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Housing concept in the European context
Neumann, Michal ; Vaňková, Lucie (referee) ; Krejza, Zdeněk (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is a comparison of the housing policy of the Czech Republic with respect to other European countries. Due to the different economic, historical and political situations of the individual states and their geographical location, attention is focused on the neighboring states of the Czech Republic. The selected group of assessed states provides sufficiently diverse situations and approaches to housing policy, so that the effectiveness of individual measures that could be applied to the environment of the Czech Republic could be evaluated. In the theoretical part, the basic directions of housing policy and related principles characteristic of the housing market are presented, as well as an assessment of national and transnational circumstances contributing to the final form of housing policy. In the practical part, the situation of the housing policy and its instruments in a longer time horizon and the reaction to their reactions to unexpected transnational circumstances are evaluated. The result of the practical part is a statistically based evaluation of individual housing policies and their individual parts. The conclusion of the diploma thesis contains the author's commentary and suggestions for optimizing the elements of housing policy and defining the basic risks of housing policy in the Czech Republic.
Housing financing options
Herzogová, Barbora ; Kocourková, Gabriela (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
The Diploma thesis concerns with options of personal housing financing in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The aim is to compare different financial sources, choose the optimal source for the model family and compare conditions on czech and slovak market.
Choosing a housing financing product
The topic of my thesis is Product selection for housing financing. I chose this topic because it is thematically closest to me at the moment. The first part of the thesis is the theoretical part. This part will mainly deal with defining all the products that are suitable for financing housing. Specifically, the thesis will describe building savings, mortgage loans, consumer loans, government loans for young people, financing through own savings and financing through an American mortgage. Furthermore, the advantages and disadvantages of individual products will be written down here. In the penultimate part of the diploma thesis, the offers of the five largest banks on the Czech market will be selected. The parameters of individual offers will be written down and compared with each other in terms of several criteria. The last part of the theoretical part of the thesis will be dedicated only to the topic of multi-criteria decision making. Specifically, the basics of understanding the multi-criteria evaluation of variants will be described here. The scoring method and the weight distribution method will also be defined here in more detail. The last part of the thesis will be devoted only to the practical part. The practical part of the thesis will use the data obtained from the theoretical part. In the practical part, scoring methods and methods of gradual decomposition of weights will be used to obtain the weights of individual criteria. The final ranking of banks' offers will also be determined based on the scoring method. In the practical part, two respondents will also be approached for the reason that a different point of view than my subjective one will be brought into the diploma thesis. In the last part of the thesis, a general methodology for choosing a mortgage loan from a bank will be written, which will offer the best possible conditions for the client. At the end, there will be a written discussion containing the positives and negatives of the performed procedures. The aim of the thesis is to select the product that will be the most advantageous for real estate financing. The main task of the thesis will therefore be to find the currently most advantageous product, consider its positives and negatives and propose a general methodology for selecting this product. The last task will be to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed procedures and possibly suggest other and more appropriate procedures for choosing the most suitable product for real estate financing.
Housing of adults with physical and combined disabilities
JAŠKOVÁ, Kristýna
This diploma thesis focuses on people suffering from physical and combined handicaps and the options of their independent living. The objective of the diploma thesis has been to compare individual ways and models of the living of adults suffering from physical and combined handicaps that are practically used, mainly from the perspective of the living users themselves and including living within the facility of residential social service, independent livingwith the support of field social services or informal nurses and volunteers. An increased attention will be paid to not so common and traditional models of ensuring an independent housing, a qualified description of their function and the options of their use in wider terms. In order to find out the objective of this diploma thesis, three research questions were posed. RQ no.1 How do the role of a social worker and the methods used within social work differ while supporting the user transferring towards independent living and its implementation in relation to the utilized living model of people suffering from physical and combined handicaps? RQ no.2 What do positive contributions and subjectively perceived disadvantages of individual models and ways of independent living of people suffering from physical and combined handicap rely in? RQ no.3 In what way and using what organisational and personnel requirements and what legal frame are ´unconventional´ ways of living of people suffering from physical and combined handicap implemented in comparison to usual and mostly used forms? What are the options and opportunities for their development and wider use? The research part was processed on the basis of a qualitative research strategy using the questionnaire method, the technique of a semi-structured interview. This interview consisted of questions aimed at the providers and the users of individual services as well as the unconventional forms of independent housing. The interviews consisted of 25 questions that were, based on the interviews, being completed by further questions. The results have proven that there are great differences between traditional ways of living and not so common ways of independent living of adults suffering from physical and combined handicaps.
Housing Financing in the Czech Republic
HAVEL, Samuel
This thesis focuses on the comparison of possible housing financing and choosing the best variation given to developed data for a model case. It also explores possible housing financing such as mortgage loans, bridge loans and building savings. The theoretical part of this work presents housing, the current situation in the real estate market and the tax system.
