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Myofascial pain syndrome in the pelvic area
Hujová, Kateřina ; Bitnar, Petr (advisor) ; Langerová, Marie (referee)
Myofascial pain syndrome (MFBS) in the pelvic region is characterized by the presence of trigger points (TrPs) in the pelvic floor (PF) muscles and pain that is localized directly in the pelvis but simultaneously radiates to surrounding structures. This pain is often difficult to distinguish from internal complaints, which are often mimiced or accompanied by the pain. This bachelor's thesis addresses the subject of pain in the pelvic region and TrPs, which are related to myofascial structures, particularly PD. In the theoretical part, it aims to bring together the existing knowledge on MFBS with a narrower focus on the pelvic region and to present a comprehensive examination procedure and treatment options. The examination of PD in MFBS should be comprehensive, including history, palpation, dynamic tests and pelvic region specific tests. Therapy is initiated with manual techniques (MT), includes therapeutic physical education (TPE) methods to integrate the pelvis into global movement patterns. Training awareness of PD and the ability to relax it play an important role as well. The psychological side of the person should not be neglected, as pelvic difficulties are related to the intimate parts, in many cases reducing the quality of life and limiting the performance of daily activities. For five...
Changes in foot arch form in hemodialysis patients
Havrda, Prokop ; Bitnar, Petr (advisor) ; Katolický, Jakub (referee)
Chronic renal failure and dialysis treatment affect the musculoskeletal system and functional capacity patients. This work assesses the effect with a focus on changes in the structure and function of the foot. The theoretical part deals with the issue of chronic renal failure and dialysis treatment. It presents evidence of the influence of some internal diseases on the foot, in order to better understand the changes taking place in the examined probands. It describes pathological changes, that affect functional capacity of the examined probands. The practical part assesses the effect of chronic renal failure and dialysis treatment on the height of longitudinal foot arch, gait stereotype and postural stability of 30 patients from the dialysis center Fresenius Medical Care - DS, s.r.o. and FN Motol.
Soldán, Kryštof ; Bitnar, Petr (advisor) ; Veselý, Viktor (referee)
Bakalářská práce Porovnání průběhu akupunkturních šlachosvalových drah s moderními poznatky o myofasciálních řetězcích 1 Abstract Fasciae are currently a much discussed theoretical and clinical topic. Their association with muscle has inspired many Western authors to describe the so-called myofascial chains. However, a similar model was also present much earlier in the medical systems of other cultures. Traditional Chinese medicine offers one of the oldest and most accurately documented views on this topic. In the Western world, the system of twelve acupuncture meridians is relatively well known, but the whole traditional system of channels is much more complex. It also includes a description of the tendomuscular meridians, which are closely related to the musculoskeletal system and, at first glance, show similarities to the myofascial chains. This bachelor's thesis is focused on the comparison of these two views, which are roughly 2000 years apart. It was prompted by the absence of such an unbiased comparison. The theoretical part of the thesis contains a basic introduction to both the modern Western systems and the traditional view represented by the more than two thousand years old Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor. The central part of the thesis consists in a direct comparison of the pathways of each...
Respiration and posture influence on the activity of upper and lower esophageal sphincters
Bitnar, Petr ; Kobesová, Alena (advisor) ; Dolina, Jiří (referee) ; Malá, Jitka (referee)
Respiration and posture influence on the activity of upper and lower esophageal sphincters Abstract This work explores the effect of postural respiratory function on pressures in the upper esophageal sphincter (UES) and the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). UES and LES pressures were measured using a high-resolution manometry (HRM). Leg raise in a supine position results in significant pressure increase in the UES and LES. Traction of the cervical spine and chest stabilization maneuver significantly reduces pressure in the UES and significantly increases pressure in the LES. Abdominal wall activity, i.e. intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) affecting UES and LES function, was measured using Ohm Belt sensors. IAP is related to body position, i.e. posture. Using verbal and manual guides, the subject can be instructed to increase abdominal wall activity and thus regulate (increase) IAP. Of the five monitored positions (sitting, lying on the back with leg raise, "bear", squat and hang), the greatest increase in IAP occurred in the bear position, i.e. in the position on all fours with a support on both hands and feet. IAP activation, which is significantly dependent on diaphragm activation, can potentially affect LES pressure and UES pressures. Based on the systematic review, it can be concluded that breathing...
