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Process Evaluation of an Outpatient Care with Extended Care for Patients witch Substance Use Disorder as a Pilot Project Focused on Case Management and Multidisciplinary Approach
Špinar, Vojtěch ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
BACKGROUND: In the system of addictology care, the outpatient sector is being strengthened and pilot programs of outpatient clinics with extended care for patients with substance use disorder (ARP-AD) are being created. ARP-AD clients are users of all types of addictive substances, including non- substance addictions, in various stages of addiction and motivation to change, often with comorbid illness. Services are provided by a multidisciplinary healthcare team that works together intensively. Case management approaches and work in the client's natural environment are applied. One of the main goals is the coordination of the current network of addictology (and other) services based on the individual needs of clients. OBJECTIVE: Qualitative evaluation of the ARP-AD pilot programs with a focus on case management and a multidisciplinary approach. METHODS: The original intention was to carry out a process evaluation of all ARP-AD. Due to the failure of the recruitment strategy, the evaluation of only one pilot program - ARP-AD at the Department of Addictology (KAD) - was completed. Therefore, this is a case study. The data sources were implementation reports and semi-structured interviews with ARP-AD staff. The last data source was the ARP-AD Methodology. Implementation reports and interviews were...
Specifics of crisis situations with a large number of patients with thermal injury.
This thesis deals with an emergency incident in which a burn trauma occurred in a large number of people. The theoretical part of the thesis describes both the legal framework of emergencies and especially the recommended procedures of the components of the Integrated Rescue System for dealing with this type of emergency. A large part of the theoretical part of the thesis and the whole practical part is focused on the procedure of the emergency medical service. The document shows how burns are treated from the point of view of emergency medicine, but also from the point of view of disaster medicine. The practical part of the work responds to the Concept of dealing with an emergency with a large number of patients with thermal injuries in the Czech Republic, published by the Ministry of Health in 2020. I focused on how paramedics know it. Does their knowledge affect the length of practice or the level of their acquaintance with the Concept? I found out using questionnaires filled out by 42 rescuers from different regions.
Medical documentation in pre-hospital care
The topic of this bachelor thesis is Medical documentation in pre-hospital care. This work was divided into two parts. The first part was theoretical, the second practical research. In the theoretical part, the emergency medical service is described with its basic elements and history. Furthermore, the issue of medical documentation was described in general view with its most important aspects. In the last part, the pre-hospital medical documentation service was described by actual examples. Four goals were set in the practical part. The first was to find out the opinion of paramedics on the documentation they are filling and writing as a part of the prehospital care. The second goal was to find out the opinion of paramedics on this documentation in case of need to prove their lege artis procedure. The third goal was to find out the benefits of changes of the software that is used to manage medical documentation. The last goal was to find out how this documentation is subsequently used in the hospital after the handover. The method of qualitative research in the form of semi-structured interviews was chosen for the practical part. The research samples for the first two goals consisted of 12 paramedics, each of whom was asked 19 main questions, additional subquestions were asked in a case the interview led to them. For the third goal, the research sample consisted of 8 informants, who were asked 6 main questions, which were also developed appropriately by additional subquestions if needed. For the last goal there was research sample of 5 informants from the ranks of nurses in the hospitals. The goal of the research is to point out the most important matters of the pre-hospital documentation that is filled in by the paramedics and their opinion on the changes that were made during last year. The work can serve as a basis for possible changes in the management of medical documentation in the conditions of the emergency medical services.
Nursing care management for orthopedic outpatient clients from the nurse's point of view.
