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Otestování vlivu termínu aplikace růstových stimulátorů na efektivitu obrany dřevin vůči hemiparazitické rostlině jmelí bílé Viscum album L.
Javorský, David
This thesis focuses on finding the appropriate timing for the use of chemical defences to eradicate white mistletoe (Viscum album L.) using growth regulators designed for plant protection. The thesis is divided into two main parts, namely, the literature review related to the problem addressed and the practical implementation of the research. In the research, two growth regulators were applied in a regular interval of fourteen days between November and March. The results of this work, the showed effectiveness of the application of growth regulators used for mistletoe eradication in February. The efficacy of the two chemical agents used is different 73 % and 92 % over the entire period under study.
Presentation of simultaneous speech translation
Javorský, Dávid ; Bojar, Ondřej (advisor) ; Žabokrtský, Zdeněk (referee)
The goal of the thesis is to examine methods for presenting the outputs of simul- taneous speech translation systems to users. Compared to manually edited subtitles in movies, current translation systems achieve lower quality in automatic subtitling due to limitations of reading speed and space constraints. Therefore, this thesis examines possibilities of relaxing these constraints, achieving an improvement in overall quality of translated speech presentation. The work relies on existing translation and speech recognition systems, proposing methods solely for user evaluation of the presentation. It provides a thorough analysis of selecting the best layout from a number of presenta- tion options, recommending its usage given available resources. The experimenting is performed given our proposed interface for subtitling and testing. Additionally, the re- sults bring new insights to the relation between the evaluation methods, suggesting less time-consuming evaluation for specific usecases in future experiments. 1
High-performance inverted index database
Javorský, Dávid ; Kratochvíl, Miroslav (advisor) ; Peška, Ladislav (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to implement an inverted-index database software that provides improvements in handling raw non-textual data, which is beneficial for several areas of research. The main internal structures of the library are designed to be cache-oblivious, also aiming to reduce the size of stored data. This thesis includes an overview of common inverted index implementation methods and describes retaled structures in a suitable cache-based model. This resulted in improvements of compression ratio, and performance similar to currently available highly optimized databases. The benchmark conducted on cheminformatic data has shown that the resulting software is applicable as an immediate, efficient replacement of the storage back-ends of specialized molecule databases.

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5 JAVORSKÝ, Daniel
5 Javorský, Daniel
3 Javorský, Dominik
3 Javorský, Dávid
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