The Life of Homeless Women in a Selected Region through the Eyes of Themselves
The bachelor thesis deals with the life of homeless women in České Budějovice. The main aim of the thesis is to present the various challenges that are related to the loss of housing, and to find out what the most common causes of homelessness of women in České Budějovice are. The practical part of this bachelor thesis is conducted through the qualitative research strategy. The method of questioning and the technique of semi-structured interview were used. The research sample consists of eight homeless women living in the area of the South Bohemian Region, specifically in České Budějovice. The research sample was selected using the snowball sampling method. The results of the interviews were collected and further processed using the open coding method. Through this method, ten categories with specific codes were created. The results of the research showed that the most common causes of homelessness of women in České Budějovice are domestic violence and unsatisfactory (dysfunctional) relationships with family. The communication partners also shared dissatisfaction with the current situation and stated that they wished to change their situation. It also became apparent that the communication partners consider the absence of stable housing to be the main problem. This bachelor thesis could serve, for example, as a source of information for students or as feedback for social service providers in České Budějovice
Analysis of selected needs of individuals living in socially excluded localities of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice
The diploma thesis deals with the selected needs of individuals living in socially excluded localitites of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice. The objective of this thesis is mapping out and analysing the psychosocial needs of individuals living in socially excluded localities of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice. The thesis focuses on identifying basic needs of individuals living in these localities, and at the same time it brings an insight into behaviour that we can encounter in these individuals. The survey deals with basic indicators of social exclusion. The thesis is completed by the detected results that were reached using qualitative research. The output of the thesis is pointing to the necessity of focusing on complex work with individuals in socially excluded localities, mainly on the need of safety and security followed by key areas of mututal cooperation.
Social housing - current state, limits, barriers and possibilities of development of this sector.
The bachelor thesis deals with social housing, its current state, limits, barriers and possibilities of development of this sector. The bachelor thesis aims to determine the current state of social housing, whether it is adequate and used effectively where it is needed. At the same time to find out whether it has limitations and barriers in this sector or none, to highlight possible weak areas, and to suggest options in development of the sector. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is divided into 7 chapters, which are further divided into subchapters. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts such as housing, social housing, its objectives and target groups, social benefits related to housing. It also describes selected social housing projects implemented in the Czech Republic and social housing in selected European Union countries. The practical part is processed using a qualitative research strategy, the method of interviewing and semi-structured interview technique. The main aim of the interviews was to find out what is the availability of social housing. The interviews were conducted with seven representatives of municipalities with extended South Bohemia Region. The questions that were asked to the interviewees were chosen so that to evaluate the research questions. The results of this thesis can serve as a source of information about social housing. They can also be used as a basis for further research or for improving the social housing system. The research identified the availability of social housing in the South Bohemia Region and its effective use. Among other things, the following findings were made limits and barriers, including in particular the absence of a law on social housing that would be a development in this area.
Social aspects of housing in town České Budějovice
The housing is the basing necessity of life. In our society it's guaranteed by law but despite that fact not everybody has this option to get theis own housing and to keep that. For those people there should be help by the municipality and mainly by the state. This thesis is focused on municipaty České Budějovice and the aim is to map the area of housing in that city. The contents of this thesis are the extracts of reference books, references to the Internet links and thouhts extracted from the inferences of this thesis. The social research aims to demonstrate the attitude of the inhabitants of České Budějovice.
Platform Urbanism – Digital platforms and their role in the city
Indruch, Ondřej ; Bílý, Radoslav (referee) ; Palacký, Jiří (advisor)
The theoretical diploma thesis follows up on the undergraduate work examining the issue of „Platform urbanism“ using the method of studying literature. Starting with physical platforms, their interconnection with digital platforms and the concept of a smart city, to a possible overlap into virtual reality. The theoretical diploma thesis examines the transformation of urban space through digital platforms from the perspective of experience and knowledge from advanced development abroad to early development in the city of Brno in order to answer the established research question: „What is the role of platforms within the city and how do they influence its development?“ Through knowledge from undergraduate work and the connection to the concept of a smart city, three main sectors - transport, real estate, shopping, and three additional sectors - health, identification, communication - are selected with regard to city life, basic human needs and representation on digital platforms. According to ownership, individual sectors are divided into those managed by the city, region and state and otherwise by private companies. Specific representatives of digital platforms are divided according to the scale of the platform or operating company into three fields - local, regional, global. This creates an up-to-date overview of relevant digital platforms operating in the city of Brno in order to answer the second research question set by the author during the work: „Is it possible to compile an overview of urban platforms that affect city life and development?“ To gain experience and knowledge in the city of Brno, a questionnaire survey was conducted focused on individual sectors of digital platforms operating in the city. Based on local and foreign knowledge and experience, a SWOT analysis is compiled for individual sectors of digital platforms. The examination of individual sectors is concluded by a critical evaluation and subsequent recommendations or solutions. The research on the issue of platform urbanism, specifically digital platforms, is finally evaluated from the author‘s point of view. Based on research findings, the author theoretically proposes a digital solution with possible global application and a physical solution for a specific sector of actors operating in Brno.

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