In view of the fact that clients with locomotor system difficulties (who often have impaired mobility, are in pain and have difficulties finding their way in a new environment and situation) come to the orthopaedic outpatient department, we consider it worthwhile to look at the comprehensive nursing care of these clients. The task of the healthcare personnel at this moment is to provide support, assurance and safety to the client and his family, and to allow him to gain sufficient information, skills and habits to restore and maintain his health. A total of three goals were laid out in this thesis. Our first goal was to map out the features specific to the management of nursing care for clients of the orthopaedic outpatient department from the nurse's aspect. The other two designated goals concerned elucidation of the means for detecting and dealing with nursing care problems and needs of clients of the orthopaedic outpatient department. Qualitative and quantitative research methods were used in order to meet the goals of this thesis. In the qualitative research investigation there was a semi-structured interview with five informants who work in selected orthopaedic outpatient departments of the South Bohemian Region as paramedical staff. The interviews with the informants were recorded on a recording device, and this was followed by transposition and data analysis using coding. The results were summarised in structured categories and sub-categories. Two orthopaedic outpatient departments were intentionally selected. One site was a private orthopaedic outpatient department, and the other was an outpatient department that was part of a medical facility. We used a quantitative research investigation to gain feedback for the provided nursing care in the orthopaedic outpatient departments. Using surveys with respondents who attended the selected orthopaedic outpatient departments. We were interested in their perspective and satisfaction with the provided nursing care and instruction. A total of 160 respondents, exactly one half from each orthopaedic outpatient department, were asked to fill in a questionnaire. Based on the results of the qualitative investigation it is clear that the greatest burden faced by nurses of the orthopaedic outpatient departments is the lack of time to provide comprehensive nursing care. It was discovered that nurses spend most time on specific professional tasks, assisting doctors, satisfying the most immediate needs of clients and, in particular, administration. However, they spend the least time on prevention and instruction. It was discovered that nurses most often note a lack of self-care, movement and activity in clients of the orthopaedic outpatient departments, along with pain, fear and lack of information. The quantitative investigation showed that there were no statistically significant differences between the selected outpatient departments in the resolution of current needs and approach of nurses. In the matter of time for answering questions, instruction and subsequent satisfaction of respondents of the selected orthopaedic outpatient departments, we can say that there exist statistically significant differences between the private orthopaedic outpatient department and outpatient department that is part of the healthcare facility. A summary of the findings from the research survey allows us to state that it is unavoidable to focus more on the comprehensive nature of the provided nursing care, including instruction, in nursing care management for clients of orthopaedic outpatient departments. The output of this work is a draft concept for functional orthopaedic instruction nurses which will be submitted to nurses of the orthopaedic outpatient departments as a suggestion for expansion of instruction centres for patients.
Crush syndrome from the perspective of the paramedic
The topic of the bachelor thesis is Crush syndrome from the perspective of the paramedic. In the theoretical part of the work, readers can learn what the crush syndrome is, when and in what situations it arises, what processes take place in the affected person's body, how it then manifests itself and what is its therapy. In the practical part, one goal was chosen. To map the level of awareness of non-medical medical staff about the issue of crush syndrome. A qualitative method of data collection in the form of semi-structured interviews was used to process the research set, where there were 7 main questions, on the basis of which the interviews were further developed. The research sample consisted of 12 respondents. 6 paramedics performing their service in pre-hospital emergency care and 6 members of nursing staff performing their profession in an acute care inpatient facility. The output of the bachelor's thesis is an overview that shows the awareness of the respondents about the issue of crush syndrome. It draws attention to minor shortcomings in both theoretical and practical knowledge of the issue. The work could serve as a basis for a better understanding of crush syndrome in the training of paramedics.
Use of nursing competencies in surgical department
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to map the work of nurses in the surgical department. For a comprehensive view, attention is paid to the standard inpatient department, surgical intensive care unit and surgical outpatient clinic. Determining the specifics of the work of nurses in these components was defined as the second goal. To meet the goals, 3 main research questions were set: "What is the role of a nurse in the surgical department?", "What are the specifics of work in individual departments?" and "What is the continuity of care between departments?". Due to the diversity of surgical components, the theoretical part of my work specifies their spatial arrangements and equipment, describes the expected condition of patients, the role of the nurse and other aspects. It also discusses the history of surgery as a field. The research group consists of a total of 19 informants, of which 8 informants working in the standard surgical department, 6 informants from the surgical intensive care unit and 5 informants from the surgical outpatient clinic. The results show that the addressed informants generally perceive their role as part of their job position and in the provision of nursing care. The specifics of the standard ward are described by nurses from its septic part in the more difficult state of health of patients, other informants mention the diversity of diagnoses or concern for a higher number of patients. Informants from the intensive care unit agree on the increased need for patient monitoring. The informants from the surgical outpatient clinic mainly take care of patients with acute problems, while the outpatient clinic is usually their first point of contact with a medical facility. The output of this work is a professional article providing information for medical staff and students of medical disciplines.
