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On the nesting phenomenon in a bilingual dictionary
Šemelík, Martin ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Berglová, Eva (referee)
dictionary. Crucially, the thesis deals with the question, which of the ways of ordering entries, the alphabetical order or nesting, will be more advantageous to the supposed addressee group of a new German-Czech Academic Dictionary (GDTAW). Besides strictly linguistic points of view, factors such as the user aspect and usefulness are given special attention in this thesis. The analysis shows that the alphabetical order of entries might be more useful to the users of the new dictionary than the nesting or other types of regroupment. As a result, the author focuses on how to indicate word-formation links in dictionaries with a strictly alphabetical macrostructure. In connection with this, the thesis presents an analysis of selected bilingual and monolingual dictionaries.
On Sense Division in a Bilingual Dictionary
Hagenhoferová, Lucie ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with the dividing the dictionary entry into several "sub-meanings", i.e. with the sense division, and with the closely related ordering of these "sub-meanings", i.e. with the sense ordering, with the bilingual passive German-Czech dictionary in the centre of interest. This thesis deals shortly also with the discriminating the senses by different means, i.e. with the sense discrimination. With these three subjects chronologically following the lexicographic decisions the matter of equivalence and the understanding of the term of meaning are correlated. In the theoretical part of this thesis the specifics of the sense division and the sense ordering in the monolingual and in the bilingual lexicography are introduced, in the practical part of this thesis the possibilities of the sense division and the sense ordering are exemplified with ten chosen substantive lemmas prepared for the Large German-Czech Academic Dictionary in progress. For every lemma the most suitable arrangement of the lemma is suggested, which is then compared with the corresponding dictionary entry in the source dictionary Duden - Deutsches Universalwörterbuch. The differences between the arrangements of the microstructure illustrate the necessity of the revision and eventual modification of the adopted structure...
Anglicisms and their synonymic relations
Martinec, Karel ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
The thesis aims to analyze the selected anglicisms in terms of their synonymic relations with the corresponding German synonyms. By means of corpus analysis and the so called self- organizing maps (SOM) will be examined to what degree these pairs overlap or vary in their lexical meaning and what is the nature of their cooccurrence profiles and their stylistic marking. The appendix comprises some of 100 database entries.
Nominal-verb bonds and the possibilities of their translation into Czech
Pálková, Ivana ; Šemelík, Martin (advisor) ; Hejhalová, Věra (referee)
The aim of the presented research is to compare description of light verbs and light verb construction in selected grammar books of contemporary German and other resources. The research also focuses on analysis of examples demonstrating German durative light verb constructions and their equivalents in Czech language taking the parallel corpus InterCorp as a basis for this bachelor thesis. The main emphasis is put on translation possibilities of these language structures into Czech and their potential systematisation. In the conclusion of the thesis, the position of these constructions in contemporary German language is summarized and concrete improvements for their description in accessible resources including grammar books and dictionaries are proposed. Key words: contemporary German, light verbs, light verb constructions, corpus analysis, contrastive analysis
On the usage of perfect and preteritum in the dialogical texts interveiw and talk-show
Lukashyk, Yauheniya ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
Yauheniya Lukashyk On the usage of perfect and preterit in the dialogical texts interview and talk-show Abstract This thesis deals with a question of the competing grammatical forms, namely whether the German preterit and perfect tenses are interchangeable in spoken texts. German interviews and talk-shows were used as a source for this study. The first part is theoretical and gives an outline of the most important views of the linguists, confronted with the German grammar books. It also provides the definitions of the key features of the interview and talk show. Based on these grounds, a thesis of this work is defined, the validity of which is tested in the second part. The second part is therefore practical and concentrates on the individual examples of the tenses in German interviews and talk shows. The sections chosen by listening include verbs both in preterit and perfect forms relevant for this thesis, which means that they deviate from the rules described in the first part. These sections have been analyzed. The thesis ends with a conclusion, where the answer is given, whether these two tenses are interchangeable or not, and whether the exchange has an impact on the meaning of the utterance.
Auxiliaries haben/sein in the composed past tenses
Váňová, Dana ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the auxiliary verbs haben/sein in the composed past tenses of selected motion verbs. The theoretical part focuses on the differences among these verbs and the problems of genres. The latter serves as the base for the classification of texts in which the use of mutually competing auxiliary verbs or the separability/ inseparability of the prefix durch may be illustrated. It is also important to distinguish whether the examined texts incorporate conceptually spoken features or conceptually written features. The final part of the thesis introduces and summarises the results of the conducted analysis.
"Oit wird me!" The Kraslice German. Phonetic structure and variation-linguistical classification
Mareš, Jiří ; Blahak, Boris (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of a diatopically spoken variant of German language in the region of Kraslice, the north-western part of Bohemia (Eger/Cheb). The research that was carried out stands on dialogues based on the so called Wenker - Sätze phrases (1878), such dialogues were recorded and then phonetically transcribed and analyzed. Using these methods and materials, the phonetic structure of vowels was reconstructed and the results were variation-linguistically classified. Among the expected features, the north-bavarian and east-franc influences prevail as expected. Despite those there are many signs of the north(west)-bohemian too. Next the question pursued of how the German Graslitzer developed after 1945.
On the use of the progressive in the modern German language
Boček, Lukáš ; Šemelík, Martin (advisor) ; Hejhalová, Věra (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned with the use of progressive form in the contemporary German language. The first part gives a definition of the progressive form and compares its description in the existing (and mostly newest) grammar books. It also deals with other related topics such as the category of aspect. In spite of the fact that the progressive form appears in both contemporary spoken and written German, it has been widely discussed whether it belongs to the standard language or not. The second part is based on a corpus analysis (DeReKo and DWDS) and investigates the use of progressive form by means of several examples. In addition, the thesis aims at resolving the status of the progressive form in the German language. It inclines to the view that the progressive form belongs to the standard contemporary German which should be reflected by the standard-setting instances accordingly.
(Un)separability of the Prefix 'durch-' by selected German Verbs. A Corpus Linguistic Study
Klofáč, Jan ; Šemelík, Martin (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenon of the (in)separability in the current German language, especially with the prefixes that are able to produce both types of verbs. The thesis comprises two parts, in the first one, this grammar phenomenon is described according to the grammar books and other texts devoted to this issues. In the second part, there is the examination of the theoretical rules concerning a group of verbs of movement with a prefix durch- using a linguistic corpus analysis.
Synonym-oriented analysis of selected Poems in Prose by Ivan Turgenev as translated by Theodor Commichau
Davydzka, Jagor ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
In the theoretical part of this work, the phenomenon of synonymy is defined and, based on a selection of specialized literature, its properties are described. In the practical part, Theodor Commichau's translation of Iwan Turgenev's selected Poems in Prose is critically analyzed, with synonymy in the original text as well as in the translation being in focus. In addition to the analysis, comments and suggestions are made with regard to alternative translation options.

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