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Demographic trends in the Czech Republic as a social and economic risk
Kučerová, Bohumila ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to summarize the most important demographic data, to analyze the demographic development in the Czech republic, to provide a comparison with the other states and to formulate conclusions and recommendations on the basis of the results. The main demographic indicators are mortality rate, birth rate, marriage rate, divorce rate and abortion rate. Population growth in the Czech republic is also influenced by migration. Analysis of the demographic development is made for the period 1975-2015. Projection 2013, drawn up by the Czech Statistical Office, provides a sight into the demographic development up to the year 2101. It is evident that the Czech population has been aged and the birth rate is on the low level. This fact brings a number of social and economic risks. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to propose suitable measures to reduce an unfavourable demographic development and eliminate the social and economic risks as well.
Analysis of Motivation System of State Land Office Employees
Seidlová, Renata ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Bártová, Jana (referee)
The goal of my diploma thesis is to analyze and summarize general knowledge of work motivation and its application in the environment of the State Land Office (hereinafter SLO). A part of the goal is also my own suggestion of precaution and recommendation, how to improve satisfaction of employees and the ability of the middle and the higher management to motivate subordinate employees. To fulfil the goal a method of quantitative research has been used, in which we work with all the SLO employees. Evaluation of the data in relation to the set hypothesis was done in form of calculating averages of respondents answers and at the same time comparison of satisfaction and importance of work satisfaction factors. The diploma thesis has come to conclusion, that the SLO employees are satisfied with some of the other work satisfaction factors, than those which are important for them. A part of the conclusion was also a discovery, that the employees have many suggestions and impulses to make changes, which should take place within the framework of the SLO. Results of the questionnaire contributed to launching of a new SLO project, which deals with improvement of work satisfaction of the SLO employees.
Demographic trends in Czech Republic as a social and economic danger
Ježková, Eliška ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
The aim of bachelor thesis are suggestions of minimization of social and economic danger, which appears as a result of contemporary demographic trend. Birth rate, death rate, marriage rate, divorce rate and migration are the core demographic events for the study. According to their course the Czech Republic registers very low birth rate, change of age composition, low marriage rate, high divorce rate and slightly increasing migration. Development of demographic trend is analysed since 1989 up to the present and is compared with chosen EU member countries. Projection of three possible variants of demographic development up to 2100 is enclosed. Data of the Czech Statistical Office are used.
Time Management
Vuová, Barbora ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Kastner, Pavel (referee)
The diploma thesis applies to issues and methods of time management at work of ČSOB, a.s. managers in western area of the Czech Republic. The thesis is devided into two basic parts. First part is theoretical and methodological, second part contains of impractical research using questionnaires investigation and controlled conversation. First part of the thesis describes theoretical anchoring of the topic including methods of gathering data. Second part shortly introduces particular company and chosen respondents and carry the research itself. The thesis is summarizing basic knowledge of time management and its use in chosen field. The main aim is uncovering deficiency at using all methods of efficient time management by chosen managers. The component aim is to express own suggestions and reccomendations, which could lead to improvement of ČSOB managers time management.
Standing of Women on the Labour Market in the Czech Republic
Řezáčová, Jana ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Vybíralová, Ilona (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the position of women on the labor market, while the largest attention is focused on women-mothers. The main goal is to find out the specifics of women on the Czech labor market in the context of their employment and employability on the basis of relevant data analysis. Within this goal is to describe the legislation, which eliminates possible disadvantages of women on the labor market. The partial goal is to compare employment of women in the Czech Republic with selected EU countries. The practical part of the thesis is focused on another partial goal, namely to find out how women-mothers perceive their position on the labor market which means what experience they have with returning back to the labor market after the end of parental leave, how they manage to combine work with the family and whether they sometimes feel like they are discriminated because of their maternal role. A qualitative method was used for the research, while data collection took the form of individual semi-structured one-to-one interviews with ten respondents. At the end of the thesis there are formulated some own proposals and recommendations based on the facts that could improve the position of women on the labor market at least partially.
