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Work safety and occupational injuries in the construction industry
Gettová, Zuzana ; Krischková, Radka (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The subject of this thesis was to compare injuries. First comparison accidents took place within the area of SK - NACE, their sources, and their causes in the Slovak Republic in the years 2012 - 2015. In the next step compared accidents within the area CZ - NACE, their sources, and causes in the Czech Republic in years 2011 - 2015. The last took place juxtaposition between the Slovak and Czech Republic.
Occupational therapy for patients with injuries associated with use of addictive substances
Haunerová, Michaela ; Rodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Matoušová, Zita (referee)
OF BACHELOR THESIS Author of bachelor thesis: Michaela Haunerová Thesis supervisor: Bc. Zuzana Rodová, M.Sc. Title of bachelor thesis: Occupational therapy for patients with injuries associated with use of addictive substances Abstract of bachelor thesis: The bachelor thesis focuses on people who have suffered an injury as a result of substance abuse. Its aim is to map and describe the most common injuries that occur under the influence of addictive substances, to determine their impact on the course and success of the rehabilitation process and to point out the specifics of working with this type of patients. The theoretical part begins with an introduction to addictology, where important terms and the concept of addiction are explained. Then it focuses on the specific addictive substances under which injuries most often occur - alcohol, cannabis, opioids and opiates. Other chapters address specific common injuries and the use of occupational therapy, followed by chapters discussing the work of the occupational therapist with patients with addiction and the impact of addictive substances on the rehabilitation process. In the practical part, elements of qualitative research were used. First, the data collection methods are mentioned, followed by an analysis of the semi-structured interviews...
An Educational Game in Teaching Human Biology at Primary Level
The goal of diploma thesis was to create three author´s didactic games of human biology designated for education of pupils of elementary school. Games were created for 2nd year of the elementary school. The goal of the games was to acquire new knowledges and deeper existing knowledges about a topic human biology. Games follow up topics: structure of human body, senses, diseases and injures. Pupils' knowledges were verified by pretest, posttest n. 1 and posttest n. 2. Results of tests were verified between the experimental group (didactic games) and the control group (common form by using interactive exercises).
Prevention of health risks among volleyball and beach volleyball players
Drahorádová, Olga ; Carboch, Jan (advisor) ; Žáková, Lenka (referee)
Title: Injuries in volleyball and beach volleyball and their prevention Objectives: The main goal of this diploma thesis is to compare the most common injuries in volleyball and beach volleyball in the Czech Republic and to find out their experience of subsequent recovery. Another goal is to find out what injury prevention athletes use and what experience they have with physiotherapy. Methods: Data were used from a non-standardized questionnaire which was filled out by Czech players of volleyball and beach volleyball. The obtained data were processed by software Microsoft Excel into tables and graphs. The questionnaire was completed by a total of 102 respondents. Results: It was evaluated that the highest frequency of injuries is found in the area of the ankle, knee joints and fingers in volleyball players. Conversely, beach players have a most injuries in the area of the lumbar spine and shoulder joints. They most often use kinesio tape of the compensatory aids and massage is the most popular from the forms of regeneration. Keywords: injuries, questionnaire, physiotherapy, Czech Republic
Role of physiotherapy in preventing injuries of floorball players
Bakosová, Natálie ; Táborská, Silvie (advisor) ; Kozel, Jakub (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Natálie Bakosová Supervisor: Mgr. Silvie Táborská Title: Role of physiotherapy in preventing injuries of floorball players Abstract: This theoretical-practical thesis focuses on the role of physiotherapy in preventing injuries by floorball players. The theoretical part consists of 6 various topics. The first topic is a general introduction to this sport, its history, rules, and course. The second topic focuses on the analysis of movement aspects typical for this sport, and the third one evaluates the impact of floorball on the musculoskeletal system. Next, the issue of the most common injuries in floorball and their causes are introduced. The fifth topic concentrates on the possibilities of prevention of injuries. The last topic is the role of physiotherapy and its application for intervention in preventing injuries in floorball. The practical part has two aims. The primary one is to create a modified neuromuscular training program (inspired by a Finnish study by Pasanen et al. (2008b)) which is subsequently applied to the players. The program is used as a physiotherapist intervention for the prevention of injuries. The practical use of this program was tested in three case reports of players from the floorball team TJ Sokol Dobříš. The secondary aim is to map the presence...
The most common boxing injuries, possibilities of prevention and follow-up physiotherapy care
Faladová, Martina ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Novotná, Irena (referee)
Title: The Most Common Boxing Injuries, Possibilities of Prevention and Follow-up Physiotherapy Objectives: The main objective of this master thesis is to ascertain the most common injuries among amateur and professional boxers in the Czech Republic. Another objective is to evaluate, if the boxers practice any form of regeneration and whether they use physiotherapy as a prevention tool to the occuring injuries. Methods: Theoretic information in this thesis was obtained via research of available Czech and foreign literature. Second part of the thesis was done with a created non- standardized questionnaire, which was distributed online among boxers in the Czech Republic. Boxers were asked about their suffered injuries, regeneration and possibilities of physiotherapy. Conclusions were done after a statsitical analysis of the data. Results: 120 boxers (male and female) participated in this research (aged 18 - 40). The most common injury in training in amateurs and professionals were hand contusions (41 % and 65 % respectively). During sparring the most common injuries were others (36 %) and hand contusions (33 %) in amateurs and head lacertations (75 %) in professionals. Amateurs suffered hand contusions and nose fractures (both 43 %) the most in a match, professional boxers suffered nose fractures (61...
