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Reakce sazenic vybraných druhů dřevin na zaplavení
Ryšavý, Jan
The thesis investigates the response to flooding of five species types of trees occurring in floodplain forests of South Moravia. This work aimed to evauate different lengths of the seedling flooding and examined seedling vitality and mortality. The investigated tree species were summer oak (Quercus robur L.), hornbeam elm (Ulmus minor Mill.), heart linden (Tilia cordata Mill.), hornbeam (Carpinus betulus L.) and field maple (Acer campestre L.). The flooding experiment was conducted from April to July 2022 and at different time intervals (7-14 days) the seedlings were flooded up to the root collar. Control seedlings were not flooded but only watered. 140 seedlings of each species were flooded and were gradually removed from the flood. The results show that relatively low mortality was observed for the flooded trees in all intervals. It was lowest for Quercus robur and Tilia cordata, which were characterized by high vitality in addition to low mortality. Ulmus minor was characterized by moderately vital seedlings. Acer campestre and Carpinus betulus had the highest mortality and their vitality decreased significantly towards the end of the experiment. The hypothesis of Quercus robur's resistance to flooding has been confirmed, which means the seedlings of this tree can probably cope well with flooding even in the conditions of floodplain forests. Tilia cordata also coped very well with flooding. It has probably invested in trunk thickness in response to water stress, adapted to flooding and thus gained a competitive advantage over other tree species. The thesis confirmed the assumption that Quercus robur is a resilient tree species to flooding and Tilia cordata showed higher resilience than expected.
Otestování vlivu termínu aplikace růstových stimulátorů na efektivitu obrany dřevin vůči hemiparazitické rostlině jmelí bílé Viscum album L.
Javorský, David
This thesis focuses on finding the appropriate timing for the use of chemical defences to eradicate white mistletoe (Viscum album L.) using growth regulators designed for plant protection. The thesis is divided into two main parts, namely, the literature review related to the problem addressed and the practical implementation of the research. In the research, two growth regulators were applied in a regular interval of fourteen days between November and March. The results of this work, the showed effectiveness of the application of growth regulators used for mistletoe eradication in February. The efficacy of the two chemical agents used is different 73 % and 92 % over the entire period under study.
Hodnocení přirozeného zmlazení ve vybraných maloplošných chráněných územích Školního lesního podniku "Masarykův les" Křtiny
Mareš, Viktor
The objective of this work is to evaluate natural regeneration in two reserves and one management stand in school forest company Křtiny. Two field surveys were carried out, one before the growing season and second after the growing season. The work focused on sessile oak (Quercus petraea), which forms the upper storey at all sites, and it is commercial and natural species to these areas. The success and effect of habitat on regeneration was investigated. The surveys were conducted and based on the fact that 2020 was a strong seed year for sessile oak. Seedlings were evaluated in a network of plots for each site to determine the status of regeneration, and what influences it if any and also the condition of the shelterwood. In the NPR Hádecká planinka, a very poor state of natural regeneration was found, which is probably due to lack of light and competition from other tree species. In contrast, the condition at the U Vojáků site in the clearing area segment clearly shows that oak regeneration is much better in open areas with sufficient light.
Mortalita podsadeb buku lesního a jedle bělokoré vyzvednutých z přirozené obnovy
Gattnar, Matyáš
The main aim of this bachelor thesis was to evaluate the mortality of seedlings of white fir (from three different natural forest areas) and beech, which were collected and transplanted under spruce forest. The research was carried out in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains in the Kyčera area, which is under the administration of the Forestry Service of the Czech Republic. Two decaying spruce monocultures were used. Several variants of forest beech and white fir from three different natural forest areas (Beskydy, Jeseník, Žďár) were planted on the nutrient habitats. The best results were obtained for the variant of rooted beech, which was planted in the spring of 2022. Of the fir trees, those taken from the Beskydy area fared best.
Zhodnocení zdravotního stavu a perspektivy výsadeb dřevin rostoucích u silnic II. a III. třídy, v okresech Hodonín a Břeclav
Prášek, Petr
Abstract The aim of the bachelor thesis was to evaluate the perspective of plantings along roads in order to find the cause of reducing the perspective of newly planted road alleys. Three sites with different conditions with different taxa were selected for the research. The dependence of perspective on the given conditions was investigated. Furthermore, the subsequent treatment of plantings was proposed to positively influence the perspective on the basis of the amended Tree Evaluation Standard. The results of the research showed that the prospect of new planting is poor. The reasons for the reduced perspective were determined as the absence of post-planting care, mechanical damage to the machine trunks and loss of planting due to theft. Another investigation of this survey was the financial demands of new plantings. Based on the findings of a reduced perspective, it was possible to determine the financial costs of green maintenance beyond standard care.
