree of attractiveness of the sector and the appropriate form of strategy for the business.
Midnightdeal jako nová ubytovací platforma
Doušková, Veronika
The main aim of this work is to draft recommendations for strengthening the position of the platform Midnightdeal in the domestic market. The partial goal is to present the platform and discover the potential in the Czech Republic. In the first part, a theoretical overview is created to understand the issue. An external environment analysis using selected methods (PESTE analysis and Porter's model of five competing forces) and an analysis of marketing communication are performed to meet the main goal of the work. To meet the work's sub-goal, the platform is presented along with its unique method of reservation. Based on the results of the questionnaire investigation, the target group of the platform is verified and the potential in the Czech Republic is identified. Based on these analyses, proposals for recommendations may help to consolidate the position.
Návrh odporúčaní pre zvýšenie konkurencie schopnosti podniku Levické mliekárne a.s.
Balážová, Anna
The bachelor thesis is focused on the proposal of recommendations for the company Levické mliekárne a.s. in order to increase its competitiveness. In the lite-rature search are explained the basic concepts necessary for creating a strategy and also analyses that are later used in the results section. Methods such as PESTE ana-lysis, Porter’s five forces framework and Principle of key factors are used in the ana-lysis of the external and internal environment. All identified opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of the company are summarized in a SWOT analysis. Sub-sequently, using the SWOT matrix are proposed recommendations for the company Levické mliekárne a.s. The most suitable recommendation is financially evaluated and time-limited.
Development of Business Activities of the Sports Areal
Pírková, Kateřina ; Milichovský, František (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the development of business activities of the non-profit organization Hroch z.s. The theoretical part summarizes knowledge about non-profit organizations, their management or marketing, and at the same time presents the methods used. The last part contains recommendations leading to the development of the organization and its business activities.
Development of Business Activities in the Area of Identification Systems Sales
Křižanová, Kateřina ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the development of the company's business activities in the field of sales of turnstiles, attendance systems, entry devices and other identification systems. For this development, analyses of the external, industry and internal environment of the company were used, from the results of which a SWOT analysis was compiled. Subsequently, three suggestions for improvement were described and a new business model was developed.
SWOT analýza vybrané obchodní společnosti
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is the execution and evaluation of a SWOT analysis of selected business company. In the theoretical part, basic terms in the field of business are explained and possible types of legal forms are listed. Furthermore, information related to partial strategic analyzes of the environment is summarized here and a SWOT analysis is described in detail, where the essence, individual components and creation are explained. In the practical part, a selected business company is presented and characterized, on which a SWOT analysis is prepared. The SWOT analysis is created based on the summarization of key factors from the results of the STEP analysis, the Porter model and the analysis of results in individual functional areas. The conclusion of the thesis is an evaluation of a strategy based on a SWOT analysis and a recommendation of the most advantageous strategic alternatives for the development of the chosen business company.
Návrh on-line komunikace internetového obchodu s vínem
Semelová, Klaudie
Semelová, K. Proposal of on-line communication strategy for wine e-shop. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2021. The bachelor's thesis deals with the proposal of marketing communication on the Internet for the e-shop The thesis includes an analysis of the consumption and import of wine to the Czech Republic. The work analyzes the internal and external environment of trade. The knowledge obtained from the questionnaire survey was used to design a communication strategy. The questionnaire survey focused on consumer and shopping behavior among respondents from the Czech Republic. The resulting strategy contains recommendations that can be used to promote e-shop on the internet and increase business profits. The final part of the thesis deals with the possible effects of anti-pandemic precaution on trade sales.
Návrh vhodných strategií pro společnost podnikající ve stavebnictví
Šnajnarová, Michaela
Bachelor thesis analyzes the current situation and appropriate strategies for the company in the future. The work consists of two main parts. The first part is theo-retical, which is drawn up on the basis of literature. The following practical part consists of ananalysis carried out by the external environment using PEST analysis and Porter's five forces model. Further more, analysis of the internal environment using Porter's value chain, Weckert and financial analysis. Subsequently, the SWOT matrix and design of appropriate strategies for the company.
Analysis of the external environment for a selected company
The aim of the work is to analyse the external environment of the selected company in two markets with the help of selected analyses of strategic management and questionnaire survey. The selected company is Sodexo, a.s. After that it is designed a strategy for increasing the competitiveness of this company. Methodological procedure: Firstly, it is a definition of basic concepts and individual analyses used for the external environment; then the description of the whole company, an application of individual analyses of strategic management to the selected company; after that the evaluation of the company's position based on the results of questionnaires and analyses; finally, it is a proposal of a strategy for increasing the competitiveness of the selected company.

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