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Beamforming using microphone arrays
Bartoň, Zdeněk ; Schimmel, Jiří (referee) ; Míča, Ivan (advisor)
The aim of the master thesis is to sum up theoretical information about beamforming methods of microphone arrays and to verify their functionality. At the beginning of this work there are simulated different varietes of linear uniform and nonuniform microphone arrays and circular arrays. The results are verificated by a practical measurement in ideal conditions. Then I will focuse on implementation of the DAS(Delay And Sum), SAB(Sub Array Beamforming), CDB(Constant Directivity Beamforming), CDB-CA(CDB-Circular Arrays) beamformer including theoretical and practical verification of the functionality in ideal conditions. At the end of this thesis are all beamforming methods compared with each other at SNR(signal to Noise Ratio) and directivity parameters.
Real-Time Generation of Band-Limited Digital Audio Signals
Maule, Petr ; Rajmic, Pavel (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
Master’s thesis deals with the generation of digital audio signals with band-limited frequency spectrum, i.e. without the aliasing distortion. Various methods of generating band-limited rectangular, triangular, and sawtooth waveforms are described in the theoretical part. The described methods are programmed in the Matlab programming environment and compared in terms of real-time parameter changes, such as duty cycle change of rectangular waveform or continuous change of frequency. The main part of the thesis describes implementation of methods of successive integration of band-limited impulse train and method of differentiated parabolic waveforms in C++ language. The implemented methods were integrated into a plug-in of VST technology that generates an audio signal in real time. The implemented methods are compared in terms of computational complexity and distortion of the generated signal.
Thresholding rules for noise reduction in sound signals
Ráček, Tomáš ; Schimmel, Jiří (referee) ; Balík, Miroslav (advisor)
The master's thesis focuses on the study of algorithms dealing with noise separation from musical signal. The first chapter is an introduction into methods which are used for noise removal of the musical signal. Furthermore, this chapter describes theory to the issue, specifically a description of transformations for converting from time to frequency domain, and finally thresholding method of spectral coefficients is explained in detail. The aim of the second chapter is an analysis of the proposed algorithm, which is engaged in testing. From the beginning fast algorithms of gradual transformation are described and then a detailed description of the algorithm as a whole. Later, this chapter deals with the selection of audio recordings and with preparation of these recordings for the actual testing. Finally, testing of audio samples is presented in the third chapter of this thesis. This chapter also concludes comparison of individual transformations, achieved results and review of algorithm.
Audio and video streaming using real-time protocol
Křenek, Tomáš ; Schimmel, Jiří (referee) ; Burget, Radim (advisor)
This diploma thesis focus on transmiting multimedia over computer network. There are detailed informations about protocols RTP and RTPC in a first part because a transmition over a network is realized by using these protocols. Some basic multimedia terms, FFmpeg codecs and SDL library are described in next chapters. A multimedia player using FFmpeg and SDL is implemented in a second part of thesis. The player is console application and it has basic user interface. The player reproduces video and audio from a given file. RTP communication is described in next chapters of the second part. RTP server and client are implemented there too. They are console aplications and they use data coded by Theora or Vorbis. There are summarized results in a conclusion.
Control of Real-Time Digital Audio Signal Processing Algorithms using HTML Browser
Slováček, Martin ; Mačák, Jaromír (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is one of the most used for real-time audio processing. VST effects are inserted to host applications in the form of plug-ins. This thesis discusses a design of a VST host remote control using a Java applet displayed in a web browser. A graphical user interface of the applet consists of graphical controllers created in this thesis. The number of controlled parameters is passed on to the applet by server using an XML configuration file. Three types of controllers are available: a slider, a knob and a button. If a parameter value change occurs, the applet sends a message with the parameter values to the server. Subsequently, the server reacts to this change by setting the parameters of the loaded VST module. The proposed design was completely realized and practically tested.
Control of Bang&Olufsen Products Using Bluetooth Technology
Mandík, Martin ; Hanák, Pavel (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the creation concept of the Bluetooth module and applications for mobile phone and PDA. After the connection of the concept with remote control, enable extend of control the Bang&Olufsen products with using mobile phone or PDA. Applications in mobile phone or PDA will communicate to the concept of using Bluetooth technology. The result of this thesis is the creation of printed circuit boards and applications for mobile phone and PDA.
2D Audio Scene Analysis and Rendering in Multichannel Sound-Reproduction Systems
Trzos, Michal ; Balík, Miroslav (referee) ; Maršálek, Petr (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with cues used by the human auditory system to identify the location of sound and methods for sound localisation based these cues, namely, vector based amplitude panning and ambisonics, which are described in detail. These methods have been implemented as a VST plug-in module. This thesis also contains listening tests of second order ambisonics along with acquired data analysis.
Control of Music Equipment with Non-Electric Sensors Using MIDI Protocol
Vlach, Miloš ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
The goal of this Master’s thesis is to create a device that is able to control MIDI musical electronics, via use of non-electrical sensors as un-usual control elements and module Arduino Diecimila used as the processing element. This thesis is dealing with this given problem from a complex point of view, from design to actual realisation of the device. In the process of the thesis the solution for an optical proximity sensor and for resistance weight sensor is delivered. For both of them the adjustments circuitry is designed including interfaces, and further on it is constructed on PCB board. Then, control software, which processes the input sensor signal into a stream of MIDI data, which is sent to the computer as a slave device, is developed. The runtime of the program and the behaviour of MIDI elements can be controlled with a sub-protocol based on MIDI SysEx messages.
VST Plug-IN for audio signal watermarking
Henzl, David ; Schimmel, Jiří (referee) ; Zezula, Radek (advisor)
This thesis deal with digital signal proccessing methods, possibilities their processing and especially audio signal watermarking like possibility safeguard author's rights of audio content. In this thesis are foreshadoweds basic audio watermarking methods and possibilities of watermark detection. To idea generation about watermarking there is described audio watermarking method known as Echo Hiding. This method embed watermarks to audio content in time-domain while watermark detection is made in kepstral-domain by using Fast Fourier Transform and correlation function. Method is implemented like VST plug - in and along with ASIO drivers that minimize signal latency provides audio signal watermarking in real - time. Aim of the first volume of this thesis is introduction of VST technology, ASIO driver and creating VST plug – in‘s. Alternative volume of thesis deal with implementation watermarking methods in conjunction with VST technology.
Using masking effects for audio data watermarking
Kabourek, Jiří ; Schimmel, Jiří (referee) ; Zezula, Radek (advisor)
In this work is presented technique for embedding digital watermark in digital audio signals. Digital watermark must be imperceptible and should be robust against attacks and other types of distortion. Algorithm is implemented for embedding digital watermark using technique spread-spectrum and psychoacoustic model ISO-MPEG I layer I. Robustness was tested for filtering signal, MP3 compression and resample method.

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