Trends in pancreatic cancer mortality in Europe in the years 1995-2018
Opltová, Michaela ; Kulhánová, Ivana (advisor) ; Altová, Anna (referee)
Trends in pancreatic cancer mortality in Europe in the years 1995-2018 Abstract Malignant neoplasm of the pancreas is one of the malignant diseases with the worst survival statistics. The death rate per year is currently almost equal to the incidence rate in the world. Europe, along with other developed regions, is among the most affected areas. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyse the development of the intensity of mortality due to malignant neoplasm of the pancreas in selected European countries between 1995 and 2018 and the subsequent comparison of trends between countries and within individual regions. Standardized mortality rates and age-specific mortality rates were mainly used for this purpose. Data came from the WHO Mortality Database and the Human Mortality Database. All states experienced an increase in standardized mortality rates for pancreatic cancer in both sexes. The states of Central and Northern Europe recorded higher values for both sexes, while the lowest values were recorded by the states of Southern Europe. Specific mortality rates increased with age in both sexes also in all analysed states. Key words: mortality, malignant neoplasm of the pancreas, Europe, standardized mortality rate
Species-specific and individual predictors of birds' collisions with glass obstacles in the Czech Republic
Semeráková, Anna ; Sedláček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Viktora, Lukáš (referee)
Recent landscape transformation is associated with the emergence of various artificial obstacles that change the natural form of habitats and biocorridors of free-ranging animals. Glass obstacles represent a particular problem due to their transparency and reflectivity. Collisions with glass represent one of the most significant causes of bird mortality worldwide, accounting for over hundreds of millions bird deaths annually. Many authors consider this source of mortality to be completely non-selective. In that case, total collisions mortality would represent a function of population size. However, here I assume that the relationship between collision mortality and population size is more complex and that certain avian ecological groups may be differently susceptible to glass collisions based on their specific ecological characteristics. Long-term records of bird-glass collisions in the Czech Republic were provided by the Czech faunistic databases. These records were compared with the population size of analysed species and with selected ecological and morphological species characteristics. Consistently with the premise, I found out that the greatest amount of collision mortality is explained by the species' population size. However, other species characteristics, such as higher body weight,...
Gender differences in mortality from cardiovascular diseases in Europe
Trčková, Tereza ; Kulhánová, Ivana (advisor) ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (referee)
Genderdifferencesinmortalityfromcardiovascular diseases inEurope Abstract This thesis aims to analyze the difference in cardiovascular disease mortality between men and women in 21 selected European countries in the period 2001-2019. The intensity of gender differences across the selected countries is examined. With a stronger emphasis, the position of the Czech Republic within Europe is evaluated. To examine gender differences in cardiovascular mortality, the thesis uses standardized cause-specific mortality rates and a comparison of actual life expectancy with hypothetical life expectancy when cardiovascular mortality is suppressed for each country. Cluster analysis is used to identify how countries cluster together based on their similarity of health determinants. The results of the analysis showed that differences between men and women are present in all selected countries. The largest differences are found in Eastern and Central European countries.
Trends in stroke mortality in Czechia in the period 1995-2021
Prystaszová, Adéla ; Kulhánová, Ivana (advisor) ; Lustigová, Michala (referee)
Stroke is one of the most common causes of death in Czechia. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyse trends in stroke mortality between 1995 and 2021 using data from the Czech Statistical Office. Standardized mortality rates, age-specific mortality rates, simple proportion calculations and two-dimensional decomposition method were used for this purpose. The thesis describes a significant decrease in the overall intensity of stroke mortality and intensity by age groups, as well as notable impact of stroke on the increase in life expectancy at birth. Furthermore, the thesis examines changes in the position of stroke among other causes of death, including cardiovascular diseases. The regional differentiation of stroke mortality is also analysed, revealing significant internal variability within Czechia. Additionally, the mortality trends of two main stroke types, ischaemic and haemorrhagic, are briefly outlined. Analysis of differences between men and women is included throughout the whole thesis. Keywords: mortality, stroke, standardized mortality rates, decomposition, Czechia Trends in stroke mortality in Czechia in the period 1995-2021

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