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Students' successfulness and strategies when working with a map and factors affecting them
Havelková, Lenka ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Knecht, Petr (referee) ; Bláha, Jan Daniel (referee)
Nowadays, information is increasingly presented in the form of various graphic materials. One of the key means of information visualisation is a map. Maps are complex representations and it is necessary to comprehend several cartographic concepts and to acquire skills and strategies for their efficient use. For this reason, it is important to give maps sufficient attention in the course of education. For the education to be of high quality, it is fundamental to understand the process of the map use and factors affecting this process and its successfulness. Therefore, the general purpose of the dissertation thesis is to develop this understanding. Specifically, the thesis has four main aims. One of them is to identify a map skill level of Czech students while using thematic maps since the popularity of thematic maps is increasing together with the number of cartographic insufficiencies they contain. These insufficiencies can inter alia cause a formation of misconceptions both about the maps and phenomena and regions they display. The second main aim is to identify and describe strategies that students choose to solve tasks which require the use of a thematic map. Additionally, the sub-aim is to understand the influence of chosen factors on the level of map skills as well as on choice and efficiency...
Choughs and irises. Anthropology of tourism, space and identity in Morocco
Konopíková, Michaela ; Soukup, Martin (advisor) ; Bláha, Jan Daniel (referee) ; Sokolíčková, Zdenka (referee)
The dissertation project is based on a long-term fieldwork among the Berber community in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. It looks at the transformation of the local environment since new discursive practices are emerging as a result of an interference of the global economy, environmentalism and developmental policies. Following Appadurai, the thesis raises a question of locality in contemporary world and neighborhoods, which are imagined, produced, and maintained against some sort of ground while the context-generative dimension of neighborhoods provides a theoretical angle on the relationship of global and local realities with the idea of culturally hybridized world. Together with Appadurai, the thesis deals with "what locality might mean in a situation where the nation-state faces particular sorts of transnational destabilization." The thesis has thus two main aims. (1) After describing the structural conditions in which the tourism industry in the mountains operates, (2) it will discuss the limitations of the locals' responses to the global market, or more broadly the impacts of globalization. It is necessary to establish a framework, which would connect the large- scale and small-scale processes and identify the concept of their dialectical relationships. Through such a reading, the thesis...
The impact of the cartographic method on students' map skills level
Havelková, Lenka ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Bláha, Jan Daniel (referee)
The presented diploma thesis focuses on the map skills' problematic, which is currently becoming widespread in the Czech research environment. In contrast to the previous empirical studies, this thesis is devoted to the thematic map skills and their level of development among students of grammar schools and geographically oriented branches of university studies. Due to the significant differences between used cartographic methods of visualization on thematic maps the main aim of this diploma thesis is to identify and explain used cartographic method's influence on the level of these important skills. To achieve this aim, it was necessary to focus on different parts of the curriculum (intended, implemented, learned) and to use several scientific methods because this topic hasn't been well established yet and therefore only few theoretical and empirical studies dealt with this specific issue. Firstly, the review of literature focused on thematic cartography, map skills and on identifying their level of development among students was done. Due to the lack of specialized resources the model of thematic map skills was created. This specific model was further used during didactic test's designing and also for its results' interpretation. Similarly for the creation of appropriate didactic test -...
Use of Mental Maps of Users in Assessment of Cartographic Works
Novotná, Kateřina ; Bláha, Jan Daniel (advisor) ; Hudeček, Tomáš (referee)
Use of mental maps of users in assessment of cartographic works Abstract The aim of this thesis is to propose and practical apply the alternative methodics of assessment of cartographic works. The thesis is processed in the terms of project of Grant Agency of the Charles University Mental Maps: subject and means for assessment. The adjoining aim of this study is then to test which of the assessed tourist maps is the most user friendly. As the method for data acquiring the questionnaire investigation methodology has been chosen. The basic for the assessment of cartographic works are in the case of this study of mental maps of lynch type. Theoretical part is devoted to Mental and Cognitive Maps as well as to the ways of cartographic works assessment. Space is also devoted to the methodology of assessment cartographic works itself. There has been defined the subject of assessment together with the statement of hypotheses and the aims of thesis. Practical application of the proposal methodology and assessment the results has been composed from several parts. First the tourist maps have been assessed by the expert himself. Afterwords another assessment has started with the use of mental maps. This assessment has been composed of the phase of preparation where the questionnaire itself was being created. Then it...
Cultural Aspects of Cartographic Creation: Use of Mental Maps in Cross-cultural Research
Bláha, Jan Daniel ; Soukup, Martin (advisor) ; Soukup, Václav (referee)
Cultural Aspects of Cartographic Creation: Use of Mental Maps in Cross-cultural Research Abstract: Diploma thesis deals with study of interdisciplinary issue of cultural aspects of cartographic creation. The first part of the work consists of theoretical introduction dealing with the map con- tent, map stylistics and map language, in which maps show the greatest cultural differences. The map figures here in a role of the image of reality and visual manifestation of culture. The analogy between a map and a classical language (linguistic anthropology) and the analogy between early maps and primitive cultures' maps are described. Beside the language, as determinants of the human spatial perception and other categories related to the map creation could be mentioned the environment, the experiences and the society, in which man lives. Several examples of so- called cultural map styles, especially from Australia and Oceania, are introduced as well. In the methodical part of the work in connection with cultural-anthropological research a method of cognitive maps, respectively mental maps of map users and map makers is discussed in detail. Just these maps are suitable to explore the cultural particularities of cartographic creation. The application part of the work presents the results of field research of mental...
Cartographic Works for Children and Youth: State of Art and Possibilities of GIS Utilization
Škardová, Marta ; Bláha, Jan Daniel (advisor) ; Hudeček, Tomáš (referee)
Abstract:: The aim of this paper is to present cartographic works for children and youth. The main object is the introduction to the problems of cartographic production for children and youth and the execution of value analysis in terms of cartography. The analysis focuses on the use of mapping language - character key and means of expresion, in this part is an efort to answer the question whether the cartographic works for children and youth are the real maps or rather an illustration. The assesment of selected product by their users - children continue the analasis. Another aim is to compare traditional methods of creating those works with the possibilities of modern computer cartography, three ways of making are demonstrated - by hand, using a graphic application and using cartographic application. Then the paper tries to assess the use of geographic and cartographic knowledge in products for children and youth, in this question the paper use knowledges gained in consultation with author from practise.

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