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Idea of Self-Directed Learning from the Andragogical View
Yakubyak, Iryna ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
Diploma thesis focuses on the idea of self-directed learning from the perspective of andragogy. The main goal of this work is to characterize and describe self-directed learning among students at a selected pedagogical fakulty. The sececondary goal is to compare the process of self-directed learning from the perspective of students in the full-time and combined forms of study at the selected pedagogical fakulty. The work is divided into theoretical and empirical parts. The theorical part initially deals with the importance of lifelong learning and education, followed by an andragogical backgroud, whitch summarizes the basic andragogical concepts, the historical aspect of andragogy and didactics of adult education. An important subchapter of the teoretical part is Knowles' theory of adult education. The last and key chapter of the theoretical part deals with the historical and philosophical aspect of self- directed learning, defines the concept of self-directed learning, and outlines its challenges. Additionally, various models of self-directed learning and factors determining self-directed learning are presented. The empirical part is based on the basic knowledge of self-directed learning obtained from the theoretical part. A quantitative research design was chosen for this work, and semi-...
Dental Hygienist Burnout Syndrome and its Preventive Measures
Yakubyak, Iryna ; Pavlovičová, Markéta (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
Aim: To sum up the existing knowledge of burnout syndrome (hereinafter referred to as BS). Through a questionnaire survey, to determine the awareness of BS between dental hygienists (DH), respectively dental hygiene students suffering from BS. Describe this issue from the BS perspective. Using a leaflet to recap BS prevention. Introduction: DH has several pitfalls that can be a risk factor for the emergence or development of BS. This profession requires high emotional commitment, excellent manual skills and working without assistance. These factors can affect the psychological side and consequently lead to its occurrence and development. Therefore, it is necessary for every DH to have some awareness of the BS threat and to be able to recognize general symptoms. Material and Method: Two anonymous questionnaires were created on, which focused on experienced DH and dental hygiene students. The questionnaires were distributed via social networks and emails. The questionnaire for DH consisted of 13 questions and was elaborated by 70 DH. The student questionnaire contained 11 questions, with 71 students being processed. In addition, a case report was presented that regarded the DH who suffered from BS. The collection of necessary data for the case history was conducted by anamnesis, answered...