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The Media Image of the Hockey Summit Series in 1972 and 1974 in Czechoslovakian Press
Poláček, Daniel ; Zamazal, Ondřej (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with a media potrayal of so-called Summit Series from the years 1972 and 1974 in the Czechoslovakian press. Since both events, where both Soviet and overseas athletes performed, took place in the 1970s during the Cold War, they had both sports and political dimension. During this time, Czechoslovakia was a solid part of the East in a bipolar division of the world. My thesis concentrates on the role of a communist propaganda in the Summit Series coverage. Method of the thesis is quantitative content analysis. My research has a theoretical part which examines socio- cultural and medial context of that time.
Journal Echo24
Schoberová, Kristýna ; Osvaldová, Barbora (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with online daily news journal Echo24. This web site has been quite newly created. The work focuses on interesting and unusual terms of its creation. The owners, authors and editors of this project are presented, too. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with advantages and disadvantages of online journalism in comparison with printed media. It also mentions different points of view on journalistic objectivity, its individual parts and means of research. The goal of the practical part is to compare Echo24 with other wholly-online news concerning other points than their readers' opinion. This study is also concerned with the form of presenting information taking in account one of the news values - objectivity. It also deals with the space provided for criticized subjects to justify, because it is one of the impartiality indicators. The bachelor's thesis is completed with a questionnaire investigating awareness of different public groups about the project and its impartiality
Comeback of Ivan Horník into the Czech football in chosen media
Pěruška, Jan ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The work deals with the media image of the return of Ivan Horník in Czech football. Ivan Horník became a major figure in the biggest corruption cases in the history of Czech football in 2004 and after half of his punishment expired in 2012 he started to work as a football manager again. The work focuses on the analysis of the texts of four monitored media - newspapers Sport and Blesk and news portals Aktuálně.cz and - in four periods. These include the most important moments related to the comeback of Ivan Horník. These are: September-October 2011 - Horník requested an apology; January to March 2012 - the request was confirmed and Horník joined the position of sports manager at FC Chomutov; November 2012 - speculation about possible contract of Ivan Horník in Slavia Praha; January 2013 - Horník joined FK Bohemians Praha as sports manager. This work by quantitative and qualitative analysis investigates how much space in selected media was determined for the comeback of Ivan Horník and his personality and which opinion the media held. The following chapters also focus on an answer on the question whether the person of Ivan Horník was not excessively demonized by the media and if the opinion of the media and public changed in the context of recent corruption cases.
Commercialisation of sports journalism: image of running in the media
Vrabcová, Tereza ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Commercialisation of sports journalism: image of running in the media" analyses the changing image of running in chosen Czech media in years 1994, 2004 and 2012. Firstly, it focuses on the general relationship between media and sport, on the sports journalism and a personality of sports journalist. It deals with commercialisation of sport and sports journalism; it also reveals the results from the International Sports Press Survey. The commercialisation is then specifically illustrated on the example of running. It maps its coverage, presentation and purpose of the information. The thesis also search for consequences related to commercialisation of running and tries to find out the extent of influence of media on public interest in running.
Use of social networks in improving communication with the readershiip on examle of
Němečková, Hana ; Čermák, Miloš (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
Social network sites (and new media in general) transform the relationship between professional media organizations and their audiences. My bachelor thesis "Use of social networks in improving communication with the readership on example of" focuses on how the media use pages or accounts on social network websites Facebook and Twitter in order to communicate with their readership in real time. In the first, theoretical, part, I define the notion of social networks and describe the history and functioning of the most widespread social network sites, with particular emphasis on Facebook and Twitter. The basis of the thesis also touches on the description of the possibilities and mechanisms of usage of social network sites in terms of the news media. In the research segment of the thesis I examine the activity of the Czech news server on social network sites Facebook and Twitter by means of quantitative analysis. The intention is to detect what content is offered to fans (followers) of, whether it evokes a response in them and to what extent is communicating with its readers through social network sites. The thesis also contains the results of a questionnaire among four hundred fans (followers) of on Twitter and Facebook. The aim was to find out how and...
Comaparisson of media picture of sport fan culture in mainstream media and in fans media
Huk, Jan ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
Sports fans are an integral part of sporting events both in the world, and in the Czech Republic. Mass media write about them more than ever. And it gets and vice versa. Fans themselves now have their own ways to communicate with a wide audience, and even write and evaluate the journalists and their work themselves. The work discusses the example of football derby Slavia Prague - Sparta Prague that was played at the Evžena Rošického stadium on Strahov in 2008, and the distortions of fans of both clubs and the police, and how the events have been presented by mainstream media (newspaper Sport,website, Czech television) and how they were presented by fans themselves - fan sites, fan magazines. These two media images, the mainstream one and the fan one, were compared to determine how much they differ.
Current sports photography in czech daily newspapers
Géla, František ; Lábová, Alena (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
Bachelor's thesis 'Current sports photography in Czech daily newspapers' focuses on current sports photography at specialised daily newspaper Sport's pages and sports section of Mladá fronta dnes. First of all the thesis presents genre of sports photography, its forms, creative process, used equipment and short history of sports photography in our area. In practical part of the thesis the aim was to analyse how the sports photography looks in current Czech daily newspapers. Used method was visual analysis. One part of this thesis comprises of interviews with great Czech photographers who are involved in sports photography.
The personality of czech journalism - Vít Holubec
Marek, Jakub ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
Vitus Holubec was at the birth of sports broadcasting in Czechoslovakia. In the fifties, he commented the first live television broadcast, was co-founder of the Czechoslovak television sports editor board and initiated Branky, body, vteriny - the oldest regularly broadcast program of the Czechoslovak and later Czech television. In this work it is analyzed chronologically Vitus Holubec's professional career with an emphasis in the important milestones in the history of television, which this popular sports comentator was a direct actor. In the introductory part of this work is introduced as the profession of sports journalism and briefly described the progress towards the beginnings of television sports journalism. Excluding his career in the Czechoslovak radio, are at work described Holubec's journalistic beginnings in various newspapers and later in the Army Radio. In the following sections are described the supreme moments of his career, interesting events of big events like Soccer World Cup or Olympic Games, and finally attached reactions of his former colleagues and followers in the Czech television. The aim of this Bachelor's Thesis is clear and understandable statement of the career of one of the most respected sports television commentators of 20th century, with emphasis on the important...
Sport journalists as press secretaries of sportsmen or sport clubs-ethical issue
Suchan, Jan ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
Diploma thesis "Sport journalists as press secretaries of sportsmen or sport clubs - ethical issue" deals with the problem of sport journalists who work for sportsmen, sport clubs or associations at the same time, often as press secretaries, authors of articles on their websites or press conference organizers and presenters. This could be considered as a conflict of interest and can affect his/her work for media, for example agenda setting or content of the stories. This thesis focuses on two main problems: how Czech codes of ethics deal with conflict of interest and how editors-in-chief of sport columns think about conflict of interest. The last part of this thesis is a case study of selected sport journalist who is in conflict of interest.

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