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Ergonomics at work in the Dental Office
Geročová, Lucia ; Jiroutová, Olga (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
Introduction: Ergonomics affects everyday life. It is the same in stomatology. You can find ergonomics problematics in everyday work in stomatological surgery. Although the ergonomics has become common in stomatology, issues with the pains due to bad habits are still high. Based on the high occurrence of the problems with the pains due to the wrong ergonomics, it is very important to know the right foundations of ergonomics. Object: To gather information about knowledge of the experts in stomatology. Identification of the pains and problems, which occur in respondents during work in the surgery. A proposal of preventive steps for decreasing the aftermath of wrong ergonomics. Material and methodology: The chosen method is a questionnaire survey for finding necessary information. A survey has been made for dental hygienists, dentists and dental instrumentations. Students of the dental hygiene and dentistry should fill the survey in too. 250 respondents have filled the survey. An important part of the survey were the questions on the topic of pain occurrence during work. Results: The results of the survey have showed that 98.4 % (246) of the respondents knew the principles of correct ergonomics and 91.5 % (225) of them also followed the ergonomic principles. However, these results are not entirely...
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Dental Hygienists in the Czech Republic
Kolouchová, Anna ; Ševčíková, Jindra (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
The aim of the thesis follows from its title - to find out and evaluate the impact of the pandemic on hygienists in the Czech Republic. The evaluation was carried out on the basis of a questionnaire survey, which was answered by more than 400 respondents. Furthermore, it was necessary to confirm or refute the established hypotheses. The theoretical part summarizes the basic concepts related to the profession of dental hygienist - who she is, what she does and also how the visit at the dental hygienist's office looks like. It was important to include the possibilities of infection prevention - what are the risks here and how to minimize or completely eliminate them. A separate chapter is also dedicated to epidemics and pandemics, where the most famous of them were mentioned. This chapter is followed by a part dealing with the COVID-19 disease. The last chapter deals with the risks associated with this disease and how they can affect the lives of dental hygienists. The practical part is focused on the perception of the pandemic period by dental hygienists themselves. Based on the questionnaire survey, the obtained data were evaluated, graphically represented and supplemented with comments. It was found that the COVID-19 pandemic affected dental hygienists in their professional and personal lives. Many...
Awareness about Infectious Aerosol in Dental Hygienists
Mařasová, Veronika ; Kovářová, Diana (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
Introduction: Problematics (awareness) of infectious aerosol is a current topic that dental hygienists encounter everyday. Infectious aerosols are vectors for spreading of many diseases. Infectious aerosoles in dental hygienist's clinic are created by many specialized procedures done in oral cavity of the patient but also by simply breathing and talking. However the protection from created infectious aerosoles is not adequate in many dental clinics. Therefore every dental hygienist should protect themselves from infectious aerosoles and try to minimize its concentration. Aim: To find out what amount of infectious aerosoles is created during common procedures administered (carried out) in dental hygienist's clinic. To explore possible ways of lowering concentrations of infectious aerosoles that are effective and can be used routinely. And furthermore to determine if pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 virus influence usage of protective equipment and rate of following of the hygienic protective plan in dental hygienists clinic. And finally to create informative pamphlet displaying basic protective measures. Methods: Infectious aerosole that was created during piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler treatment was collected with fallout on the open Petri dish with blood agar method with Petri dishes located 40 cm and 1,5 m...
Inaugural Examination at the Dental Hygienist's Office
Ptáčková, Zuzana ; Jiroutová, Olga (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on various aspects of the initial examination of a patient in the dental hygienist's office. It deals with the correct execution of the examination, further on with its' registration and its' application for treatment. Examining the patient is important for preventing unforeseen situations, for establishing a relationship with the patient and for providing optimal care. The examination is influenced by factors which include: time, cooperation with the doctor, the dental hygienist, and others. The theoretical part concentrates on diseases, whose symptoms can be observed on the face and in the oral cavity of the patient as long as the examination is done correctly. In the practical part, a questionnaire study deals with the execution of the examination and the subsequent therapy. Another part of the work is a picture atlas of the examination in dentistry.
Doping - the knowledge and attitudes of university students
Křížová, Petra ; Pavlasová, Lenka (advisor) ; Ehler, Edvard (referee)
Sport is an important part of today's society. It is leisure time's activity, entertainment, and prevention of health problems. Nowadays, the importance of sport is oriented mainly on performance and success. Under these conditions, doping substances may in some cases mean way to success. Knowledge of doping substances among athletes is very important in order to prevent positive doping and all its consequences. It is therefore important to consistently inform both adults and young athletes about this issue, and emphasise the prevention of this problem at the same time. The main goal is to map the current knowledge, attitudes and foreknowledge of students of physical education courses about doping problems. The data obtained was compared with previous reviews.
Stomatology Practice Business Plan
Knišová, Michaela ; Ševčíková, Jindra (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
Introduction: The Bachelor's thesis' focuses on business planning and construction of a business plan that precedes business launch. A business plan denotes person's commerce, business goal and direction. It is important not only for the entrepreneur's insight into whether his plan is plausible and executable, but banks and potential investors, who provide financial resources for the plan's execution, demand a business plan as well. Objective: The goal of this thesis was to develop a business plan for a fictional stomatological practice that could serve as a template for incipient businessmen - doctors who want to establish their own stomatological practice. The very composition of the business plan was foregone by both internal and external background analyses of business that contained market survey by means of a questionnaire given to the citizens of the city Prague. Methodology: The practical part of my Bachelor's thesis emanates from the survey. The questionnaire, which contained 13 questions, was delivered to Prague's citizens via social media. The results I obtained from the questionnaire provided me with information about preferences of the respondents when choosing a dentist. This information was utilised in my marketing analysis. The second step of the practical part of this thesis...

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