Brno City Hospital
Slawinski, Olena ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Sedláček, Michal (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the design of a new city hospital in Brno on Černovická Street. A longitudinal flat plot on the bank of the Svitava River, located on the border of two cadastral areas, Brno-Komárov and Brno-Jih, was selected for the design. The choice of the location is determined by the necessity to provide a natural park-like environment to the hospital located in the built-up city area. The immediate vicinity of the river is the most beneficial to solving the issue as the hospital will be surrounded mainly by apartment buildings and light industry enterprises. The diploma thesis is an extension of the studio project from 2021, the subject of which was the urban design of the surroundings of the future hospital that will meet the flood control requirements in the locality next to the Svitava River. Public transport utilities, road networks, as well as pedestrian networks, were taken into account while working on the studio project. The diploma thesis deals with the architectural findings for the new construction of the city hospital and the associated parking house located along Černovická Street on the border of the plot. It is a new hospital, which will include the day-to-day operations of the emergency room, the surgical department with 10 operating theaters, the ICU and ARO departments, the maternity ward, and approximately 60 outpatient clinics in various fields of medicine. The proposed building has a total capacity of 550 beds in individual wards and about 60 beds for one-day patient care. Furthermore, the building is supplemented by commercial premises, a restaurant and a canteen for employees.
Design of Amphibious Rescue Vehicle
Truhlář, Jonáš ; Karásek, David (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the design of an amphibious rescue vehicle with a focus on rescue and evacuation of patients from inaccessible or flooded areas. The aim is to design a product that would fulfill the function of pre-hospital emergency care to the patient in the field and that would meet the conditions for integration between ambulance rescue vehicles. The representative amphibious vehicle for this work is a special articulated tracked vehicle known as a bandvagn. The thesis analyses in detail the intersection of the two markets of ambulance and amphibious in an attempt to find the aspects determining the development of the product. The design puts emphasis on the economic and financial balance of the proposed product, which it places on the product construction. The very design uses the integration of the off-road aspect of the vehicle with the ambulant one to bring a new perspective on the body shape of the modules.
The influence of the burnout syndrome on the sexuality of paramedics
Kunešová, Kristýna ; Dynáková, Šárka (advisor) ; Jeřábková, Lenka (referee)
Introduction to the issue: This paper examines the impact of burnout syndrome, which is common among caring professionals, on the sexuality of male paramedics. The term "burnout" was coined in the US 25 years ago. Burnout is defined as a mental state resulting from constant and long-term exposure to stress, especially in relation to psychosocial work factors (Melamed and Shirom, 2006). The effect of burnout syndrome on sexuality is a topic that has received very little attention. That is why I decided to cooperate with PhDr. Šárka Dynáková, Ph.D. and doc. PhDr. Jan Kožnar, CSc, who are working on an international study in the Czech Republic on the effects of burnout syndrome on human health. Methodology: For the theoretical part of this diploma thesis, use was made of monographs and databases. For the practical part, quantitative data was collected using standardized questionnaires distributed among male paramedics. The first questionnaire focused on burnout syndrome using a validated questionnaire for the Czech Republic, one that applies the Shirom-Melamed scale from 2006 (Ptáček, 2013). An extended Kroměříž version of the Sexual Functions of Men questionnaire was used for collecting the data on sexuality (Kratochvíl, 1999). After establishing five working hypotheses (H), the relationship between...
Knowledge level of first aid procedures among teachers of seleced primary schools in Karlovy Vary
Urbanová, Nikola ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Váchová, Alena (referee)
This thesis is devoted to Topic: Knowledge level of first aid procedures among teachers of seleced primary schools in Karlovy Vary. In the theoretical part my focus is on the term pre- medical first aid, the principles of providing it, the legislation associated with first aid, mentioned are also the first-aider's safety, the principles of calling professional medical help, there are also the press line phone numbers stated. The thesis contains principles of first aid provided especially to children in selected injury and non-injury conditions. In practical part of this thesis I present quantitative research through questionnaire which was addressed to pedagogues of selected primary and secondary schools in Karlovy Vary. The data obtained were processed into graphs or tables. The main aim of this thesis was to discover the knowledge level of pre-medical first aid in teachers. The questionnaire evaluation suggests that the knowledge level of pre-medical first aid practices in by me selected teachers could be graded as B. It was discovered that the years of pedagogical experience in by me selected teachers might have an impact on the theoretical knowledge of providing pre-medical first aid. It is evident from my research that the best average grade for answering knowledge questions in questionnaire...

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