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Esthetic Procedures at the Dental Hygienist's Office
Svobodová, Kamila ; Jiroutová, Olga (advisor) ; Leger, Aleš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on esthetic procedures provided by the dental hygienist. There is summarised information about the main esthetic procedures (airflow, polishing, teeth bleaching and application of dental jewellery) in the theoretical part. Two questionnaires were provided in practical part. The first one was targeted at patients of the dental hygienists and the second one targeted at dental hygienists, whose responses represent experience and opinions of dental experts. The result of questionnaires: The vast majority of patients is interested in the appearance of their teeth, they're willing to invest their time and money into them. Dental hygienists are responsible for individual professional care about the patients' teeth and for motivating patients to take care of their oral cavity. 75 % of DH said that they use more often airflow than polishing for removing extrinsic stains. 70 % of patients, who know airflow treatment were also treated by airflow. More than 80 % were satisfied with the result and they would undergo this procedure again. Only some patients were bleached, in spite of interest in bleaching teeth. Due to the result of the questionnaire the main factor could be the price, because there is a huge disparity in ideal price in patient's opinion and current prices in the...
Dental hygiene in shelters in Prague
Weissová, Petra ; Křížová, Petra (advisor) ; Jiroutová, Olga (referee)
Aim: To determine the state of oral health in the residents of shelters for mothers with children and the equipment of dental aids for home care of the oral cavity Introduction: Mothers who find themselves in shelters with their children are in a difficult life and financial situation, where they can be supported by the shelter and its social workers for at least some time. To date, no studies have been conducted in the Czech Republic to examine the oral health of clients of shelters for mothers with children. Methodology: A questionnaire was compiled in Microsoft Word, which contained 22 questions. I handed over the questionnaires to the social workers of individual shelters for mothers with children in Prague. The return rate was 49 questionnaires. Mothers answered not only for themselves, but also for their children for some questions. The data were evaluated using Microsoft Excel. Results: Most mothers from shelters do not visit a dentist regularly, the most common reasons for the absence of visits are concerns about financial demands and the fact that they do not have a dentist. The situation is the opposite for children, more than half of children go for regular dental check- ups. Most mothers experience an acute dental problem. Only some mothers state that they have no problem with their...
Education and professional autonomy of dental hygienists in the Czech Republic and abroad
Filchakov, Dmytro ; Sádovská, Diana (advisor) ; Jiroutová, Olga (referee)
This bachelor thesis is dedicated to questions of dental hygienists' education and professional autonomy in the Czech Republic and abroad. The analyse of legal regulations, entry level education and educational programs in dental hygiene in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the United States of America, the Slovak Republic is present in this work. A part of the thesis is also analyse of professional autonomy of mid-level healthcare specialists and specifically dental hygienists. Purpose: The purpose of this research was to examine attitudes of Czech dentists and dental hygienists towards questions of dental hygienists' professional autonomy and education in the Czech Republic, the goal was also to discover the level of professional autonomy of Czech dental hygienists. Methods: Two similar questionnaires were distributed through social networking service and emails to dentists and dental hygienists to discover their views and attitudes towards education, present and future educational programs in dental hygiene, type of cooperation between dental hygienists and dentists, the scope of practice of dental hygienists and possibility of its widening. The third type of questionnaire distributed only to dental hygienists was based on Likert scale and...

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