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Heritage evaluation of artistic stucco: The methodology deals with professional approaches to the conservation and restoration of artistic stucco, its value framework and theoretical problems of its restoration and presentation within the architectural context
Fiřt, Jan ; Kuneš, Petr ; Skalický, Petr
The methodology deals with professional approaches to the conservation and restoration of artistic stucco, its value framework and theoretical problems of its restoration and presentation within the architectural context. The introduction of the methodology presents the general characteristics of the stucco works care against the background of institutionalised monument care and describes the roles of involved persons in the process of preparing the concept of restoration intervention. In the following sections, the historical development of stucco in the European and Czech context is briefly outlined and a basic overview of the most common stucco techniques and materials is given. The next part of the methodology focuses on the survey procedures and methods used to characterise the work itself, its composition, techniques and materials, as well as to identify its damage, deterioration and secondary interventions, aimed at an overall assessment of the condition of the work. The core chapters of the methodology are devoted to the preparation of the restoration intervention, which is based on the monumental assessment of the specific work and the objectives of the intervention formulated in the given context. The preservation of the heritage values of the work is emphasised, but the legitimate perspectives of other stakeholders in the restoration process are also reflected. The final chapter of the methodology presents selected partial risks associated with older restoration inputs that are problematic from the point of view of today's monument care. The examples given, illustrated with photographs of real stucco works, deliberately depart from the context of complex and period-specific interventions and aim to present the risks associated with some of the existing approaches to restoring stucco monuments.
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Methodology of repairs of heritage listed buildings: Securing of static functions while maintaining authenticity.
Vinař, Jan
Surveys, assessments, preparation, desing, and implementation interventions, repairs, and maintenance of the load-bearing structures of listed buildings
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Sepulchral monuments in the heritage conservation practice
Roháček, Jan ; Müller, Karel ; Chlíbec, Jan ; Slavík, Jiří
The methodology book pioneers in presenting the forms and evolution of Christian sepulchral monuments dated from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, their decoration and epigraphic suit. The main part of the methodology book consists of chapters on recording, documentation, preservation and presentation of sepulchral monuments. The chapters on epigraphic and heraldic accessories are aimed to be directly used as sources for sepulchral monuments' recording. A lot of attention is paid to managing records of the monuments in the environment of the heritage conservation integrated information system.
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"Gentlemen, please, take of your hats": Methods of dating and interpretation of photographies from years 1850–1918 through historical mens fashion
Polách, Radek
„GENTLEMEN, PLEASE, TAKE OFF YOUR HATS“ – Methods of dating and interpretation of photographies from years 1850-1918 through historical mens fashion is compacted material for professional description of historical photographic material from noblemens collection funds based on basic knowledge of mens and partially child fashion, and related clothing accessories. In its entirety it brings a large amount of knowledge from history of the then mens fashion, which was after the downfall of the Austro-Hungarian empire overlooked or presented only in narrowly specialized sections, e.g. in the military section. A large part of this publication is based not only on the knowledge of description of mens clothing, but mainly of headwear. It is this clothing accessory that is pivotal to the observed era, and with a closer look, it can help accurately date and describe people captured on historical photographs. It is primarily meant for the specialized staff of memory institutions of Czech Republic, who deal with these given issues. At the same though, it can allow curators and owners of historical funds a way to describe collections of exhibits that are kept in their collection funds.
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Typology of the historical cultural landscape of the Czech Republic: methodology with a certificate from the Ministry of Culture
Ehrlich, Marek ; Kuča, Karel ; Kučová, Věra ; Pacáková, Božena ; Pavlátová, Marie ; Salašová, Alena ; Šantrůčková, Markéta ; Vorel, Ivan ; Weber, Martin ; Ehrlichová, Olga ; Fiřtová, Barbora ; Halamíčková, Alena ; Jonešová, Eva ; Králová, Vladimíra ; Kupka, Jiří ; Luhan, Čestmír ; Malina, Ondřej ; Matějka, Daniel ; Medková, Lucie ; Sedláček, Jozef ; Trpáková, Lenka ; Veith, Tomáš ; Veselovská, Věra ; Vondráčková, Simona ; Žallmannová, Eva
The new national typology of the historical cultural landscapes is created by 34 types of the historical cultural landscapes that exist in the Czech Republic. The typology is based on three categories of the cultural landscapes that were defined by the World Heritage Committee (UNESCO), i.e. designed, organically evolved and associative landscapes. The typology of the historical cultural landscapes could be used for identification, classification and evaluation of the historical cultural landscapes on the national level. The typology is applicable for the spatial identification of landscape with important cultural values that serve to the public interests in landscape protection. The typology could be also used for identification of the cultural landscapes in analysis for the spatial planning.
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