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Actual Use of Music therapy and its Elements in the Practice of Clinical Speech Therapists in the Czech Republic
Zdeňková, Petra ; Procházková, Jana (advisor) ; Pelclová, Iva (referee)
This master thesis concerns with a music therapy and its ability to application in practise of speech-language therapists working in a health service department. The main goals concern about describing of basic elements of a music therapy as a new scientific discipline. The first chapter dwells on a music therapy in general. The second chapter refers to possibilities of usage of music therapy and its elements in speech-language therapy. The next chapter brings a research about an usage of music therapy by czech speech-language therapists, that work in a health service department. A result of this research suggests that the potential of music therapy is still not employed in speechlanguage therapy in the Czech republic and that music therapy is often mixed up with education or re-education by music elements. The final chapter briefly reviews my personal experience with music therapy. 4
Relating oneself to the future and value orientation (comparing perspectives of scouts and their parents)
Pavlová, Marcela ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
The aim of my diploma paper is to analyse the question of relation valuable orientation members of Junak to the future, section of expectation and wishes of their parents. The theoretical part concentrates on the demarcation of ideas of personal value, valuable orientation, time perspective and explanation of value, ideals and elements which form scout's movement. There are also presented results of research from Mgr. Pavel Černý, in which this work continues. The pairs-individual/scout + his/her parents are respondents of my research. It includes 3 men and 7 women and their mothers (none of the fathers were participants in the research). I show parental expectations, wishes and calculations in relation to the future of their children and also expectations, wishes and calculations of these children in relation to their own future in the exploratory part of my Diploma work.
Opportunities and limits in psychologist's work with behaviorally disturbed adolescents in institutions
Halfarová, Kateřina ; Procházková, Jana (advisor) ; Rendl, Miroslav (referee)
My thesis refers to the broad issue of education in institution. It focuses on adolescents with dystropy. It tries to reveal what is possible concerning the role of psychologist in istitution and in the same time what is limiting psycholodist's work. My thesis has analyzed the data of clients, psychologists a other cooperating professions. It lays stress on the work with clients and in the same time on the own role of the psychologist. My thesis used qualitative characters and data processing model concerning the explorational methods. The data were colected using questionnaire filled in by clients, psychologists and other cooperating proffesions - all of different institutions. Those data were analyzed and were integrated with half - structured interview. My aim was to make a broader insight to the issue of education in institution. I did a final review of empirical - picked up evidence at the very end of my thesis and in its discussion. I tried to call the attantion to some questionable points concerning education adolescent clients.
Adults with Mental Disabilities and Demanding Life Situations
Šveráková, Lenka ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
The subjects of this study have been demanding life situations of people with intellectual disabilities. The theoretical section of this study involves introduction of this issue and identification and description of these events among majority. Subsequently, this study deals with characteristics of an adult with intellectual disabilities. This study has been engaged in particular moments in various areas of his life as well. The conclusion of the theoretical section includes description of demanding life situations among adults with intellectual disabilities. The research section of this study contains four case studies of adults with intellectual disabilities. The main concern lies in interception of demanding life situations from the perspective of participants by themselves and their mothers as well. These demanding life situations are observed in terms of their manifestations, experience and awareness on the part of the participants. The conclusion of this study deals with reciprocal comparison of information acquired from people with intellectual disabilities with information from their parents. The general view on demanding life situations of all four participants with intellectual disabilities has been outlined. The similarities and differences among participants have been emphasized. Key words:...
Th17 lymphocytes and autoimmunity diseases with the intention of diabetes 1. type
Labiková, Jana ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Štechová, Kateřina (advisor)
Th17 cells were recently identified as a cell source of IL-17. They turned up to be a T cell lineage independent of previously described Th1 and Th2. The differentiation of naive CD4+ T cells towards Th17 requires the combination of TGFβ (a cytokine essential for the development of anti-inflammatory regulatory T cells) plus IL-6 or IL-21. IL-23 is required for in vivo function and phenotype maintenance of Th17. STAT3 and RORγt were identified as pivotal transcription factors in Th17 differentiation program. Th17 proved to have pro- inflammatory effects and are characterized by the production of IL-17A, IL-17F and IL-22 - cytokines implicated in host defense against certain extracellular pathogens. The cytokine products of Th17 cells act on wide range of cell types. They induce cytokines, chemokines and metalloproteinases and they also mediate neutrophil recruitment and production of antimicrobial peptides. Autoreactive Th17 are highly pathogenic and the production of IL-17 has been detected in several autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, Crohn's disease and type 1 diabetes. These diseases were thought to be mediated by Th1 cells, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the regulation of autoimmunity is influenced at least in some diseases by Th17 cells as well.
Exploring models of work with family whose children suffer from severe forms of epilepsy
Kynclová, Dana ; Goldmann, Petr (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
This work deals with families whose children suffer from a serious form of epilepsy. On a general level it describes to what extend the condition adversely influences each child's development stage. Then it focuses in detail on the impacts on the child's mental health, as well as on various constraints imposed by this condition. The study also explores the topics of the parent's acceptance, the consequences on the parent's approach to upbringing, capacities for coping with stress and the common ways of families' adaptation to the situation. The key topic of this study is the impact of the child's illness on the family, which is seen as a system. The essential thesis is that a change of one family component (the sick child) influences the entire system paradigm. Therefore in this sense the functioning and healthiness of a family is for the purposes of this study defined as the ability of a family system to cope with stress and adapt to it. The family stress coping strategies are seen as a key instrument for a successful adaptation. Anything a family does for strengthening and using resources for endurance falls under a stress coping strategy. Since one of the possible strategies is the use of professional assistance services, a part of this study also elaborates on possibilities for an expert support...

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