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Communication Strategy of a Non-Profit Organization
Kolářová, Lucie ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the problems of communication strategy in a non-profit organisation. The firts part of the thesis discusses background knowledge concerning non-profit organisations, communication, marketing and Public relations and produces the collection of tools and processes for practical use. The second part of the thesis conducts an analysis of the current communication strategy in the inquired organisation. Data analysis also suggests new ways of communication strategy, suitable communication tools and possible ways of publicity and the system of its use. The inquired organisation is Junák -- český skaut, přístav Třináctka Opařany, z. s.. It is the basic organisation unit of Junák and it focuses on the work with children and youth in their free time.
Strategic Plan for Capacity Building of DC ADRA České Budějovice
Veselý, Jiří ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Kaczor, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is focused on the creating a Strategic Plan for Capacity Building of non-profit organization. The theoretical part explains the concepts associated with non-profit organizations and volunteer activities with the use of fundraising, as one method of raising funds, then complete the strategic planning process from analysis environment after the check itself. The practical section provides of the analyzed subject, which is the Volunteer Centre ADRA České Budějovice, on which is applied eight analysis of environment and resources, with followed by determining the vision and objectives, through the formulation, selection and the implementation of strategy to control and efficiency evaluation. The output of this part is the analysis of the results with proposals for individual measures.
Social Business
Hrbková, Jana ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis analyses and compares the current situation of social entrepreneurship in Prague and Plzen region. On the basis of an empirical analysis it evaluates the differences in public awareness and public opinion on the concept of social entrepreneurship and analyses benefits of an individual social enterprise for its employees. The main asset of the thesis is the list of individual recommendations which might help to develop social entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic.
The application of scientific methods in identifying and analyzing problems in public policy
Žemlička, Josef ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Veselý, Zdeněk (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to test the Q method applied in discursive analysis in public policy. The author will carry out research using available scientific literature dealing with the method and prepare a case study whose purpose will be to test the reliability of the method Q in a practical case. Promoters of the Q method argue that the uniqueness of the method rests in its resistance to the subjective influence of the researcher. The purpose of this work is therefore a practical verification of to what extent may the researcher's subjective stance at the selection of the default set of statements reflect on the overall result of the analysis.
One-off Project Impacts on the Normal Functioning of Primary Schools
Dvořáková, Michaela ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
The main goal of my research was to find out how the realization of a single project can influence and change a common process in the primary school. This project was dotated from state budget. The purpose of my work was to verify what impacts there will be on a daily functioning of the primary school The realized project was viewed from the managing perspective with the emphasize to modifications of the school control in the comparison with a normal way of school managing For my survey I have choosen the Primary School in Zirovnice, where a similar project had been realized recently
Analysis of Sources Church Diacony Providing Social Services to Handicapped Citizens
Bárková, Hana ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
The title of the bachelor thesis is "Analysis of Sources Church Diacony Providing Social Services to Handicapped Citizens." The purpose of this work is to obtain a knowledge of the resource base of two selected non --profit organizations same legal form, which however have each other founder. The selected organizations are Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren - Rolnička Center and Diaconia and milion of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church - Nazaret Center. The target is to use case studies to determine the same and different features in the focus of aktivity these organizations, their organizational structure, financial and human resources.
Motivation Factors of Business in the Country
Gorčicová, Jana ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
The aim of the dissertation work is to analyze motivation factors and to propose system of additional motivation factors for development of business in the country, specifically in country locality Českokrumlovsko. Further, to evaluate the whole complex and the reality of use in practice of motivation factors in this locality.
Civil Society Organization of Horská služba (HS) and its funding
Losová, Zuzana ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Musil, Martin (referee)
History, development, significance of HS, magnitude and composition of membership base, legal structure. Development and analysis of HS funding, resources of budget management, analysis of possibilities and proposal of HS funding in the future.
Standardization Process of Public Service in the Czech Republic
Tesařová, Šárka ; Nový, Jan (advisor) ; Musil, Martin (referee)
The Czech Republic started to issue implementing quality standards in public services addressed to a greater extent especially in times of public administration reform, when the transfer of responsibilities to local government units and based on efforts to bring these services to the citizens. This thesis describes the approach of the Czech Republic to public services, and further analyzes the implementation of quality standards in these services. Aim of this work is to examine whether public services are defined in the Act and at what stage is the introduction of standards for selected services to these laws and implementing regulations. Part of this work is to evaluate the different sectors, which indicates at what stage is the process of standardization in these sectors.
System of Higher Education Funding in the Czech Republic and in Selected European Union Countries
Tomcová, Lucie ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Nový, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the description and analysis of the system of higher education funding in the Czech Republic and in selected EU countries. First, it focuses on the meaning and conception of the education, then the education is analyzed in the view of the public goods theory. The next section of the thesis characterizes the higher education system, analyses its funding and compares these systems within selected countries. The final part focuses on the presentation and evaluation of prepared changes in the higher education law, then applies gained knowledge and suggests possible changes to the funding system in the Czech Republic.

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