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Long-term population trends of birds in North America and Europe: a metaanalysis of existing studies
Říhová, Jana ; Reif, Jiří (advisor) ; Voříšek, Petr (referee)
Since the beginning of the last century there have been significant changes in the environment, farming and the landscape structure. Because birds are one of the longest- studied groups of organisms and are considered to be good indicators of environmental quality, it is advisable to relate environmental changes to changes in bird abundance. Understanding these relationships enables better and more accurate formulation of conservation plans and priorities, and therefore a large number of studies were dedicated to them. Although these studies achieved great progress in the knowledge of the most important factors that affect bird populations, their findings remained somewhat incomplete and fragmentary due to their limited temporal and/or spatial coverage. Therefore, it was not entirely clear which patterns are general and which are confined to some specific regional conditions. The fill this knowledge gap, I collected all studies on long-term trends in bird abundance in Europe and North America, which I was aware of, and made a meta-analysis of their results. Using linear mixed-effects models, I found a significant decrease in open-habitat species, probably as a result of agricultural intensification and abandonment of agricultural land. This pattern was consistent regardless of region or time period...
The effect of climate change and land use change on the long-term population trends of birds in the Czech Republic
Koschová, Michaela ; Reif, Jiří (advisor) ; Voříšek, Petr (referee)
There are number of future projections of species' geographic ranges developed under conditions of ongoing climate change. However, only a few studies have assessed what are the characteristics of species explaining interspecific variability in the projected range shifts. Examination of such relationships is important for development of effective conservation strategies mitigating the effects of climatic changes. For this purpose, I calculated the predicted shifts of European ranges in Czech birds based on maps in A Climatic Atlas of European Breeding Birds and explored relationships between these predicted shifts and several ecological traits. We found significant effects of the type of European distribution and habitat requirements. Concerning the type of European distribution, the largest shift is predicted in the central species and the northern species compared to widespread and southern species. According to the habitat type, the largest shift showed forest birds in contrast to the urban species which will shift slightly. The former pattern is probably attributable to spatial constrains different among these specific groups (central species are less limited compared to widespread species). The latter pattern could be explained by higher sensitivity of forest species to climatic changes...
Influence of masification of higher education on graduates' employment
Voříšek, Petr ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee) ; Mudd, Dana (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the transformation processes of tertiary education and aims to provide recommendations for its progress in the Czech Republic. At first, changes of the majority of systems tertiary education in the European countries in the last fifty years are introduced to the reader. This includes the formalized effort for unification of education policies in the sphere of tertiary education, so called "Bologna Process". The paper consequently describes in detail the progress of the higher education in the Czech Republic in the last twenty years, above all in relation to demographic changes in the population, and offers the projection of its expected development. Findings from the first chapters are summarized and supplied by the recommendations of the OECD examiners. The crucial recommendations of OECD examiners - monitoring of the graduates employability and monitoring of the quality of higher education study programmes - are targeted in the second part of the text. Based on the international survey of higher education graduates as well as on the analysis of university rankings' weaknesses, the author constructs the two dimensional indicator of the quality of graduates. The first dimension takes into account particularly the ability of graduates to successfully come across the employment market...
Citizen Science in Ornithology
Voříšek, Petr ; Vermouzek, Zdeněk
Občanská věda je relativně nový termín pro taková vědecká bádání, na nichž se kromě profesionálních vědců významnou nebo rozhodující měrou podílejí i amatéři zabývající se danou problematikou ve svém volném čase. Přestože termín je nový, výzkumy podobného charakteru se prováděly a provádějí již dlouho. Právě ornitologie je jedním z oborů, kde má občanská věda dlouhou tradici a můžeme tak na řadě příkladů demonstrovat přínosy, úskalí i hlavní specifika tohoto způsobu vědeckého poznávání světa.
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