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Design and Realization of Acoustic Treatment of Small Recording Studio
Tkadlec, Vojtěch ; Husník, Libor (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of acoustic properties of an enclosed space, their detection and modification. The thesis examines the acoustic properties of a small enclosed space, which were determined by simulation using a virtual 3D model and subsequently verified by measurement. After finding out the properties, a substantial part was also devoted to their modification, where the task was to design the acoustic elements so that the resulting length of the reverberation time corresponds to the optimal values for a small recording studio. The design of the elements is followed by their construction, followed by a re-measurement of the space. Furthermore, the work summarizes the principles of modeling and simulation of 3D models.
Simulation of Sound Field of Sound System with Multiple Speakers in Closed Space
Brůna, Michal ; Husník, Libor (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
In this thesis basic principles of sound system design are presented. A software simulation in Matlab is written for prediction of sound field with sources of real directivity in both freefield and in a closed room using velocity potential. Reflections are simulated using mirror sources of first and second order. Frequency dependent sound absorption coefficients are implemented in the simulation. There is a GUI designed to operate on most common horizontal configurations. Those are then evaluated and advantages and dissadvantages are demonstrated using the simulation software.
Manikin of head for tests of spatial sound localization
Slanička, Radek ; Maršálek, Petr (advisor) ; Husník, Libor (referee)
We designed a custom made manikin head for acoustical studies of spatial hearing. Its shape and dimensions mostly follow the telecommunication norms for headset testing. The differences from the norms are given by its purpose in simulations of acoustic environments outside and inside head. These simulations will be used for studies of normal and impaired binaural hearing. The head is manufactured from a composite material (artificial wood). The cavities inside are fitted with microphones and loudspeaker and enable measurements of sound propagation inside and outside of the head. We discuss a manufacturing procedure in detail together with step-by-step production instructions.

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