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Management of learning statistical subjects for combined form
Vlnas, Pavel ; Komárková, Lenka (advisor) ; Voráček, Jan (referee)
Currently, there is an urgent need to conduct analysis of teaching statistical courses at the Faculty of Management University of Economics in Prague in order to analyze the current teaching methods, which are at the time of this thesis in the current academic year 2009-2010. Another aim is to propose a new method of teaching that reflect emerging trends in education, which would help students to understand and absorb the learning.
Frantisek Weyr and Statistics
Černoušek, Lukáš ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Kačerová, Eva (referee)
This work is oriented to the statistics and the famous Czech actor in it,Frantisek Weyr. The aim of bachelor thesis is to provide comprehensive information about the life and work of an important lawyer, philosopher, scholar,and statistics Frantisek Weyr and theory emphasize its impact on Austria-Hungary and the Czechoslovak statistics. In addition, work will also be discussing the actual statistics and the development of concrete. Work will be only theoretical, no independent research it will not commit.To achieve the objective of the work will be used solely literary sources from the statistics and the very famous three-part biography Frantisek Weyr. The benefits of work I see that students and people in this area will provide more complete picture of Franz Weyr in the context of statistics,it's either find a statistical production, which is mentioned in passing the Weyr or available already mentioned Weyr CVs, which, however, outside statistics in particular, writes about his private life, his foreign travels and his work as a university teacher. When writing a thesis I concluded that though Weyr primarily known as a great lawyer and a university official, its influence is enormous and the statistics of its activities throughout the State Statistical Office has brought many significant achievements, which can not be forgotten. While the focus of its activities outside the statistics, I would like to say that the statistics are and should be with her still associated.
Comparison of the Current Division of Incomes in the Czech Republic with the Division of Incomes in some other EU Countries
Vychodil, Marek ; Bartošová, Jitka (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
Chacteristics of statistical data sets of Czech republic, German, France and Great Britain were compared to each other in this thesis. Atributes of position, variability, skew and sharpness of the statistical data set were used as the characteristics for the comparison. The measured values were subject of subjective interpretation and the conclusions were made according to the development in time and the situations generating these changes.
Official national tourism web sites
Zábranská, Vendula ; Vaško, Martin (advisor) ; Mlejnková, Lena (referee)
This document deals with current situation of the official national tourism web sites, analyse statistics of several main sites, including current trends in those web pages and their usage in the official web sites.
The development of revenue and expenditure of Czech and Slovak households (and future outlook)
Vít, Přemysl ; Bartošová, Jitka (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
My bachelor thesis is focused on the development of revenue and expenditure of Czech and Slovak households. In the theoretical part I dealt with by dividing the income and expenditure of households. I was looking in particular the differences in income between the two states that are its history and location very close. This also became my first order to work. Another part of this work is the statistical part of the issue containing the time series. The second objective is to establish a work estimate of the development of revenue in the future, which I included in the practical part.
Analysis of drug use in the districts of the Czech Republic
Kakaščík, Martin ; Arltová, Markéta (advisor) ; Vopravil, Jiří (referee)
The drug use is a big problem of today world. The impact of drug use affects all members of human society -- individuals, families, communities and even whole states. We can describe the situation of drug use by means of analysis of drug use in the particular districts of the Czech Republic. This diploma thesis focuses on the identification of the social, economic and demographic factors that contribute to the appearance of socially pathologic environment of drug use. The results of this thesis can be used for an identification of regions in jeopardy of drug use and for the reduction of influence of particular factors.
Problems of information search on the Internet
Janů, Tomáš ; Sklenák, Vilém (advisor) ; Šubrta, Václav (referee)
This thesis adverts to the inadequacies and impediments which can be met by an ordinary user of the internet when searching for information. The process of searching itself represents an interaction between the request given by a user and the result displayed by a search engine. The result might be in a form of URL address of a concrete web page, picture, product, location etc. Some of the problems, which are described in detail in the thesis, are for example relevance and freshness of the search result, separation of global and local result, spam in the results or problems connected to the searching in the online maps. There is an emphasis on the local market, respectively on the Czech user, in the thesis. Furthermore, it focuses on the freshness of all data and on a practical sample in a picture form. The important data and statistics are recorded in the well-arranged tables and graphs. Among others, many interesting information and observations can be found in the thesis. These information and observations are marked with the blue arrow (->).
Analysis of students' results of the subject 4ST201
Šulc, Zdeněk ; Malá, Ivana (advisor) ; Helman, Karel (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare and to test the results of students, who attended the course of statistics at the University of Economics in Prague. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part explains basic methods which are used in the thesis. The practical part deals with an analysis which is mainly focused on mid-term tests. The results of this thesis are summarized in the conclusion.
Using statistical methods for analysis of annual reports of Czech foundations
Vobecká, Zdeňka ; Stránský, Jakub (advisor) ; Vltavská, Kristýna (referee)
This thesis selects and applies statistical methods to describe and analyse a sample of annual reports of Czech foundations with the aim to discuss their current state and verify some fundamental issues related to it. The main objective is to ascertain transparency of the foundations and their adherence to legal regulations regarding the publishing of annual reports. The point of departure will be the following hypotheses. Firstly, Czech foundations do, for the most part (95%), follow the obligation to publish an annual report. Secondly, those who publish a report fulfil most of the legal requirements (75%) regarding its content. Further, factors influencing the foundation's conduct in fulfilling the obligation to publish a report are explored. For this purpose, three hypotheses are used. Firstly, it is more likely that Czech foundations united in the Czech Donors Forum shall publish an annual report in comparison with others. Secondly, Czech foundations using the Foundation Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as NIF) are more likely to publish annual reports than others. Thirdly, large Czech foundations tend to proceed in the same way. In conclusion, general behaviour of the Czech foundation sector (i.e. the foundations) and their adherence to legal regulations is assessed.
Statistical identification of industry clusters potential
Mokošová, Veronika ; Fischer, Jakub (advisor) ; Chlad, Miloslav (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to present the process connected with the identification of industrial clusters and to point out possible methods and instruments that are useable by such identification. The target is not only focussed on description of these methods but also on consideration that the methods are likewise useful in regions of Czech Republic, especially taken into account the existing offer of regional data. The diplom thesis consists of three parts. The first part represents theoretical introduction to clusters' problem. The second part, also the theoretical one, deals widely with quantitative and qualitative methods and with procedures and clasification that belong to these methods. The third part applies the theoretical knowledge into practices. The comparison methods are used in the theoretical part and the methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison and induction are used in the practical part. The diplom thesis brings a quantitative extension of methods that have been used so far when identifying the industrial clusters in Czech Republic. Due to the present trend of prefering the qualitative methods, the extension of quantitative methods could be seen as a retrograde act. But the conditions of Czech Republic tourned out that, in fact, it is a suitable extension of statistical instruments.

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