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Plantar fasciitis, its pathogenesis and therapeutic modification by conservative methods
Manhartová, Lenka ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Pivec, Martin (referee)
The Bachelor's Thesis "Plantar fasciitis, pathogenesis and conservative treatment" deals with musculoskeletary problems, which is the sphere of attention of several medical disciplines. Very important is clinical examination, which is the result of anatomical, biomechanical and kineziological knowledge. The plantar fasciitis is part of revmatological diseases, especially those with extraarticulary origin. The origin of this disease are various, the most frequent is repetitive strain or excessive load on the fascia, acute or repetitive traumas or microtraumas. The Plantar fasciitis is a clinical diagnosis that is most commonly seen in younger runners and patiens of age between 40 and 60 years who are often slightly overweight and may be deconditioned and people whose occupation require prolonged standing or walking. Self examination consist of personal health anamnesis and physical examination which is important for differential diagnosis. If diagnostic conclusion is unclear, imaging methods can be helpful. The conservative treatment of plantar fasciitis includes rest, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Proper choice of orthotics and footwear, especially by athletes, is essential. Conservative treatment is often combined with pharmacotherapy. Surgery shoul be the last posibility for case resistant to the...
Surface electromyography leg and trunk muscle in patients with Jumper's knee
Crhonková, Radka ; Čech, Zdeněk (referee) ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is summarize the current knowledge about Jumper's knee. It also includes a brief summary of the anatomy and kinesiology of the knee and then a separate chapter is devoted to the etiology, clinical picture, investigations and treatment of Jumper's knee. On these findings has been prepared and compiled research project hypotheses. This research is to determine whcther, and what affects Jumper's knee in the human musculoskeletal system. To this end, we chose a method of surface electromyography and dynamic plantography for analysis of pressure distribution and reaction forces during foot contact with the plate. Attention was focused on the comparison of side differences and timing muscle trunk and legs during dynamic activities sdccted. The results were compared with a control group that consisted of healthy individuals. Powered by TCPDF (
Surface Electromyography of A Trunk Muscles and Gastrosolear Complex and Monitoring the Contact Forces During Dynamic Activities
Manhartová, Lenka ; Bitnar, Petr (referee) ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor)
The aim of this paper is to verify the average activity and involvement of chosen torso muscles and muscles of lower extremities by the utilization of surface electromyography and the force platform. The muscle activity and the sole load are monitored mainly during dynamic activities; i.e. walk and running drills as the basic element of the proper running technique training. The measuring is carried out under two situations: with and without the running shoes. Two groups of runners have been chosen for the experiment: the performance and the weekend runners. Powered by TCPDF (
Etiopathogenesis of the groin pain, diagnostics and therapy
Herlová, Simona ; Schreier, Bronislav (referee) ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor)
This theses sums up findings about etiopathogenesis of particular causes of groin pain, its diagnostics and its therapy. The work, for your easier orientation in it, is devided up into four groups described us: hip joint disorder, inguinal hernia, sportsman's injury and referred pain. The diagnostics part describes the examination for the motional stereotype of the hip joint and examination of the deep stabilizing muscles. Powered by TCPDF (
Verification of the effects of Vojta's reflex locomation in patients with peripheral paresis of the facial nerve
Dvořák, Martin ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Horáček, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis summes up findings concerning the pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnostic, and the therapy of peripheral paresis of the facial nerve, with accent on physiotherapeutical methods of treatment of such disorder. Here is also a description of Polyelectromyography that could become one possibility how to objectively judge the differences in the activation of mimical muscles in patients diagnosed with peripheral paresis of the facial nerve during various kinds of mimical movements. The practical part is concerned with and is talking about the use and application of my knowledge of the theory in practice with providing therapy to my patients suffering from peripheral paresis of the facial nerve by applying Vojta's reflex locomotion. The immediate effect of the therapy is here objectively and in detail analysed and described. Powered by TCPDF (
