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Bevel gearbox design for heavy industrial applications
Škopec, Filip ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with the problem of bevel gearboxes on the Czech and foreign markets, where there is no offer in a wider range of required properties and specifications. The main goal of the thesis was to devise a design solution for a two-stage bevel gearbox for belt conveyor mine operation with parameters: P=37 kW, n=1450 rpm, i=20 and operation in a dusty environment. Based on the analysis of the current state of knowledge, which dealt with the main components of bevel gearboxes, four conceptual solutions were created from the point of view of the arrangement of individual gears. From the individual comparisons of the appropriateness of the use of the given conceptual designs, a design with a modified gear-case was selected, which was processed using design calculations and subsequently checked by strength calculations. The output of this thesis is processed production drawings of shafts, bevel and spur gear and then a drawing of the bevel gearbox assembly. The thesis also includes a written general procedure for the design of bevel gearboxes, which can serve as a guide for readers. The resulting construction design can form the basis for the final product of companies that would deal with a potential order.
Diagnostics of rotating parts mounting systems in a wind turbine nacelle
Krontorád, Jakub ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Mazal, Pavel (advisor)
The core aspect of thesis is management of work and diagnostics of wind turbines. It contains an overview of wind energy in Czech Republic and collects a relevant information from international papers and studies regarding the topic of diagnostics and maintenance of main mechanical components located in nacelle of wind turbine. It contains a recommendation for improvement of working conditions of wind turbines and their maintenance, which would lead to decrease of failure rates of the wind turbines main mechanical systems due to the utilization of acoustic emission and high frequency vibrations monitoring. Experimental part of the thesis contains analysis of acoustic emission signal from anonymous wind turbine with maximum energy output of 2000kW in Czech Republic to illustrate the sensitivity of acoustic emission and introduce its principles.
Design of a Chainsaw Mill
Hynek, Jakub ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Ranuša, Matúš (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the construction of a mobile log saw with an adjustable cutting height and attachment to a tree trunk. Part of the work is a search of known solutions for mobile log saws. The next part deals with conceptual designs and the choice of the most suitable solution. Furthermore, individual structural nodes are elaborated for the selected design and the function of individual parts is described. At the end of the work is the evaluation of the proposed structure.
Design of the feeding mechanism for L profiles
Witos, Anton ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Mazal, Pavel (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis was designed machine for feeding L profiles and end effector of service robot. Machine uses pneumatic piston to create frictional force between profile and feeding wheels. For movement of profile is used chain transmission which drive feeding wheels. End effector uses for work special type of electromagnet which uses electric voltage only for disabling. Thesis includes review of suggested solutions and choice of optimal solutions.
Optimization of ultrasonic leak detector of pneumatic system
Macků, Ondřej ; Mazal, Pavel (referee) ; Vlašic, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with design and optimization of exchangeable modules for localization of air distributable ultrasound in concept of ultrasound probe design. Several series of these modules were manufactured using the technology of rapid prototyping and tested on artificially created source of air leak. Based on these verification experiments two types covering wide use for identification of pneumatic systems leaks were selected and modified. These two types are long range module for more accurate and expended reach of the leak detection and focusing attachment for narrowing the received range of scanning module and elimination of surrounding ultrasound. Part of the thesis is also analysis of the acoustic signal processed by modern acoustic emission analysers which allow besides standard parameters recording also continuous sampling up to 10 MHz and design solution for attachment of add-on modules to the detector. The thesis is beneficial for raising awareness of leak measurements, prototype manufacturing by using the 3D printing and designing and manufacturing of modules.
Suspended bicycle carrier for buses
Svoboda, Pavel ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Mazal, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis describes the construction of universal the rack for bicycles to different types of buses. The aim was to produce a simple, lightweight, safe, affordable, accessible design of the rack for bicycles with easy the suspension, but also with the access to the engine compartment of the bus.
Base frame´s oil system under the steam turbine and generator
Petržela, Zdeněk ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Mazal, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes problematics of the lube system of steam turbines as an important part for its operation. The beginning of the thesis offers an overview of steam engine and steam turbine development both at home and abroad and its working cycle. The main part of the thesis discusses lube system functions and components. Next section contains a summary of required turbine oil properties and effects that affect the oil during working cycle. The conclusion of the thesis is focused on lube system operating problems, their causes, consequences and recommendations for their preventing.
Desk for splitting semiautomatic
Jurák, Pavel ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the design of the working table, which will ensure the stem lifting and its transport to the splitting semi-automat. Lifting of stem with weight up to 500 kg is ensured by lifting arms. Then, the stem is moved to the splitting semi-automatic by means of a belt conveyor. The design of the frame is designed to withstand a load of 5000 N. The lowest security has k = 1.2 according to the strength analysis. The table frame can be easily folded using a hydraulic cylinder. Thanks to this we can easily mount the frame behind a splitter semi-automatic and transport both devices at the same time.
Draft block for dough processing
Novotný, Jan ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor)
The Bachelor´s thesis deals with a structural design of a draft block of the placement of dough processing rollers, which are used for stiffening wheat dough in bakery lines intended for the production of common bakery products. The introduction gives a description of a bread and common bakery making production line. Next the thesis briefly deals with other possible dough-stiffening methods and with sanitary, structural and material requirements for food processing machinery. The structural part is devoted to a roller propulsion draft and a solution of a shift of one of the rollers. It contains a calculation of a worm gear, a load shaft calculation and a complete design documentary materials.
Amphibious off-road car with hydraulic drive
Nožka, Michal ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
The main purpose of this bachelor's thesis is a feasibility study of an amphibious off-road car with hydraulic drive. The first part of this thesis contains basic theory of amphibious vehicles and hydraulic drives of vehicles. The second part consists of chosen amphibious cars and their comparisons. Part of this thesis also suggests hydraulic components that could be used for construction of this car.

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