Development of the phenomenon of renewable energy sources and their support in the Czech Republic
Hamzová, Kateřina ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Noskievič, Pavel (referee)
The introductory part of the thesis deals primarily with the use of energy in the history of human society. The paper presents not only different types of renewable resources but also explains some important facts about these resources. The main objective of this paper is to quantify the level of financial support for renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic by 2016, with a forecast for 2020, and to analyse the impact on the price of electricity for the end customer. The paper shows a clear picture of individual payments of consumers for electricity consumption in Prague using the three most common tariffs of PRE, jsc. A partial objective is to map the historical, legislative and political developments in the field of renewable energy sources in the EU and the Czech Republic. The paper describes different support possibilities for renewable energy sources including related subsidy for the energy sector. The final part of the paper focuses on overall evaluation of the current situation of renewable resources and gives proposals for change.
Analysis of sickness insurance of self-employed persons in the Czech Republic
Pelcová, Aneta ; Lešetický, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaczor, Pavel (referee)
Předmětem diplomové práce je analýza nemocenského pojištění se zaměřením na nemocenské pojištění osob samostatně výdělečně činných v České republice. Cílem práce je zhodnotit systém a to za pomoci komparace podmínek nemocenského pojištění pro osoby samostatně výdělečně činné s podmínkami systému pro zaměstnance. Porovnání z finančního hlediska je provedeno modelací dávek pomocí tří názorných situací dočasné pracovní neschopnosti a tří situací nástupu na peněžitou pomoc v mateřství. Hlavní metodou použitou k dosažení cíle je dotaz-níkové šetření, dále pak kvalitativní výzkum v cílové populaci osob samostatně výdělečně činných. Z výsledků práce vyplývá, že podmínky pro osoby samostatně výdělečně činné a zaměstnance jsou v mnoha ohledech velmi rozdílné. Dále práce ukazuje, že nezájem o nemocenské pojištění ze strany podnikatelů je způsoben především nízkou informovaností o podmínkách, které pojištění nabízí.
Analysis of Employee Benefits in the Czech Republic
Moučková, Dagmar ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Cardová, Martina (referee)
The diploma thesis is focusing on benefit provisioning to employees in the Czech Republic. What are the reasons for providing benefits, their tax advantages for employers and for employees. The work is divided into two major parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part is aiming at the definition of employee benefits, overview of the most common ones provided in the Czech Republic and their tax impact for employees and employers. In the practical part I am looking into benefits, which are provided by organizations most frequently and which distribution channels are used for them. An overview about major benefit providers and current trends in the Czech Republic is also included in the practical part. The evaluation and practical advices are listed in the final conclusion of my diploma thesis.
Employee's Turnover in Corporate Practice
Uher, Aleš ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Musil, Martin (referee)
Main purpose of this bachelor thesis is to analyze employee's Turnover in business practice. In this thesis are summarized the basics of the common concept of employee's Turnover and it´s importance in influencing management of human resources. Further in the thesis it´s analyzed rate of fluctuation in establishment Planá nad Lužnicí which is owned by MADETA a.s. company. Survey is focused on analyzing of satisfaction of employees in the establisment. Other goals of my thesis are analyzing employees dissatisfaction in establishment and their potential purpose of leaving the company. In the end of this thesis are designed recommendations for company to eliminate rate of employee's turnover.
Supporting families in the context of current demographic trends in the Czech Republic
Kupková, Vendula ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Sedláková, Jaroslava (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the demographic trends in the Czech Republic, on explanation of the principal demographic terms, on comparison of trends in the Czech Republic with neighboring countries and it shows the predictions of demographic trends for the future. It also analyse the benefits for families, what types of the support exists in the Czech Republic and it compares this support with other countries. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the support for families in the Czech republic, find some imperfections and try to recommend some solutions how to motivate families to have children. The other aim of the thesis is to find some economic and social risks by the analysis of the historical demographic trends.

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