Superficial electromyography of muscles of legs and shins in various postural situations in patients with chronic talar instability
Kosobudová, Blanka ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Lepšíková, Magdaléna (referee)
The first aim of this master thesis was to summarize the information on injuries of ligamentous apparatus of an ankle, lateral instability of a talar joint, conservative and operative therapy of these injuries with the emphasis on physiotherapeutical procedures in the therapy of ankle sprains. The second aim of the master thesis was to introduce surface electromyography as a possibility to examine objectively the differences in the activation of foot and shank muscles with healthy people and people with chronic instability of an ankle in different postural situations. The third aim was to use the theoretical knowledge in practice with patients who have sprained their ankle and to make a subjective and objective assessment of the therapy effect which is in progress. Powered by TCPDF (
Physiotherapeutic facilities of the epicondylalgia treatment
Zadražilová, Tereza ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Hejlová, Věra (referee)
Hlavním tématem diplomové práce byly fyzioterapeutické možnosti léčby epikondylalgií. Vzhledem k pokroku ve výzkumu onemocnění šlach bylo snahou zhodnotit nové poznatky v oblasti etiopatogeneze, efektivity terapie a zdůraznit přínos nových vyšetřovacích metod, které nám pomáhají pro včasný záchyt onemocnění. Práce je rozdělena do šesti kapitol. V první kapitole je popsána anatomie loketního kloubu s důrazem na muskuloskeletární systém, menší důraz je kladen na nervově cévní struktury. Druhá kapitola je rozdělena na sedm podkapitol, jež se týkají funkce loketního kloubu, jeho rozsahů ale i funkce jednotlivých svalů podílejících se na pohybech loketního kloubu. Dále jsou uvedeny i svaly podílející se na pohybech zápěstí, tím pádem přímo související s probíraným onemocněním. Závěr této kapitoly je věnován problematice šlach a šlachových úponů, kde je uvedena jak anatomie a biomechanika, tak hojení poškozených šlach. Třetí kapitola se zabývá etiopatogenezí epikondylalgií a etiologickými faktory jejich vzniku. Je zde popsán patologicko - anatomický obraz postižené šlachy se všemi klinickými projevy. V další kapitole jsou uvedeny vyšetřovací metody od anamnézy, přes různé druhy klinických vyšetření, až po nejpoužívanější metody zobrazování jako je RTG, MR, CT, UZ a další. V páté kapitole je probrána problematika...
Electromyographic Analysis of the Femoral Muscles' Activity in Patiens with a Ruptured and Reconstructed Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Fišáková, Marie ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Véle, František (referee)
Jnjury of anterior cruciat ligament (ACL) is frequent. ACL lesion has serious consequences on the knee joint biomechanics as well as neurophysiological changes. This study sum111arize the facts in the field of ACL lesion. in ter111s ofin jury, therapy and the return of a patient to daily life. The present research into anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) lesion has shown varying results. We investigated the electro111yographic (EMG) activity of fe111oral 111uscles (se111i111e111branosus 111. (SEMI). biceps femoris m. (BF), vastus medialis 111. (VM), vastus lateralis m. (VL)) during specific physical activities (PA) in the closed kinetic chain (CKC). The main focus was on the protective pattern of femoral111uscles activity in knees with insufficient stability, due to ACL les ion. The study was based on theory as well as previous investigations of "the ha111string reflex". 16 patients with ACL lesion (6 men and 1 O women; mean age = 34 years, range = fro111 15 to 54) divided in 2 groups (with and without ACL reconstruction) participated in this study. The EMG activity of assessed femoral muscles was analysed during 3 specific activities: calm standing (CS), rythmic weight bearing (RWB), forward lunge (FL). The performance of PA were standardized by the use of the forceplate offered by NeuroCom® "Balance...
Etiopathogenesis and possibilities of physiotherapy treatment of pain in the heel - with a focus on heel bone spur
Komendová, Radka ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Pivec, Martin (referee)
Etiopathogenesis and possibilities of physiotherapy treatment of pain in the heel - with a focus on heel bone spur Powered by TCPDF (

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