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The coming of the Son of Man in the light of Matthew's Eschatological sermon (Matth 24-25)
Poppr, Vojtěch ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Matějec, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis The coming of the Son of Man in the light of Matthew's Eschatological sermon (Matth 24-25) is composed of three chapters. The first chapter contains a synoptic comparison Jesus eschatological speeches in Matthew's Gospel with the eschatological speeches of other Synoptic authors. The second chapter contains an exegis of the whole of Matthew's eschatological speech (Mt 24-25), working with various commentaries on these chapters of Matthew's Gospel. The last third chapter builds on some of the findings of the previous chapter and deals directly with the central theme of this work, which is the coming of the Son of Man. After a short discussion of the christological title Son of man, this chapter digresses thematically to the area of mariology. But this digression is not an artificial insertion of the figure of the Virgin Mary into the theme of the coming of the Son of Man, because it arises from the text of the work itself, and from the thought processes contained in it.
The meaning of speech in upbringing and education
Chocholová, Viktorie ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The thesis deals with the connection between education and speech. The aim of the interdisciplinary thesis is to outline the importance of these two phenomena in human life, their interrelatedness and to philosophically reflect and characterize selected speech phenomena - dialogue, questioning, silence and narration. Using predetermined research questions, the work opens up space for reflection on the meaning and use of these phenomena in upbringing and education. In the first part, the thesis deals with the concept of upbringing and education from the point of view of the philosophy of education through available literature. In the second part, the relationship between speech and humanity is reflected, then speech and education, where the conclusion is that speech and education are related phenomena, and several significant parallels are found between them. At the end of this part, the thesis is devoted to the specifics of humanities education and the connections with given speech phenomena. The third part of the work is focused on the characteristics of selected speech phenomena - dialogue, questioning, silence and narration, where the result is a conclusion that all phenomena can be directly connected with education and are often the key to the effective implementation of the educational...
Sociolinguistic analysis of communication of men and women
Servusová, Carolina ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Suková Vychopňová, Kateřina (referee)
he Bachelor thesis deals with the topic of interpersonal communication. The bachelor's thesis aims to focus on communication and expression differences between male and female genders. It summarizes the most important findings from this field, from literature and scientific articles. Our focus is also in contextualising our work in socio-linguistic fields, dealing with society, language and communication processes. A secondary objective is also to determine whether any expressive differences are innate or learned. The Bachelor thesis is divided into Chapter 7 chapters. In the first chapter, we deal with language and communication. We outline the first differences in communication. In the next three chapters, we focus on scientific disciplines dealing with the differentiation of society, but also with language and communication. These are sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and anthropolinguistics. In other chapters, we are dealing with language production and the gender heterogeneity of speech. We look for differences and influences that affect our speech and communication. In the last chapter we focus on qualitative research, observation, which is focused on several dozen communication situations mostly from French backgrounds. We are trying to find the differences that we have searched in the...
the essence of photography in the digital age
Doubek, Zdeněk ; Holeček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Váša, Ondřej (referee)
The diploma thesis solves the question of photography not only from the point of view of a work of art, but as a part of a cultural code. Photography in the digital era has the potential to become a new kind of visual language. From this perspective, the photographic universe reveals several essential questions, which we address here. These questions explore topics such as: historical development of images and text, the difference between traditional images and technical images, the cultural impact of mass production of digital devices and photographs, the essence of photography as a symbol from the point of view of semiotics and logic, the difficulties of deciphering photography, the linguistic aspects of digital photography or the meaning of photography in virtual (public) space. Due to the nature of the monitored topics, the work will address problems mainly related to language, logic, epistemology, human freedom in the context of man/device and marginally also semiotics.
Future Teachers Knowledge of the Issues of Specific Language Impairment
Malá, Michaela ; Horynová, Jana (advisor) ; Klenková, Jiřina (referee)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to developmental language disorder (DLD) and particularly to studying how well future teachers are informed about DLD. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical, both consisting of three chapters. The first chapter of the theoretical part defines developmental language disorder, and examines and presents the basic terminology. Further, the chapter describes the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical symptoms (both verbal and non-verbal) and classification of DLD. The second chapter examines the individual components related to diagnosing DLD. The third chapter describes the therapy, prognosis and prevention of DLD, as well as the specifics related to educating persons with DLD. The applied part of the thesis presents the results of a research survey conducted as a part of the thesis. The main objective of the survey was to determine how well the (under-)graduate students majoring in teaching in kindergartens and primary schools are informed about DLD in the course of their studies. The information was collected through surveys spread among the respondents. The collected data are processed and analyzed, the results are presented in the form of graphs and tables. Based on the data collected, the relevant hypotheses are tested. Another goal of the...
Problems of children speech pathology in primary school
The bachelor's thesis describes the problem of communication disorders that most often occur in children. It deals with speech development and speech disorders on a broader scale. The bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part draws from the literature on the subject. First, the thesis focuses on speech ontogeny and the stages of speech development. The second part focuses on the general issue of speech therapy. Finally, the different types of speech disorders are discussed. The practical part takes the form of a questionnaire survey in which experiences with speech therapy and speech disorders among primary school pupils in Pribram are examined.
Singing and chosen musical instruments as means for speech development and correct pronunciation in kindergarden
In my bachelor thesis, I deal with singing and selected musical instruments for speech development and correct pronunciation in kindergarten. I dealt with music education in kindergarten, both from the point of view of teacher preparation in kindergarten, and various issues that can accompany kindergarten children in this field. For this reason, I tried to combine speech and pronunciation with music education, because in this age category, correct speech and pronunciation are the basis for functional future communication. Furthermore, in my bachelor thesis there is a weekly plan where I try to involve music education as a means of better speech and pronunciation of individual letters. I chose letters with which children tend to have a majority problem.
Disordered of lexical semantic level of speech in preschool children with disrupted communication ability
The bachelor thesis focuses on the disordered of lexical semantic level of speech in preschool children with disrupted communication ability. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part describes the characteristic of the preschool child, ontogenetic development speech, disrupted communication ability with a focus on the developmental dysphasia and dyslalia. Moreover the theoretical part characterizes the individual language levels of speech with an emphasis on the lexical semantic level of speech, which is described terms of its evolutin, diagnostics, possibilities of its development and aids. The aim of the practical part is to create set of methodical sheets for children with dicrupted communication ability and its verify in practise in working with the selected research sample. The research is based on the observation, interview, analysis of the personal documents and analysis of the collecting data. The results od the research are interpreted in the form of case studies.

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