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Machine Learning in Algorithmic Trading
Bureš, Michal ; Pilát, Martin (advisor) ; Neruda, Roman (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the application of machine learning methods to algorithmic trading. We take inspiration from intraday traders and implement a system that predicts future price based on candlestick patterns and technical indicators. Using forex and US stocks tick data we create multiple aggregated bar representations. From these bars we construct original features based on candlestick pattern clustering by K-Means and long-term features derived from standard technical indicators. We then setup regression and classification tasks for Extreme Gradient Boosting models. From their predictions we extract buy and sell trading signals. We perform experiments with eight different configurations over multiple assets and trading strategies using walk-forward validation. The results report Sharpe ratios and mean profits of all the combinations. We discuss the results and recommend suitable configurations. In overall our strategies outperform randomly selected strategies. Furthermore, we provide and discuss multiple opportunities for further research.
New Approaches Towards Automated XSS Flaw Detection
Steinhauser, Antonín ; Tůma, Petr (advisor) ; Vorobyov, Kostyantyn (referee) ; Bureš, Miroslav (referee)
Cross-site scripting (XSS) flaws are a class of security flaws particular to web applications. XSS flaws generally allow an attacker to supply affected web application with a malicious input that is then included in an output page without being properly encoded (sanitized). Recent advances in web applica- tion technologies and web browsers introduced various prevention mechanisms, narrowing down the scope of possible XSS attacks, but those mechanisms are usually selective and prevent only a subset of XSS flaws. Among the types of XSS flaws that are largely omitted are the context- sensitive XSS flaws. A context-sensitive XSS flaw occurs when the potentially malicious input is sanitized by the affected web application before being included in the output page, but the sanitization is not appropriate for the browser con- text of the sanitized value. Another type of XSS flaws, which is already better known, but still insufficiently prevented, are the stored XSS flaws. Applica- tions affected by the stored XSS flaws store the unsafe client input in persistent storage and return it in another HTTP response to (possibly) another client. Our work is focused on advancing state-of-the-art automated detection of those two types of XSS flaws using various analysis techniques ranging from purely static analysis to dynamic graybox analysis.
Rozdílné preference čokolád na trzích střední Evropy
Bureš, Michal
Diploma thesis is dealing with different preferences on the market of chocolate within central Europe. It i salso dealing with different composition of the same brands of chocolate products owned by multinational companies on the Czech, Austrian, Slovak, Polish and German market. To meet this goal it is necessary to evaluate and compare primary data from survey, blind consumer tests, sensory difference test, similarity test and comparison prices, packaging and composition of chocolate products. To determine the motivations and preferences of consumers were also used in-depth interviews.
Myšina ve víně
Bureš, Michal
This thesis about Mousing in wine aims to look at wine from the point of view of microorganisms that influence wine, especially their negative impact to on the quality and organoleptic characteristic of wine. Detailed it focuses on mousing, its agents and possibilities of prevention.
Software Application for Assessment of Selected Indicators
Bureš, Marek ; Novotná, Veronika (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis aims to create a financial plan for the company Smartgym s.r.o. through the usage of chsoen indicators. All of this is going to be contained in an excel application, which will be available for continual usage in upcoming years for the company, not only for repeated calculations of economic indicators, but also statistic indicators, which are going to serve as basis for strategic decision making in investment field.
Proposal of Communication Campaign for the Famous Czech Ice-hockey Club
Bureš, Michal ; Šturma, Pavel (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This master thesis analyzes the sport marketing practices of a successful ice-hockey club in the Czech Republic. After the theoretical definition of the terms, the thesis discusses the surrounding environment of the selected club and evaluates existing marketing activities. That creates a foundation for the following in-person interviews with visitors of the selected match and mainly for a quantitative survey researching fans' opinions on the marketing communications of the club. The output of the thesis is a proposed club’s communication campaign for the upcoming season.
Archaeological Topography of Dejvice (Praha 6) in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period
Ženka, Ctirad ; Bureš, Michal (advisor) ; Štefan, Ivo (referee)
The bachelor thesis submits a report about Hinterland of Prague in the northwestern vicinity of the Prague Castle. The thesis gathers all information about first steps of archaeology in Dejvice, Šárka and Bubeneč and also covers important information about urban factors that contributed to creating a medieval village. The thesis covers geomorphological conditions, quality of soil, water sources and climate features. It also includes a chapter on historic maps and creation of urban structures and establishment of medieval village in Hinterland of Prague. The paper covers excavation work at Hendlův dvůr, where 10 reserve pits and 18 pole holes were uncovered, interpreted and dated into two separate phases of medieval (12th and 13th century) and early modern Period (15th and 16th century). Analysis of the morphology of the ceramics matched the first time horizont of swollen edges and of late medieval edges. Totally 500 shards of ceramics were gathered. The thesis also compares research of archeologists in Dejvice and Bubeneč in medieval and early modern Period. The first archeological finds of medieval village of Dejvice were uncovered by Petr Chotěbor in 1979, the research of Bubeneč was strongly pushed by Václav Huml and Julie Richterová. Author identifies all factors and problems of both villages....
Electronic notice board LCD
Bureš, Michal ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (referee) ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the research of existing solutions of electronic information systems. The purpose of this survey is to inspire what is offered to users of these professional systems, or what users expect from these systems. Based on the acquired knowledge, the thesis also deals with the design of its own system, which can serve as another alternative to professional solutions of companies on the market, in the sense of the concept of solution of the given task. After the design of the system, the thesis deals chronologically with the selected "tools" used for the actual implementation of the assigned task Electronic Information Boards. Both hardware and software parts of the task, which form the majority of this thesis. At the end of the work are presented practical results.
Suggestion of Change of the Marketing Mix of the selected Ice Hockey Club
Bureš, Michal ; Šturma, Pavel (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the usage of marketing mix of selected hockey club. Theoretical introduction of some marketing knowledge in the first part of the text is further used for an analysis of current marketing activities and approaches that the selected business in the sports industry applies. The analysis is done based on questionnaires and personal interviews with fans, who are considered to be customers. The thesis concludes with real suggestions for improvement of the club’s marketing mix taking into account the opinions and feedback from the fans with special focus on the improvement of sports services and the club’s image.
Renewal of the Alfred´s hut in Jeseníky mountains
Bureš, Miloš ; Semrád, Antonín (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes the design of hut with accomodation and restaurant. The hut is situated in Jeseníky mountains. The house is designed as detached house made of clay blocks, with timber roof truss and gable roof. The building has three floors, first one is particulary embedded under the terrain. On the ground floor there is garage, technical and storage rooms. Restaurant with kitchen, toilets,rooms for employees, reception and barrier-free guest room is located on the first floor. On the second floor there are guest and employee rooms.

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