Effect of kinesiotaping on shoulder girdle muscle activity
Dvořáková, Petra ; Valouchová, Petra (advisor) ; Bitnar, Petr (referee)
Kinesiotaping is a new method used for an extremely wide range of clinical conditions. Kinesiotaping is established in sport for treatment and prevention of injury and offers therapists a new treatment possibility of muskuloskeletal injuries and disorders. There are used elastic permeable and water-resistant adhesive tapes of different colours. Elasticity of the tape maintains the patient's full mobility. This is the decisive advantage compared with the previous treatment taping methods. The mechanism of kinesiotaping is based on two main effects. The kinesiotape stimulate the skin receptors and increase interstitial space between the skin and the underlying connective tissues. Therefore it improves the circulation of both venous and lymphatic fluid and decrease pressure on mechanical nociceptors. It is surprising that even though the kinesiotaping is being very often used, there is lack of evidence demonstrating its effectiveness. The aim of the thesis is therefore to summarize all general information about the kinesiotaping and compare them with published results. The special chapter is devoted to the kinesiotaping of the shoulder girdle, which is supplemented by a practical section about the muscle activity effect of the kinesiotaping of the shoulder girdle measured by surface electromyography.
Evaluation of pulmonary and postural functions in patients with chest wall deformity (Pectus carinatum)
Zbuzek, Daniel ; Bitnar, Petr (advisor) ; Smolíková, Libuše (referee)
Objective: The paper deals with the evaluation of the status of pulmonary and postural functions of the patients with pectus carinatum. Further, it deals with the development of pulmonary and postural functions after Welch surgery. Methods: Between the years 2010 and 2011 20 patients (19 men, 1 woman) went through Welch surgery at the Pediatric Clinic of the Faculty Hospital, Prague Motol. The average age of the group was 16,2 ± 1,2 years. Before surgery, pulmonary functions, respiratory muscle strength and posturography were evaluated. The received values were compared with the predicted, i.e. the controlled group, and in order to find mutual dependencies, also among themselves. 7 patients were repeatedly checked for pulmonary functions and posturography in the interval of 8,1 ± 3,0 months after their surgery. Pre and post - surgery values were compared. Results: Dynamic and static hyperinflation and also an increased patency of periphery respiratory tracts was found in 20 pre-surgery patients with PC. Testing of respiratory muscle strength showed significantly lower values than the predicted. Checking for posturography revealed the differences in postural system resulting, especially with complicated postural demands, in medio-lateral instability of the body. Worsening of the balance functions...
The reflective effect of manipulative therapy on blood pressure.
Martínek, Josef ; Bitnar, Petr (advisor) ; Slabý, Kryštof (referee)
The topic of the thesis is The reflective effect of manipulative therapy on blood pressure. The aim of the thesis is to summarize current knowledge, which talk about the relationship between the ma-nipulative therapy and the changes of blood pressure. One of the purpose of the thesis is to clarify the using of manipulative therapy in the treatment of arterial hypertension. In the thesis another methods of manipulative therapy are discussed to give broad overwiev and to have a posibble to comparison. Powered by TCPDF (
Movement options in individuals with dyslexia
Tobolková, Dominika ; Bitnar, Petr (advisor) ; Ptáková, Karolína (referee)
This research bachelor thesis titled "Physical Options in Dyslexic Individuals" highlights the issue of this specific learning disorder. It summarizes current knowledge about dyslexia in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and other appropriate physical activities. The work is divided into three parts. The theoretical part describes dyslexia within other specific learning disorders, determines its definition, typology and the search for causes of its origin. Herein, it depicts the knowledge in terms of building diversity and the functioning of the CNS and the reading process. The next section focuses on the secondary manifestations of this disorder. The special part deals with dyslexia in the context of physiotherapy, its influence on postural control. It compares current methods that try to move their postural system, movement skills and the disorder itself. This part offers an overview of appropriate therapies and activities for dyslectics. The last practical part is focused on the influence of dyslexia on the postural system of these individuals. The content is an indikative examination that compares 12 dyslectic individuals with each other. Keys words: dyslexia, specific learning disorders, physiotherapy, physical activities, sensory intergration
Anorectal dysfunction in multiple sclerosis
Motlová, Alžběta ; Kövári, Martina (advisor) ; Bitnar, Petr (referee)
This thesis is interested in summary of anorectal dysfunction in patients with sclerosis multiplex. This thesis is divided into 2 parts. The objective of the first part is a description of the anorectal dysfuntions. It also includes epidemiological data, dividing, investigating algorithms and possibilities of therapy. The second part is consisting of the case report of pacient with fecal incontinence who underwent the physiotherapy. Her medical history, individual therapy according to kinesiological analysis, evaluation by rectoanal manometry and subjective questionnaire are widely described within. Therapy is assessed by standardised questionnaire Fecal Incontinence Quality of Life Scale and St. Marks Continence Scale. The anorectal manometry evaluates the function of anal sphincters while at rest, during a voluntary contraction and also subcribes sensitivity of rectum. The subjective questionnaires reflect the psychosocial aspects and patient's quality of life. The analysis of fuction and kinesiological analysis were performed before and after physiotherapy and then after 3 months of hometherapy.

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