Apophyseal injuries in sporting children and adolescents
Šťastná, Kateřina ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Procházka, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of apophyseal injuries in the population of sporting older children and juniors. The bachelor thesis is divided into several parts. The introductory part of the work focuses on various types of acute and chronic injuries and their description, treatment options and their prevention. The thesis also concentrates on prevention of these injuries with regard to the quality, frequency and complexity of training, taking into consideration the anatomical, physiological and, last but not least, psychomotor development of the child. The thesis also describes coaches' approach towards training of children and juniors to and its affecting factors that may increase or decrease the frequency of injuries. Part of the work is also a practical part, where the case studies of a patient with a diagnosis of M. Osgood-Schlater are compiled. The patient respectively his legal representative agreed to the processing of information about his treatment for the purposes of this bachelor's thesis.
Možnosti kompenzačního cvičení pro mladé hráče softballu do 20 let
The bachelor thesis "Possibilities of compensatory exercises for young softball players under the age of 20" scrutinises the most common muscle imbalances deals with softball players and and how they can be dealt with through compensatory exercises. Athletes are often subject to high demands and excellent performance and results. For this reason, they often do only unilateral sports and have other exersises. However, long-term unilateral burden without proper compensation has detrimental effect on the individual's musculoskeletal system. One of the many examples of asymmetric load is softball. The first goal of this bachelor thesis was to map the most common muscle imbalances occurring in young softball players. The second goal was to create an educational brochure containing compensatory exercises. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical characterizes softball, overloaded structures and the most common injuries. Furthermore, it maps the possibilities of compensatory exercises. The practical part took place in the form of qualitative research and includes case studies of four softball players under the age of 20. Compensatory exercises were compiled on the basis of anamnesis and kinesiological analysis. The foundation of the exercise unit was very similar very similar, some exercises were added individually according to the needs of the proband. After 2-3 months of regular exercise, the results were evaluated using a kinesiological analysis that included the same tests as at the beginning. Subsequently, the results were compared and the effect of therapy was evaluated. This thesis can serve as a source of information on the most common functional problems that young softball players usually encounter. Furthermore, it can also serve as an educational material for softball players and coaches.
Newborn Care Safety from Mothers' Perspective
Current Status: The need of safety and security is one of the basic needs of a newborn. The nurses' role is to assess the level of education need in a newborn baby care and educate the mother accordingly, using a suitable method. The aim of the research was to assess the level of knowledge of mothers in a newborn care safety in home environment. Methodology: The study used quantitative method of research, using the technique of non-standardized survey. The selection of the respondents was intentional. The focus group were mothers of physiological newborns (N=300), that gave birth in Hospital in Jablonec nad Nisou between 15.11. 2020 and 30.1.2021. Results: Approximately half of the respondents (52 %) claimed that the benefit of postpartum bonding between a mother and her newborn is promotion of creation of breast milk. Only 45 % of respondents claimed that they wash their hands longer than 30 seconds and less than 1/5 of all respondents follow all six steps of proper hand washing. Less than half of the respondents (45 %) consider sleeping position on stomach or side of a newborn as a risk factor of SIDS. More than half of the respondents (60 %) knew how to resuscitate a newborn. The share of mothers in age category between 18-25 who answered wrong questions asking about CPR of a newborn was statistically significantly greater (p = 0,035) than share of mothers in higher age category. Respondents whose postpartum hospitalization lasted more than 72 hours claimed greater satisfaction with education in breast care statistically significantly more often (p = 0,029) than mothers hospitalized for shorter time. Respondents with primary level of education answered wrong questions asking about manipulation with a baby on a changing table statistically significantly more often (p = 0,046) than mothers with higher levels of education. Mothers having a fourth baby answered correctly question if blisters are a symptom of omphalitis, statistically significantly more often than mothers with less children (p = 0,014). Conclusion and Utilisation in Practice: Based on results of the research was created educational material "At Home with a Newborn Baby. A Few Handy Tips".
Compensatory exercises for sports gymnasts
This bachelor thesis deal with compensatory exercises for gymnasts. Thesis is focused on young gymnasts muscle imbalance, poor body posture and occurrence of injuries of the monitored girls. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a proposal for compensatory exercises, which should improve posture and reduce the emergence of muscle imbalances. Another goal is to map gymnasts overloaded, painful and weakened areas. The last goal is to map injuries of the musculoskeletal system during the training of gymnastics of the monitored girls. Thesis is divided into theoretical part and practical part. In the theoretical part, there is briefly described gymnastics and its division and history. Subsequently there is general informations about artistic gymnastics. Next chapters describe muscle imbalances, poor posture, deep stabilization system, posture of artistic gymnasts, injuries in artistic gymnastics and hypermobility. Next chapter is focused on compensatory excercise, where its principles and goals are described here and also its individual parts. The practical part contains the methodology, which was developed in the form of qualitative research, from which the data obtained were processed into individual case reports. In the research, there was participating 5 artistic gymnasts from section TJ Merkur České Budějovice. The data were obtained by semi-structured interview within the anamnesis and kinesiological examination, including examination of posturograph and pedoscope. Subsequently the compensatory excercise unit was designed, which created theme for the self-therapy brochure. This brochure was subsequently processed. Afther approximately 4 months, the final examination was performed, which is part of the results. This bachelor thesis can be used in a clinical practice as an inspiration for working with school-age athletes.

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