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Innovative methods of airport biological control
Bulíček, Pavel ; Motyková, Veronika (referee) ; Kujal, Tomáš (advisor)
The main content of this master’s thesis is identification of biological threats and analysis of present means of aerodrome biological control, description of their effectiveness and possibilities of usage. Furthermore the way of bird strikes recordkeeping and innovative means, devices and procedures of aerodrome biological control considering the required safety level are mentioned.
Pavilion for Mammalia and Birds of Asia - ZOO Parc Dvůr Králové
Procházka, Libor ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Conversion object ex-foundry pavilion of mammalia and birds with live exposition. Exhibition pavilion is oriented at fauna and flora of asia.
Dvořáková, Dana ; Turek, Filip (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
Cryptids, video which is studying animals, its shapes, moves and the environment , where they find themselves. The video is looking equal to all entity without any difference, document varied life as same as passing death or rot as well. It also speaks about collaboration and the microworld, which creates perfect unit. Silent mutual conversations.
ZOO Park Dvůr Králové - Generel
Havlík, Darina ; Kokeš, Václav (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The proposal project is designing the development plan of the ZOO in Dvur Kralove nad Labem, as has designed a new exhibition of new lions, hyenas, birds of prey, the African desert and the object of refreshments for visitors. Architectural study addresses the design of objects - pavilions exposure for lions, hyenas, a pavilion with an aviary for birds of prey - bird world, the African pavilion terrarium desert and finally building with a cafe and toilets for the visitors of the ZOO. The proposed approach also runs the individual pavilions, then runs for the lions and hyenas and near runs in the African desert ungulates and seasonal runs. The proposed solution recognizes the zoo premises as a place for keeping large animal species composition, education of visitors, as the meeting place of rest and relaxation. The solution takes into account the complex relationships and interactions between exposures in a given area, not only in terms of architectural and aesthetic approach to the complex, but also in terms of operating and zoological.The zoo is a park with specific exposure to live with a balanced human rights - a visitor to one side and kept the animal on the other.  The proposed solution to the Zoo is sensitive to the surrounding landscape, the existing urban and architectural design and space requirements for any award.  From an operational point of view, the proposal accepted by all the requirements of the future. Areas and facilities for public service facilities, paddocks and animal quarters are each precisely defined and strictly separated geographically and operationally. Are the optimal conditions for the movement of animals between quarters and corral. The proposed solution is very rich in variety of areas, which in addition to the versatility of targeted animals, reflected in the richness of flora and fauna and thus contributing to environmentally high value sites. All spaces is a common need a sufficient level of daylight and direct sunlight. The entire area surrounding the exposure and access roads are designed to completely wheelchair accessible and accessible for persons with reduced mobility. The proposed solution to a sensitive development of existing space is achieved by a better, easier and easier availability. Term solutions proposed pavilions, yards and access roads is based on the themes of African villages. Small scale architectural and mutual spatial composition of individual materials of the new pavilions interconnected units reflects the typical mass breakdown of urban structures in the original locations of breeding species. Pavilions and animal quarters, and appropriately use the added space in the area of ??the zoo and complete the overall character of the place in the context of the current solution to urban zoo.
Birdwatching in the Non-breeding Season: a Long-term Project for Years 7-9 in Secondary School
Tissari, Miia Aine ; Říhová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Andreska, Jan (referee)
This master's thesis deals with creating and implementing a long-term school project focused on birdwatching and bird species identification in the non-breeding season. Over a seven-year period, ten 7th -9th grade classes, in total 181 students from two elementary schools, participated in the project. At the beginning and end of the project, students were quizzed on identifying 33 bird species that commonly visit or are seen in the area around the bird feeder. Birdwatching occurred from mid-October to mid-March at bird feeders the students had placed near their homes. The students regularly recorded their observations in their ornithological journals. The project fell under the science curriculum but was also integrated as a cross-curricular project into other subjects, especially art education. The project significantly improved the students' knowledge and skills, increased their interest in birds, and raised their awareness of the need for bird conservation. Students became significantly more proficient in using the resources and equipment needed to observe and identify birds. The students' interest in nature, especially in their immediate surroundings, increased significantly. The results show that long-term natural science-based projects can positively impact education, help build environmental...
Edge of habitability: bird community on dump sites after uraninite mining
KOREJS, Kryštof
Biota on post-mining areas is a well-examined topic in restoration ecology. However, most scientific attention focuses on large-scale opencast mining sites or spoil heaps. This study attempts to offer an insight into ecological conditions on a unique ecosystem represented by dump sites after uranium mining, using birds as a study group. We examined differences in bird abundance, species richness, community structure and habitat preferences between nine moderately sized dump sites and eight control areas. Our study can function as a pilot survey of birds of uranium mining sites, offering a broad overview of population-level effects of hostile conditions. Our findings can guide restoration practices with respect to this specific type of ecosystem.
Dawn chorus succession in a lowland rainforest of Papua New Guinea
This thesis examines the patterns and ecological significance of bird vocalizations during the dawn chorus in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Specifically, it aims to identify the species involved, analyze their songs, and understand the influence of environmental factors. To accomplish this, the study employs a combination of field recordings, phylogenetic analysis, and statistical methods to elucidate the complex interactions between avian species and their habitats. The findings of this study contribute to the broader understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics in tropical rainforests.
Like eggs eggs: Ornithologist for the test
Zárubová, Eliška
Worksheet introducing elementary and secondary school students to basic terms in the field of ornithology. Provides tasks for birdwatching in the field.
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF
Methodical manual for teachers for the permanent exhibition Living Nature of Znojmo
Zárubová, Eliška
Methodology for primary and secondary school teachers, introducing the Znojemsko Living Nature exhibition and the possibilities of its use for working with children.
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