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Software Design of Single Purpose Machine for Visual Inspection
Horák, Daniel ; Krejsa, Jiří (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the fundamentals of machine vision application and its practical implementation. The research part is focused on the basic possibilities of image acquisition and image processing in different dimensions. The practical part describes the design of the dimension control algorithm using a 3D camera. This algorithm is then implemented in a single-purpose machine for optical dimension control.
Object tracking in high-speed camera images
Myška, Michal ; Druckmüller, Miloslav (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
This master thesis is dealing with object tracking in high-speed camera images, within what we are trying to find their trajectory and orientation. The mathematical theory associated with this problem as well as the methods used fo image processing are described here. The main outcome is an application with a user interface through which we can calculate the desired parameters of the individual objects.
Numerical model of hollow fiber arrangement in heat exchanger
Cabalová, Klára ; Martišek, Dalibor (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
This paper deals with the topic of numerical arrangement of fibers in a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is scanned in an industrial tomograph and the acquired data are represented by the field of voxels. The method used in this paper is based on tracing the fiber fragments through the use of image analysis and the subsequent numerical connection of the fragments. The result is a set of fibers that are represented by points in the field through which they are passing.
Interpolating and approximating spline curves
Jelínek, Daniel ; Štarha, Pavel (referee) ; Procházková, Jana (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with properties and algorithms of smooth curves calculation, specifically the calculation of B-spline curves. These curves can be applied in computer graphics. Since their calculation is defined recurrently, it is almost a necessity to use computers with programmed algorithms to obtain these curves. As for the practical part of this work, three programs for the calculation of approximating B-spline curves, interpolating B-spline curves and NURBS curves were created.
Measurement of Human Hand Geometric Parameters
Vanžurová, Anna ; Hrabec, Pavel (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
In practice, there is no easy way to obtain the size of the surface of a human hand. Therefore, this work deals with the search for a mathematical model determining the approximate surface of the hand. This model uses the basic geometric parameters of the hand obtained from her photograph. Since it is necessary to obtain parameters from the image, compare the mathematical model with reality and verify its accuracy in terms of statistics, the work includes the theory of digitization of image information, 3D scanning and statistics.
Point Interpolation in Projective Space
Burešová, Klára ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this work is to describe interpolation curves in the plane and space. Part of it is the definition of the projective space in which we will work and also other concepts such as vector space, derivation, curve, etc. The second part is a description of different types of approximation of curves. The main part is a program for the reconstruction of a kinematic curve, which describes the trajectory of a moving body. Sub-methods were programmed using the Matlab development tool.
Numerical Method of Image Registration Using Nonlinear Geometric Transform
Rára, Michael ; Druckmüller, Miloslav (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
The goal of the thesis is creating simple software to modify entry data defected by atmospheric seeing and provide an output image, which is as much close to reality as possible. Another output is a group of images illustrating the move of every input image due to the average image of them.
Ovality measurement of extruded fiber using three cameras
Loučka, Pavel ; Martišek, Dalibor (referee) ; Štarha, Pavel (advisor)
One of the important parameters observed during extruded fibre fabrication is its diameter. The diameter can be measured with a single scanning camera assuming that the fibre section has a circular shape. As proved in practice, another important parameter is ovality, that is the rate of fibre flattening. This paper assumes that the fibre section shape is elliptical. In such a case, at least three different views on examined fibre are needed. Mathematical part of this paper is concerned with analytical description of fibre ovality measurement using two different approaches based on the knowledge of linear algebra, projective geometry and conic sections theory. Main goal of this paper is thus to use both mathematical theory and image analysis methods for ovality and diameter determination. Precise calcluation of such quantities is, however, conditioned on precise camera system calibration, which is described in the paper as well. Additionally, the work contains a brief mention of technical realization of ovality measurement and its possible difficulties.
Numerical methods of space-based coronagraph image processing
Kosová, Petra ; Štarha, Pavel (referee) ; Druckmüller, Miloslav (advisor)
Úkolem této práce je vytvoření adaptivního filtru pro vizualizaci CME v obrazech z kosmického koronografu, jejich implementování a výsledné testování na datech z kosmické sondy SOHO. V práci je zahrnuta potřebná teorie z oblasti astronomie a matematiky, popis NRGF, navrhnuté úpravy tohoto filtru a je přiložen program, který sloužil k jejich otestování.
Following of multiple object movement by means of cross correlation
Málková, Eliška ; Štarha, Pavel (referee) ; Druckmüller, Miloslav (advisor)
Tato práce popisuje metodu analýzy translačního pohybu užitím křížové korelace. Ukazujeme, jakým způsobem se chová funkce křížové korelace obrazů s navzájem posunutými objekty, a jak nám to umožňuje nacházet jejich vektory posunu. Pro následnou implementaci je nalezena efektivní metoda pro hledání pouze požadovaného počtu lokálních maxim funkce.

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