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Diverzita endoparazitů lišek polárních
The foxes represent a reservoir of zoonotic infections therefore it is important to be familiar with an occurrence of possible diseases. Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) faeces were collected between 2003 and 2011 from various locations on Bylot Island, Canada. These samples were consequently treated with microscopic and molecular methods to prove the presence of microsporidia, cryptosporidia and giardia. The presence of a specific DNA of Cryptosporidium was detected in two samples and specific DNA of Microsporidia was detected in 34 samples for genus Encephalitozoon and in five samples for genus Enterocytozoon. None of the animals showed any symptoms of a diarrhoea. Subsequent analyses showed the presence of the Cryptosporidium canis fox genotype, Encephalitozoon cuniculi II and III genotypes and Encephalitozoon hellem genotype 1A. None of the examined faeces samples were positive for the presence of specific G. intestinalis DNA. Results of the thesis show that Artic foxes are mainly infected by microsporidia of the genus Encephalitozoon, while the occurrence of other observed parasites was rare.
Dental Hygienist Burnout Syndrome and its Preventive Measures
Yakubyak, Iryna ; Pavlovičová, Markéta (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
Aim: To sum up the existing knowledge of burnout syndrome (hereinafter referred to as BS). Through a questionnaire survey, to determine the awareness of BS between dental hygienists (DH), respectively dental hygiene students suffering from BS. Describe this issue from the BS perspective. Using a leaflet to recap BS prevention. Introduction: DH has several pitfalls that can be a risk factor for the emergence or development of BS. This profession requires high emotional commitment, excellent manual skills and working without assistance. These factors can affect the psychological side and consequently lead to its occurrence and development. Therefore, it is necessary for every DH to have some awareness of the BS threat and to be able to recognize general symptoms. Material and Method: Two anonymous questionnaires were created on, which focused on experienced DH and dental hygiene students. The questionnaires were distributed via social networks and emails. The questionnaire for DH consisted of 13 questions and was elaborated by 70 DH. The student questionnaire contained 11 questions, with 71 students being processed. In addition, a case report was presented that regarded the DH who suffered from BS. The collection of necessary data for the case history was conducted by anamnesis, answered...
Gingivitis in Older School Children
Nosková, Eliška ; Pavlovičová, Markéta (advisor) ; Hronová, Alena (referee)
9. Summary This Bachelor's thesis deals with dental hygiene in older schools children and their awareness of the gingivitis issue. The theoretical part deals with the pupil's characteristics, basic gingivitis anatomy and plaque as an etiological factor of the origins of gingivitis. Next, the most frequent types of gingivitis in the given age group are described, including prophylaxis and treatment. The thesis also explores the role and importance of dental hygienists and home dental care. The objective of the practical part of the Bachelor's thesis was to map the habits of older schoolchildren, including their awareness of preserving oral health, and to compare the knowledge of pupils from upper primary schools and lower grades of multi-annual secondary grammar schools. An older school age is a complicated development period in the life of each person. The child is extremely sensitive to any criticism of his or her appearance from people around. A smile can affect whether an individual is accepted or rejected by a group and consequently, any future mental development. Any issue with gums can have not only health, but also social impact. Children of this age group have insufficient awareness of the origins and risks of gingivitis. Therefore, it is very important not only to inform them of the use of dental...

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